Saturday, February 16, 2013

What shows should be put out of their misery?

There comes a time when television shows have to say goodbye.

It’s better when the show goes out on their own terms – like ‘Lost’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ – rather than hanging on until they limp to an ending that is ultimately unfulfilling for everyone.

There are a lot of shows out there right now that really should be saying goodbye – instead of holding on.

What are they?

Grey’s Anatomy: This show stopped being compelling a long time ago. Now it’s basically a shadow of its former self. I was never a huge fan of Meredith and McDreamy, but I find them beyond boring to watch now. I’ve caught about four episodes so far this season – and as far as I can tell, the only characters worth watching anymore are Christina, Owen and Alex. Poor Alex hasn’t had a viable love interest since Izzie left, though, and saddling him with this dour intern isn’t helping. I think show creators believe they can turn this into ‘ER’ and let it run forever with an ever-changing cast. They shouldn’t delude themselves. The schtick is already old – and none of the new interns have the charisma to carry it.

Criminal Minds: CBS has a lot of shows that are past their prime, this is just one of them. I used to love the show. As viewers, though, we all know it peaked in season four. The last two seasons have been really hard to watch. This season, though, has been fairly putrid. Between Reid’s internet girlfriend, to Hotch’s long distance romance to the ridiculous plots – including kids believing they were playing a real life video game. The show is clearly out of original ideas.

NCIS: This is another CBS procedural that hasn’t seen a new idea in years. I like some of the talent involved with the show, but talent isn’t enough.

CSI: This would be yet another CBS show that has lost the spark. Sometimes, it’s better to go with dignity than to hang on until you’re forced out.

America’s Next Top Model: Tyra Banks is holding on to this show even though it lost its heart when it lost the two Jays and Nigel. This was never award-winning television, but it was a guilty pleasure. I could only get through two episodes of the last cycle before I gave up. I’ll stick to watching the reruns on Oxygen. It’s still better television – knowing who wins – than watching Tyra pat herself on the back surrounded by judges we don’t care about.

Bones: A Booth and Brennan baby should never have been introduced to this show. It sucked the life right out of the storylines. The romance, which we all knew would come, is now stilted and I’m left with nothing to root for. I think the writers should bring Zach back as the ultimate killer for an arc, and then retire the show gracefully.

The Mentalist: This show was never good, in my opinion. It was always the poor man’s ‘Psych.’ Still, it had a few entertaining moments. That was years ago, though.

How I Met Your Mother: I don’t care who the mother is anymore and I’m actually disturbed by the Robin and Barney relationship. There’s only one more season (thankfully) – but if I have to watch Barney and Robin play house during it, I may just puke.
Two and a Half Men: This show is trash. At least it was entertaining trash with Charlie Sheen. I cannot fathom who still watches this thing. The half a man is an adult, for crying out loud.

Supernatural: I’m fully prepared to be flogged for this. ‘Supernatural’ was great for the first five seasons. It had a perfect arc and a perfect ending. Now, though? It’s just stumbling along with fake apocalypses, uninspiring angels and weird tablets. I think ‘Supernatural’ lost its way in season six. Season seven was a slight improvement. Season eight has been better than those two combined – but it’s still not as good as the first five seasons. Go out with dignity guys – and find a way to bring Bobby back, for crying out loud. He was the heart of the show. The longer this show goes on, the whinier Dean fans get -- and that's a pretty frightening thought.

Law and Order: SVU: I used to love this show, but I can’t believe they’re still limping along putting out new episodes. I get it, NBC has to hold on to any show that gets remotely decent ratings. I don’t even recognize this show anymore, though. The most recent one, which turned Marcia Gay Harden’s sporadic guest character into a killer, though, really did take the cake. We’re supposed to believe that she killed a pregnant woman because she was jealous? Because I don’t.

What do you think? What shows need to be put out of their misery?


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