Saturday, January 5, 2013

'General Hospital' disaster feels a little weak

‘General Hospital’ has been home to some of the biggest disaster storylines in soap history.

The Cassidines trying to freeze the world, the Metro Court hostage crisis, pathogens in the water, the Aztec treasure adventure, the hotel fire, the train wreck, etc.

Most of them were big events that encompassed the entire cast.

If this week’s multi-car accident is what we can expect for disaster storylines for the future – I think I’ll pass.

First off, the characters involved weren’t exactly a mixture that people cared about.

Crazy Connie – the most hated character on GH right now – ran down newbie Ellie and then fled into the dark.

Johnny, the killer of children, young men and his own grandfather, as well as the heel that purposely kept a mentally ill woman from getting the help that she needed was bound and gagged in the trunk.

Michael, Starr, nuKristina and some cardboard cutout named Trey were also involved in the accident.

In short order, Michael got Johnny out of the trunk, Starr almost let Connie die because she thought she killed Cole and Hope, Kristina passed out and then regained consciousness, and Trey dropped to the ground with undiagnosed injuries.

Oh, and Michael discovered Ellie unconscious on the side of the road.

The only person in this entire scenario I can muster the energy to care about is Starr. Kristen Alderson shined in a truly heartbreaking performance as she realized she had blamed the wrong person (again) for the death of her boyfriend and child.

It was chilling when Starr slapped Johnny – and then walked away to help Ellie.

I love Brandon Barash as a performer, but I’m not sure how Johnny can be redeemed. Admitting to his misdeeds – well, killing Hope and Cole at least - -is a start. Still, trying to frame Sonny – and then Connie – for the crime is pretty despicable. And that’s before you add in the cold-blooded murder of his grandfather and trying to brainwash a mentally ill woman and keeping her from the help she needs.

Although, that being said, I'm am looking forward to Johnny blowing Todd out of the water -- and both of them being arrested. They could be a hilarious sitcom together.

I don’t hate the character of Ellie – but I don’t know enough about her to love her. Now, her injuries are going to be used as a way to keep Spinelli and Maxie (the most chemistry-free couple in daytime) apart for the next few months while Maxie hides the fact that she’s pregnant with Spinelli’s kid.

NuKristina has been a pain since she arrived on the canvas. I was invested in the Kristina character – when she was played by an actress that wasn’t a shrill complainer – a couple of years ago. I can’t muster any sympathy for the character now. I just know they’re going to push Kristina towards Johnny – when he somehow gets off on a technicality.

That brings us to Trey – one of those characters that has all of the appeal of toe lint – and his imminent death. I honestly don’t understand why the writers brought him on – if they were just going to kill them off.

I’m hopeful – which is probably a waste of time – that this signifies an end to the travails of Connie and Kate and their dastardly multiple personality plan to steal a 13-year-old’s manuscript. Somehow, I bet I’m crushed on that front.

Disaster storylines work when you put fan favorites in danger. This disaster storyline was pretty much the exact opposite.

If the accident pushes some stagnating storylines forward – great. If not, what a waste of time.

What do you think? What did you think about this week’s disaster?


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hahaha! murder movies.. nyahaha

channing tatum cardboard cutout

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