Friday, February 8, 2013

What should happen on 'The Walking Dead' before the season's end?

AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ is one of those shows that has a cadre of obsessed fans.

That’s to be expected, though. The show has managed to maintain solid buzz for almost three years. I don’t care what show you are, that’s pretty impressive.

What more impressive are the “haters” – who badmouth the show every chance they get but still watch it. In Hollywood, the axiom should be that you’re nobody until somebody hates you.

‘The Walking Dead’ has both.

When the show left off before the holidays, fans were left with one heck of a cliffhanger.

Just to recap, Daryl was captured by the Governor – who lost an eye (and a zombie daughter) thanks to Michonne – and was placed into the fighting zombie pit with his brother Merle. Andrea, who has the worst taste in men ever, took the Governor’s side (over the woman who saved her life – several times) and is now left to regret that decision.

Rick may or may not be losing his marbles.

Carl is nowhere near as annoying as he was in the first two seasons – and he’s even locked up some newcomers.

Maggie and Glenn were brutalized by Merle and the Governor.

Oh, and Hershel’s other daughter – the one that rarely speaks – is suddenly making eyes at a newly widowed Rick.

I can’t speak for all fans, but here’s what I want to see over the final episodes of season three:

5. Someone needs to call Andrea on her crap: The woman is a disaster magnet in every sense of the word. When we first met her she was whiny but resilient. Then she had to killer sister and she became suicidal. When Dale threatened to die with her, she opted against suicide and then became a petulant child blaming Dale for taking away her choices. Then she became a gun nut and started boning Shane.  She was left behind at the farm, saved by Michonne and then taken care of by Michonne for months. She then turned on Michonne, started boning another sociopath and is now neck deep in hell. I’ve been a fan of Laurie Holden since her ‘Magnificent Seven’ days – on a side note, please cast Michael Biehn on this show – but Andrea is so wishy-washy she becomes unlikeable. When she unleashes her wrath on Rick and the others for leaving her, let’s hope she eventually pulls out that hypocritical stick and becomes a real person.

4. Carol and Daryl need to get it on: I know I keep saying this. I keep getting teased with it and then it doesn’t happen and then that just makes me want it more. Daryl and Carol have a unique bond for this show. One that has been cultivated over time and not just forced on the viewer. It’s time we got some loving. This, of course, assumes that Daryl makes it out of his current predicament. As the most popular character on the show (he even has his own video game coming out in a few weeks), I think Daryl is safe for the foreseeable future. In fact, the only two characters I think I can say that about right now are Glenn and Daryl. So, when Daryl returns to the prison and needs some tender loving care – I expect Carol to be the one to give it to him.

3. Merle needs to die at Daryl’s hand: Daryl has done a lot of growing on this show. With the possible exception of Carl, in fact, Daryl has done the most growing. Daryl and Glenn really are the current heart of this narrative. While Merle went after Glenn – and I’d like to see Glenn get his revenge – Daryl is the one that needs to deal with his white trash brother. The truth is, Daryl is never really going to be free of Merle – and the demons he was raised with – unless he offs his brother. It’s not exactly like Daryl can bring Merle back to camp after what he’s done, and Daryl won’t leave Carol – or the rest of the group – at this point. We all know Merle is vindictive – and he won’t take his brother choosing others over him well – so I really see no way around Merle dying. And, if Merle has to die, then Daryl deserves the honors.

2. Woodbury needs a dose of reality: Post-apocalyptic stories are always interesting to me because of the way society breaks down in the process. We like to fancy ourselves as enlightened individuals. But, the truth is, if something like this happened to us we’d revert to the Stone Age – just like the people of Woodbury have. The denizens of Woodbury have accepted totalitarian leadership and a false sense of security behind a set of walls that don’t just keep one set of monsters out – but keep another set of monsters in. This is a zombie show, so I do like a little blood, I’m thinking that the Governor’s ego just may burn that city to the ground – and I’m anticipating it a great deal when it really does come.

1. The Governor needs a reckoning: I can’t say with absolute certainty that the Governor will die by the end of the season. In fact, he’s such a rich villain that I would like to see him hang around for at least another year. He can’t continue to run around with impunity, though. He needs to be taught a lesson. While I’m sure his ultimate death will be delivered by Rick, Andrea or Michonne – I honestly thing Glenn and Maggie should have the honors. After what the Governor did to the duo, he deserves a little retribution from the show’s last remaining sweethearts. I don’t know if the Governor’s story can be sustained over a whole other season. I am looking forward to seeing how much further he unravels in the upcoming weeks, though.

What do you think? What do you want to see happen before season three ends?


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