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Will General Hospital epidemic be used to cut cast?

Well, it looks like ‘General Hospital’ is going the deadly epidemic route – again.

This time, it looks like some biological warfare is about to be dropped on Port Charles thanks to resident bad guy Jerry Jax.

Jerry just recently swept into town. All we knew was that he was responsible for kidnapping Robin at the time – but this week Jerry let his “plan” unfold.

It seems he kidnapped former girlfriend Alexis and niece Josslyn and gave them a mild form of the virus so they could build up antibodies and be immune to the disease when he unleashes it.

Then we found out he had ties to new mob figure Joe Scully Jr. – who apparently helped him in another big “event” storyline several years ago: The Metro Court hostage situation. Boy, that Jerry sure does get around.

Oh, and Jerry seems to be suffering from some ailment that has him coughing up blood a lot. Yet he thinks his plan is going to somehow help him survive. Sure, sounds plausible.

My problem with these event storylines is that they’re usually used as a way to cut the cast.

So, who is GH going to cut this time?

I don’t know – but I have a wish list.

I want Kate and Connie to get sick (and die). I’m so over the character that I fast forward through her every chance I get. I have nothing against the actress – I just can’t stomach the character anymore.

While I’m making wishes, if Spinelli could contract the disease and succumb I wouldn’t exactly be in tears either. To me, Spinelli was funny for about a week. Now he’s just annoying.

While I’m killing off annoying characters, can both Trey and nuKristina contact it and die, too? Every time they’re on camera I feel sick and want to puke – so turnabout seems like fair play in this instance.

That being said, I don’t see any of my wishes coming true.

So, what do I really think is going to happen?

* Either Lulu isn’t really pregnant or she’s going to get sick and it’s going to cause a miscarriage. Dante and Lulu have been too cute and excited about the possibility of being parents. It’s going to blow up in their faces.

* At least one of Alexis’ girls is going to contract it. I don’t think any of them will die – but I’d guess there’s a chance all three of them could get it. This will allow TJ to emote next to Molly’s bed, Trey to realize he really has feelings for nuKristina and Shawn to console Alexis. Oh, and I’m sure there will be some posturing at Sam’s bedside between John and Jason.

* Kate will probably come down with it – which will allow Sonny to brood and swear blood vengeance on Jerry. It will also allow Johnny to make a tearful confession to Kate about killing Hope and Cole. Of course, Johnny will make the confession when Kate is feverish and near death and she won’t remember it for months. This could also happen next to Starr's beside if she get's sick -- just saying.

* Little Emma will come down with it – pushing Patrick’s world to the brink and probably forcing him back on drugs. That story was over way too quickly.

* Cameron or Aiden will contract it – forcing Liz to deal with the possibility of another child dying. This will allow Jason to flex for her and stand mutely by her side -- occasionally telling her what a great mother she is

* Jax will come back to town and get it – something Jerry didn’t see coming (even though he purposely poisoned Josslyn). This will cause problems with Johnny and Carly when Carly sits at Jax’s side.

Is that all? Probably not, but soaps are predictable. At least some of this will come true.

What I’m truly worried about, though, is which characters will be sacrificed to the plague.

I’m almost positive Jerry will kill Ewen (probably not before he nails Elizabeth though). Let’s just hope he doesn’t knock up Elizabeth before he dies.

I’m also worried that one of the three remaining Quartermaines might be targeted – and if that happens I’m going to be furious.

GH has made a habit of doing “event” stories over the past few years. Personally, I’d rather see balanced storytelling than doesn’t hinge on some cartoon villain trying to control Port Charles and its people. That's just me, though.

What about you? Who do you think could die during the current GH epidemic?


Blogger Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

I wish Starr would die, but she's on the road with Michael (also another zero). *sigh*

August 25, 2012 at 12:26 PM 

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