Friday, November 9, 2012

Top entertainment moments of the week: Election coverage and gruesome C-sections

This week’s television schedule was interrupted (again) by national news events. This time, it was the presidential election.
As someone that likes to watch the media I had to laugh at EVERY news station’s coverage. They all did something that was hilarious.

Between Diane Sawyer acting drunk on-air to Karl Rove disputing actual math to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert stealing the entire night with their hilarious antics on Comedy Central, the real winners were the American people who have a sense of humor. Those that don't were just as sour as ever.

This week’s (non-election related) top entertainment moments are:

5. Once Upon a Time – Viewers found out who Henry’s father was – but we still don’t know if Neal (aka the mystery man from the opening scene of this season) is really Baelfire. We find out, through flashbacks, that Emma was something of a juvenile delinquent back in the day. While she’s stealing a yellow VW bug, she meets Neal (who also had stolen the car). The two fall in love and travel from place-to-place stealing from people. One day, Pinocchio approaches Neal and shows him something that glows in a briefcase (hello Pulp Fiction) and convinces him that Emma needs to go to prison and get on the straight and narrow if she ever wants to become what she’s meant to be. Pinocchio promises to send Neal a postcard if Storybrooke is ever freed from the curse – and that’s the scene was saw at the beginning of the season. Methinks Neal is going to be meeting Henry sooner – rather than later. This doesn’t stop him from being Bael, either, since we now know that people that leave Storybrooke have their memories modified. Maybe Baelfire just doesn’t remember?

4. Revolution – Viewers find out what caused the blackout – and it didn’t take more than half a season. I think the writers are trying to answer questions quicker than ‘Lost’ – which is good in some respects, and bad in others. Anyway, we find out that Rachel and Ben were working with Grace on a project when they accidentally created a device that could essentially end technology. The reasoning was convoluted -- but it still made more sense than 'Heroes.' Because they need money, though, Rachel and Ben sign over their discovery to the government. When will people learn that this is never a good idea?

3. Duck Dynasty – This is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. On this week’s outing, Si accompanies Willie to a radio interview where he quickly takes over the whole session (much to Willie’s chagrin). Si tells stories – which viewers know are never true – and relates not only how Willie is a crier but also what a crappy hunter Si thinks he is. Willie’s outrage is hilariously spot-on. This was his moment, after all. Across town, Jase is burning leaves in his front yard – and getting called to task by the home owner’s association in his neighborhood. He does bring up a good point, though. Why do people pay other people to tell them how to keep their own property?

2. Supernatural – Bobby is back. Whoops, not quite. Garth is back and he’s trying to be the Bobby that he thinks Dean and Sam so desperately need. While I adore Garth – and I do – I still think Dean and Sam are floundering this season. These are boys that have never had roots. It’s more like they visited familiar pots from time-to-time. Without Bobby as an anchor, though, they can’t quite seem to get a grip on what they need to be doing. They don’t have Castiel as their moral compass, either. I think this is the best season since the fifth season – but it’s still lacking. This episode, though, had a lot of things to love – and it did rediscover the fun that was once the trademark of ‘Supernatural.’ Let’s hope the fun doesn’t disappear next episode.

1. The Walking Dead – I don’t know anyone that wasn’t surprised by this episode. It wasn’t that the two people that died were expected to live. It’s just that their deaths came so early in the season. T-Dog has had fodder written all over him since the onset of the show (the same as Hershel’s blonde daughter – I can never remember her name). Still, I expected him to hang on long enough to run into Merle again. He had a heroic ending, though, sacrificing himself to get eaten alive to save Carol. It was Lori’s death, though, that was truly moving. I’ve hated Lori from the beginning – so I was openly rooting for her death. Still, I was sad to see her sacrifice herself for her unborn baby. Her goodbye with Carl was heart-breaking – as was Rick’s reaction when he found out his wife was dead. I wonder how he’ll react when he finds out it was Carl that put a bullet in her brain so she wouldn’t reanimate?

Honorable mentions go to:

Dexter – Instead of killing her, Dexter cuts the saran wrap off of Hannah and essentially mounts her (where he usually kills his victims). It was really uncomfortable to watch – and riveting all the same.

Gossip Girl – Chuck gets closer to finding out Bart’s secret (illegal oil sales?) and Dan moves in with Blair (ulterior motives much Lonely Boy?) – but the best moment of the night was when Serena finds out her boyfriend has slept with her mother. This group just gets more and more incestuous as time goes on.

Partners – I can’t decide if I like this show but I did laugh out loud when Brandon Routh’s Wyatt put a pair of fashion glasses on – just like Clark Kent – and everyone exclaimed he was practically unrecognizable. Anyone else still think it’s fishy that Wyatt and Louis haven’t even kissed on screen yet, though?

General Hospital – In the best Scooby-Doo moment since, well, Scooby-Doo, the man who would be Duke Lavery ripped a latex mask off and revealed he’s . . . We’ll find out Monday. This is why the soap genre is truly great.

What do you think? What were this week’s top moments?


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