Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Avery Shaw book hits shelves

For readers that like to read light fiction set in Macomb County, my third book in the Avery Shaw mystery series -- Buried Leads -- is now available in eBook format and paperback.

The series follows a zany reporter and the family, friends and co-workers that pepper her life. The most recent book has her investigating a missing woman in the norther suburbs of Macomb County. Could her husband be responsible? Or did the woman run away with her boss?

This is all in addition to fighting with her mother, dating the hot pawnshop owner that saved her life a few weeks ago and struggling through a series of increasingly uncomfortable family dinners.

These are basically light and easy reads, with loudmouthed characters that are a little snarky and a little sarcastic. Essentially, these aren't bright and shiny people. They do crazy things -- and they interact in crazy ways.

'Buried Leads' is available on Kindle for $2.99 and in paperback for $9.99.


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