Saturday, November 10, 2012

Will the real Duke Lavery please stand up?

He would have gotten away with it, too . . . if it wasn’t for that meddling kid.

Who am I talking about?

Fans of ‘General Hospital’ had a full-on ‘Scooby-Doo’ moment this week when it was revealed that Duke Lavery wasn’t who he was claiming to be.

We still don’t know who he is – but in a scene that highlights exactly why soaps are great entertainment -- a captive Robin accuses Duke of being an imposter (she managed to figure this out in five minutes – what’s wrong with her mother?).

Then Puke (pseudo Duke – for now) ripped off a hilarious latex mask. The camera trailed to a horrified Robin as she tried to claw her way to the back of the bed she was sitting on.  And viewers? We have to wait until Monday.

Forget for a second that the mask would have to be the best latex mask ever made to approximate the facial expressions of Duke Lavery – but the reveal was so hilariously out there that fans have been exploding with theories about just who is under the mask for two days now.

That’s pretty good for a soap that “killed off” its leading man two weeks ago. I’m thrilled to say (most) fans have already moved on. I'm also hopeful that whoever Puke is, he's also holding real Duke captive.

So, the question is, who is under the mask? Let’s take a look at the suspects.

Cesar Faison – This is the odds on favorite. Not only was Faison obsessed with Anna, but he would also know some history from Duke and Anna’s past so it’s not totally out there that he would be able to pretend to be Duke. Also, Faison has kidnapped Robin before (and Lucky, for that matter). Robert (Tristan Rogers) is returning to the show for a stint in the next few weeks and he and Faison were mortal enemies. Plus, whoever has Robin, has ties to Jerry Jax (and Windimere). We know Faison has ties to Helena – so that wouldn’t be too hard to swallow. I fully believe that we’re going to see Faison Monday – just want to make that clear – but I can’t decide if I want it to be him. I think it would be too obvious if it was him. Also, I don’t know why Faison would want to take over Sonny’s mob operations? That’s the one piece of the puzzle that doesn’t fit for me.

Grant Putnam – This is who I want to be Puke. Not only does he have a past with Anna, Robin and Robert – but he’s also a cold-blooded psychopath. I think it would be a nice change of pace to have it be Grant instead of Faison. He has as much reason as Faison to be doing this – so I’ve got my fingers crossed. Like I said, though, I think it’s obviously Faison. Grant would just be the culmination of a great dream.

Helena – This is my favorite theory. Some fans are saying that Puke is Helena in drag. I would be up for that just for the reveal alone. Still, Helena has been shown to be overtly heterosexual throughout the years. Romancing Anna just doesn’t seem to be in her wheelhouse. Still, thinking about Helena wandering around in a latex Duke mask and dating Anna is so hilariously wrong, it’s right. Plus, having Luke compete with Helena for Anna’s affections is just kinky enough to work.

Lisa Niles – She has one of the same problems that Helena does – she’s a woman. It’s not just that she’s a woman. She’s a woman that seduced Robin’s husband. I don’t think she’s been harboring any latent same-sex tendencies. Still, never say never. She does hate Robin enough to order electroshock therapy. I just don’t think she has the means to pull this off. I would like to see her off Dr. Britt, though.

Jerry Jax – This is another one that might actually fit the facts. Sure Jerry is “dead” – but he’s “died” so many times now I’ve lost count. We already know that Jerry is at least partially behind Robin’s captivity. We also know that Jerry and Robin have a tempestuous past – with him shooting her once and torturing Nikolas (in a storyline she was heavily involved in). Still, I can’t see Jerry romancing Anna in disguise. I think he’d be going after Alexis.

Ryan Chamberlain – I think this is a nostalgia thing. People just want to see Jon Lidstrom. While I’m not against this on principle, I don’t think it fits the facts. Why would Ryan go after Robin? He was obsessed with Felicia, so he’d be more apt to go after Maxie. Let’s just bring Lidstrom back as Kevin, huh?

Victor Lord Jr. – This is fan fiction. There is absolutely no reason Robin would be terrified of Victor. She’s never met him. She doesn’t have knowledge of him. Whoever Robin sees under the mask clearly terrifies her. Seeing a man she never knew and has no knowledge of being dead would puzzle her – not scare her.

Jonathan Paget – This would actually be a funny twist. What if the man that Duke came back as the first time was now pretending to be him – just with a latex mask?

What do you think? Who is under the mask?


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