Friday, November 16, 2012

This week’s top entertainment moments – Zombie kids and fallen angels

CBS solved a problem for me this week. They cancelled Monday night comedy ‘Partners’ due to weak ratings.

Why was this a problem for me? Frankly, I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not.

I liked the talent involved with the show a great deal. Sophia Bush portrayed my favorite ‘One Tree Hill’ character. David Krumholtz stole my heart in ‘Numb3rs’ and Michael Urie has been interesting to follow since his ‘Ugly Betty’ days.

The truth is, the one actor I wasn’t sold on – Brandon Routh – turned out to be my favorite on the show. His wonderfully dimwitted Wyatt actually stole every scene he was in with an understated delivery – something Urie should look into.

Still, the show had issues. It revolved around a gay couple that never held hands, had a scene in bed together or shared a kiss. That’s not a couple, that’s roommates.

I’m hopeful that all the actors will go on and find new projects that fit them better – and aren’t so stereotypical.

Which brings us to this week’s top entertainment moments:

5. Supernatural – Castiel is back! While I love the errant angel, I miss his patented charm and unabashedly dour demeanor. The good things about the episode included the return of Crowley and Tiger Mommy. I also liked Castiel pointing out that Dean’s constant whining and guilt about leaving him in Purgatory were unwarranted. He wanted to say. Castiel showed Dean what “really” happened vs. the way Dean remembered it happening. This was a nice little lesson on perspective for Dean. For a guy that is constantly attacking everyone around him for not living up to his lofty standards, the realization that he’s not always right couldn’t have come at a better time. Anyone else worried about the warriors of Heaven “watching” Dean and Sam? That won’t end well.

4. Gossip Girl – This was probably the best episode of the final season (so far). A pathetic Dan is still pining for Blair – even though she’s made it clear she wants Chuck. Serena and Blair make up and then break up (again). And Lily? I don’t know what’s wrong with her. So, the big event of the night was obviously Serena and Dan’s sex tape going public. The tape made Dan realize he would never have a shot with Blair. It made Blair realize Serena keeps betraying her. It made Serena lose her “fiancé” and it made an irate Nate break up with Sage, essentially telling her she may be of age but her antics were far too high school for him. There are five episodes left, and in that time Chuck has to take down Bart, Rufus has to realize Ivy is a snake, Lily has to die (she isn’t redeemable anymore), Blair and Chuck have to become officially engaged and Nate has to resolve his financial problems. That’s a lot to accomplish. Oh, and we have to find out who Gossip Girl really is.

3. Parenthood – This show is so emotionally manipulative I can barely stand it. Still, I was touched when Kristina deals with the fact that her own mother is “too busy” to help her deal with chemotherapy. It’s the mother-in-law that never thought she was good enough for her son that comes to the rescue. Bonnie Bedelia and Monica Potter were riveting in the heartbreaking scenes. I also loved Kristina bribing Max to keep quiet about her eating ice cream and driving when she’s not supposed to. Her quiet moments with her troubled son are always entertaining. As for Amber, I’m enjoying her new romance. I’m just hoping the show doesn’t have her Army veteran boyfriend have some PTSD attack and hurt her. I think that is beneath this great show.

2. American Horror Story – And Bloody Face is -- Dr. Thredson. Huh. I love Zachary Quinto. His Sylar was pretty much the only character over the entire run of Heroes that never got old for me. I also love his take on Spock. He was one of my favorite characters in last season’s story on ‘American Horror Story’ – I’m just not sure how I feel about the reveal. Quinto has the acting chops to pull it off – don’t get me wrong – I just wasn’t that “thrilled” with the reveal. Sarah Paulson’s Lana is in a whole mess of trouble. Anyone think she’s got an uncomfortable, um, dentist visit in her near future? I’m still not sure how I feel about the aliens either. I want to like ‘American Horror Story’ and yet I can’t quite make that declaration.

1. The Walking Dead – This show just keeps getting better and better. After last week’s shocking double death, this week ratchets up the discomfort to a whole other level. First, in Woodbury, the creepy Governor spends his days brushing his zombie daughter’s hair – while occasionally ripping chunks of her scalp out. Then, at night, Woodbury hosts demented “fight club” events, where the denizens of the town band together and essentially get off on the barbaric tableau. It’s a nice commentary on the age old question: Who are the real monsters? Those that kill and don’t know any better or those that get off on the killing even though they do? Back at the prison, Rick goes on a monster hunt of his own that results in him finding a very bloated walker – that apparently ate Lori’s remains. Nice. The shock of the episode wasn’t Daryl handling baby “Asskicker” like a pro, no, it was the waning seconds when a despondent Rick answers a ringing phone. Who’s on the other end? The comics say it’s Lori – and that Rick essentially goes crazy. I’m hoping for a different outcome.

Honorable  mentions go to:

Partners – In its final week, I thought I’d give the show a shout out for the hilarious scenes of Wyatt being the “super secretary” at the office. Routh’s understated performance really was the best thing about the show.

Revolution – Nora realizes there’s family and then there’s “family” when her biological sister betrays her and she’s forced to put her life on the line for her pseudo family. Can we please get more Elizabeth Mitchell, though? You’re totally wasting her.

Duck Dynasty – Jase “steals” Willie’s samurai sword and Si accidentally breaks it. The duo try to have it fixed at a pawn shop and then resort to welding it themselves. When a teenage Sadie pulls the sword out and appears to break it, Si and Jase decide to let her take the fall. Willie can smell a rat, though, and the truth comes out. This family wears me out – but always entertains me.

Grey’s Anatomy – I know I said I was done watching this show but I tuned in because the previews showed Christina returning to Seattle Grace – and they were funny. The episode wasn’t really that good, but the scenes between Christina and estranged husband Owen were powerful. I also liked Christina and Alex being roommates at the end. While I love Christina and Owen, I’m up for a little Christina and Alex action. They could be hot together.

Private Practice – The tired “mock documentary” plot is so overused I’m over it. Still, Amelia’s “games” with the film crew were a highlight.

What do you think? What were this week’s top entertainment moments?


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