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What other vets should return to Port Charles?

‘General Hospital’ is seeing something of a ratings resurgence right now.

Everyone wants to take credit for it.

Honestly? I think it’s a variety of things.

First off, the writing is markedly better. The show no longer revolves around three characters to the detriment of everyone else on the canvas.

In addition, the cancellations of ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ has made fans realize that if they want any soaps to survive – even in the short run – they are going to have to rally behind them.

The biggest reason, though, is that Ron Carlivati has done something that previous writing regimes haven’t been able to do. He’s engaged viewers again.

How did he do this? First off, he brought back beloved vets and actually gave them stories.

Let’s face it, Robert Guza was always tooting his own horn about bringing back vets – but when he did he wrote them so poorly they barely resembled the characters we remembered.

Guza was also responsible for the assassination of beloved characters like Felicia and Brenda and the decimation of the Quartermaines. No matter what, fans don’t forget that stuff.

Right now, Carlivati is firing on all cylinders. Fans aren’t missing Saint Jason of the Docks because there’s too much else going on.

A.J. Quartermaine has returned – and most fans I know are hoping he manages to beat Carly and Sonny this time.

Faison is back and masquerading as Duke while he holds Robin captive.

Robert has swept back into town and Tristan Rogers’ chemistry with Finola Hughes is as palpable today as it was 20 years ago.

That’s not to say everything is working. I know a lot of fans want more vets back. To do that, though, we have to cut the remaining dead weight – and it’s significant.

Who needs to go
Kate/Connie: This is the biggest one. She’s just a waste of space. I know Carlivati is partial to multiple-personality storylines, but he’s beat this one to death. The reason those stories worked (some of the time) for Jessica and Viki on OLTL is because the characters were beloved. No one cares about Kate. She’s been forced down our throats from day one. Cut her loose.

Trey: Send her son out of town with her. Rumor has it he’s been let go. I don’t want the actor to suffer hardship, but Trey is a loser and he’s not necessary on the canvas.

nuKristina: I’m not invested in the character as she’s being portrayed now. I think it’s time for Alexis’ middle child to head out of town again. Right now, Kristina is vapid, and I don’t care how much they prop her, I’m not going to like her.

Spinelli: I have never understood the appeal of this character. I like the actor, but Spinelli the character is the most annoying thing on the entire canvas right now. Do not keep trying to force him and Maxie on viewers as a couple. We don’t buy it.

Olivia: Dante is settled. He doesn’t need his mother and her LSD induced flashbacks anymore. Send her back to Bensonhurst.

Steve: No matter how much I try – and I do like Scott Reeves – I can’t muster up the energy to care about Steve. He’s just vacant.

Johnny: I absolutely love Brandon Barash as an actor, but it’s time to let him go. I don’t think Johnny can be redeemed. He never owns his misdeeds. Right now, he’s a child killer who is taking advantage of a mentally ill woman to cover his own guilty behind. Where is his rooting value? Barash deserves better. Let him leave town awhile and come back reinvigorated down the road.

Dr. Britt: She has Lisa Niles written all over her. The writers obviously want us to hate her. It worked. Get her off my screen.

Sabrina: On the flip side, the writers desperately want us to like her. That didn’t work. Get her off my screen, too. Neither one of these women are fit to wash Patrick’s laundry, let alone be Emma’s stepmother.

Who needs to come back
I know I can’t get everyone I want. That’s not what this is about. This is about bringing the right people back.

For example, I want Kimberly McCullough back as Robin desperately but I know you can’t force the actress to return full time. She is not realistic return at this point – so I won’t list her.

There are people that are realistic, though, and I want them back.

Laura: Genie Francis has gotten the boot from Y&R. Bring her home. Lulu needs a mother. Luke needs his soulmate. Anna needs a friend in her age bracket. It’s time.

Ric: Letting Rick Hearst go was a mistake. He’s a dynamic performer and Ric was a conflicted character that enthralled viewers. Molly needs a father. Sonny needs another foil – who doesn’t want to see A.J. and Ric team up? – and Alexis needs a viable love interest.

Brenda: Sonny is only appealing when Brenda is around, I’ve decided. Guza wrote her horribly the last go around. Let Carlivati have a shot. Bring Brenda back as the feisty heroine we remember – not the woman that Sonny tries to keep away from his kids.

Robert: I know he visits a lot, but I want him full time. I want a full-fledged Robert/Anna/Duke triangle and a Luke and Laura reunion. Those five actors have more chemistry amongst them than the entire younger set of GH has combined.

Ned: Wally Kurth isn’t doing anything on DOOL, bring him back to the GH fold. Not only could he be put in a triangle with Ric and Alexis, but he’d also make a great ELQ foil for A.J. (and give Tracy something better to do than torture Monica).

What do you think? Who should stay? Who should go?


Blogger SaveOurSuds said...

I don’t agree with everyone you want to cut but love your list of who to bring back! More Q’s and vets from GH’s spy/adventure filled ‘80s please!

November 18, 2012 at 8:18 AM 

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