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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Romance is supposed to be in the air – but it’s severely lacking

Soaps were made famous for being havens of “love in the afternoon.”

Over the years, fans got used to nonstop action stories and – in the case of ‘General Hospital’ – nonstop mob follies.

Still, you’re supposed to have some sort of romance in your daytime soaps.

Through the Guza years, romance wasn’t exactly something you could bank on when it came to GH. Sure, he gave us some glimpses of romance with Nikolas and Emily and Dante and Lulu – but for the most part, romance was dead in Port Charles.

The true problem was that Guza didn’t know how to write strong women. He gave us female characters – but most of them were just props for the males that ran the show.

When a female was strong – which was a rarity – more often than not she was written like a shrill harpie, like Carly.

Over the past year, the writing on GH has been much more balanced, but when I was thinking about the couple son the show the other day, I realized that there is still a lack of romance on the show.

The only two actual couples that have rooting value are Dante and Lulu and Michael and Starr.

There is some potential brewing – but there are only a handful of actual couples on the show. I don’t know anyone, for example, that is invested in Steve and Olivia. The reasons for that are numerous, but the big ones are a lack of chemistry, a lack of writing and, oh yeah, (spoiler alert) Steve is dying very soon.

Right now, fans of romance, really only have the option to dwell on the potential. So, where is the potential?

Anna/Luke/Duke: This triangle kind of stalled in the water after their jaunt to Switzerland wrapped up. The truth is, I don’t see this triangle truly being interesting until Laura returns. I would also like to see a Robert return – making it a fun pentagram – with multiple flirtations, fights and couple possibilities. I will always believe that Anna and Robert belong together, just like Luke and Laura belong together. I’m willing to watch some exciting mature dating, though.

Maxie/Spinelli/Ellie: I know Ellie has her fans, but I don’t get why. I like the actress, don’t get me wrong, but the character is being used strictly as a prop device to keep Maxie and Spinelli apart. My problem with that scenario is that I hate Maxie and Spinelli as a couple. I love Maxie, but I hate Spinelli. Can we just end this pregnancy debacle and pair Maxie with Johnny? Please?

Sam/John: This pairing is in limbo due to the contract dispute with Prospect Park. I have no doubt that once things settle, things will be full steam ahead. Of all the potential couples on GH right now, this is the one that has the steamiest chemistry. I can’t want to see what they can do when they actually get a chance to move ahead with the story.

Todd/Carly: This couple is going to be struggling with the Prospect Park problem for awhile, too. That’s not my main problem with them, though. My main problem with them is that Carly and Blair are kind of the same character – and Blair will always be the greatest love of Todd’s life. I’m not quite sure who I see Todd with on the canvas – I think he and Alexis could be snarky fun, though. Or even Diane. They should bring back Jax for Carly.

Connie/Sonny: I’m never going to get behind Connie and I’m always going to believe Sonny belongs with Brenda. This couple is never going to have rooting value for me.

Rafe/Molly/TJ: The writing is already on the wall for this one. Rafe and Molly are being set up as star-crossed and TJ is going to be the fall guy. I think Rafe and Molly are cute – but I’m still leery of the vampire stuff.

Liz/AJ/Carly: I want to see something steamy happen between Liz and AJ. I think they have loads of potential. The problem is that Carly and AJ have some hot chemistry. I can’t see AJ and Carly getting over their past, though, so I would like to see a full-fledged romance with AJ and Liz. I think Liz could be AJ’s salvation – if the writing is solid.

Sabrina/Patrick: People are complaining that the writers shouldn’t keep bringing Robin back because it doesn’t allow viewers to embrace Patrick with another woman. That is not the problem for me. I could embrace Patrick with another woman – if they gave him a worthwhile match. Sabrina has the emotional maturity of a 12-year-old – and Patrick looks like a dirty old man with her. I want Robin to make her presence known at the Nurse’s Ball – and I want Sabrina to grow up.

Alexis/Shawn: Technically, these two are a couple but we never get to see them together. I like the chemistry – and Shawn is smoking hot – but they just don’t seem to fit. How about a fulltime Ned return? He and Alexis always sparkled – in my opinion. If that doesn’t work, how about a Ric return? He was Alexis’ second best pairing. I’m all for color on GH, but all Shawn does is act as Sonny’s new thug and occasionally TJ’s chaperone.

What do you think? Do you want to see more love in the afternoon on GH?


Blogger CinCitiChic said...

Hi Amanda!
Great post! A few things you touch on that I would love to dish and add my small two cents:

1)The true problem was that Guza didn’t know how to write strong women. He gave us female characters – but most of them were just props for the males that ran the show.

Could not agree more here!! Good Riddance to Guza days! They were great for awesome mob shootouts and police chase, etc.. but tired way and way overdone! So, I wanted to use this point to acknowledge the current writing team, Ron Carlivati, and other former OLTL writers that I think have and are doing a REMARKABLE job at touching the past to reintroduce gh alums and bringing into the current day?? It's been fun again to look forward to each day's episodes and not have to be stuck with of the same overdone story lines when all that was accomplished was writing out talented actors. So THANK YOU! Keep up that great work!!

2)Sam/John - Let's GO ALREADY! I cannot believe that they (GH) has managed to get me to move on and let go of Jason so quickly - but hey I am not about to kick that gift horse etc..!! WHOO HOO!!

And last, I must add:

3)Todd/Carly - PLEASE DON'T!! Any other ideas/options/partners I am willing to explore, but please not this - PLEASE!!

That's it! Thanks again Amanda!

PS: MORE SHAWN PLEASE - Because he's just toooooooo hooottttt - perfect for love in the afternoon!! ;-)

February 14, 2013 at 3:49 PM 

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