Saturday, November 3, 2012

The tricks and treats of Port Charles this week

I am loving ‘General Hospital’ these past few weeks.

The show isn’t perfect – don’t get me wrong – but there is so much more right about the show than wrong -- at least right now.

Like most of Port Charles, I mourned Saint Jason of the Docks for exactly five minutes this week and then moved on to welcome his brother, AJ, back home.

AJ’s return means a lot of great things for this soap. It adds a Quartermaine to the fold (raise Emily and Alan from the dead and bring Ned back home, too!) and it gives Sonny and Carly a legitimate foil.

The best thing that the new writers are doing is not letting Sonny, Carly and Jason win every single thing anymore. AJ actually has a shot of reclaiming his son – and dragging Sonny and Carly down into the trenches where they belong – under this writing regime.

I think AJ’s “resurrection” story is a little convoluted, but this is a soap. Any way they did it was going to be convoluted. I can’t help but think Monica would have told Alan on his deathbed that AJ was actually alive – but that’s a minor quibble. I’m willing to believe that Helena has been holding Alan and Emily captive for the past few years if it means I can get them back on my screen.

I also like that they didn’t have AJ skulking around town for weeks without anyone knowing. He immediately went to the Halloween party at The Haunted Star and confronted his son.

AJ isn’t a perfect character, but he was driven over the edge by Sonny, Carly and Jason over the years. I’m glad he told Michael exactly what his mother and precious mob boss father did to him.

There were also a variety of different hits and misses from the rest of the week:

Hit: Sabrina and Emma look through a photo album about the Nurse’s Ball – complete with a picture of Lucy Coe (I can’t wait until she comes back). I think there are two things going on here. One, the Nurse’s Ball will be given in Edward’s honor after the town finds out he passed away. Two, Sabrina is probably Serena Baldwin. I think it’s too much of a coincidence to have her so involved – and yet not tied to the history of the show.

Miss: Sabrina’s costume was stupid. I know we’re supposed to look at her as this dumpy little girl compared the ultra-chic Britt, but no one would EVER wear that costume unless they were doing it on a dare.

Hit: Anna’s reaction to Patrick’s date was spot-on. The only thing I didn’t like was her apologizing after. Smack her around a little, Anna. She not only wants to move forward with Patrick but erase Robin from his past.

Miss: Why doesn’t Patrick notice how snarky Britt is? He’s a neurosurgeon, for crying out loud.

Hit: Sam fantasizes about Jason finding out Daniel is his biological son. It’s a nice treat for Jasam fans – and easy to fast-forward through for people that are glad Jason is gone (like me).

Hit: Lulu and Dante get awards for the best costumes. Not only were they cute, but Lulu’s was ridiculously flattering. Anna is runner-up. Her costume was age appropriate – and fit the character well.

Miss: Why is Connie trying to essentially hump anything with a zipper except for Sonny? Her “in heat” act is wearing thin really quickly.

Hit: Carly and Todd have a lot of chemistry.

Miss: She belongs with Jax, though, and he belongs with Blair.

Hit: Lulu’s mocking of Maxie is true to life. That’s how real girlfriends act around each other.

Miss: Maxie and Spinelli have zero chemistry. Stop pushing them on us.

Hit: Lulu hiring Duke as a bartender was just so “Spencer” of her.

Miss: Anna not noticing Duke is skulking around the docks and acting strange makes her the dumbest police commissioner since, well, Mac.

Hit: Starr unloading on Johnny for not getting Connie the help she truly needs was a long time coming. Johnny’s response that Starr doesn’t “understand” was lame. Starr has been around people with DID her entire life – her daughter was kidnapped by her cousin’s alter Bess – she knows how to handle people with mental illness.

Miss: Sonny’s reaction to Jason’s death is brief and uninspired. Sam’s denial is boring and actually does no favors for her character. The only two people that had genuine reactions to Jason’s “death” were Michael and Carly. What a waste.

Hit: More Monica is always a plus.

Miss: It’s time to lock Heather up for another couple of years. She’s worn out her welcome.

What do you think? What worked and what didn’t in Port Charles this week?


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