Thursday, August 23, 2012

When is your favorite show returning?

It’s getting to be that time of year again.

You know, the leaves are going to start changing, the kids are going to go off to school and your favorite television shows are coming back to the airwaves.

Networks have started to stagger their premieres – but this year’s crop still primarily debuts in late September and early October.

Here’s the list:

2 Broke Girls: My favorite new comedy from last year. Sept. 24
30 Rock – This is (thankfully) the show’s final season. While the characters were entertaining at first, the schtick got old quick. Oct. 4.

American Horror Story – Relaunching as an anthology in its second season – with returning actors Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters joining newcomers Joseph Fiennes and James Cromwell – ‘American Horror Story’ will take place in an asylum this time. While the first season was a muddled mess, despite myself, I’m intrigued by the premise of the second season. October (No date has been announced yet)

The Big Bang Theory – Fleshing out the three females on this show was the best idea the writers ever had. Sept. 27

Blue Bloods – It’s nice to have a police show that’s not a straight procedural on CBS. Plus, Tom Selleck has aged incredibly well (and it’s nice to have something to watch on Friday nights). Sept. 28

Bones – This is another case of a baby ruining a television show. Sept. 17

Castle – I love Nathan Fillion – and yet I can’t get into this show. Sept. 24

Criminal Minds – I’m one of the few people that didn’t like Prentiss so I’m looking forward to the season. Sept. 26

CSI – Someone please put this show out of its misery. Sept. 26

Dexter – It might be time to let this one go, too. It’s been quality television for years, but last season was a letdown. Please don’t let this quality entertainment limp to the finish line. Sept. 30

Fringe – Fox made a lot of fanboys happy by giving this one a final season. Sept. 28

Glee – This is the most annoying show on television. Sept. 13

The Good Wife – This has one of the best casts in prime time – and it’s compelling. Sept. 30

Gossip Girl – Another show going into its final season. Honestly, all I care about anymore is Chuck and Blair. As long as they get their happy ending, I’m good. Oct. 8

Grey’s Anatomy – Lexie is dead, Mark is on his way out and it’s being strongly hinted Arizona might be dying too. The funny thing is, I can’t muster the energy to care. I’m down to caring about three characters – Alex, Christina, Owen. Sept. 27

Happy Endings – A show that turned out funnier than anyone thought it would. Oct. 24

Hart of Dixie – One of the surprise pickups for the CW. Oct. 2.

Hawaii Five-0 – This show is good enough to excel – without the gimmick of a back-from-the-dead mother. Sept. 24

Homeland – The best new show of last year. Sept. 30

How I Met Your Mother – When you’ve got characters actually trying to figure out how they’re going to drink with a baby – you know it’s time to put a show out of its misery. Sept. 24

Law & Order: SVU – The finale last year was compelling. The series is still tired. Sept. 26

The Mentalist – Still not as good as Psych. Sept. 30

Mike and Molly -- Melissa McCarthy could read the phone book and still be funny. Sept. 24
Modern Family --  The contract negotiations have kind of turned me off this show. Sept. 26

NCIS – Another procedural CBS should consider putting out to pasture. Sept. 25

NCIS: LA – I just like that they had the Highlander as a villain. Sept. 25

New Girl – One of Fox’s few bright spots last year. Sept. 25

Nikita – Another surprise pick up from the CW. Oct. 19

The Office – This show stopped being funny two years ago. Sept. 20

Once Upon a Time – One of the few new network shows worth checking out last season. Can’t wait to see the uncomfortable family reunion between Emma and her parents. Sept. 30.

Parenthood – This is probably the last season of NBC’s best show. Sept. 11

Parks and Recreation – This show deserves more attention. Sept. 20

Person of Interest – Jim Caviezel makes a lot of the twinks on the CW look interesting. Michael Emerson is always awesome, though. Sept. 27

Private Practice – Kate Walsh is leaving after half a season – and yet ABC won’t admit this is the end for the show. Let them have a solid final season – including a happy ending for Pete and Violet and Addison and Sam. Is that too much to ask? Sept. 25

Revenge – This little ABC show that could proved that the prime time soap isn’t dead. Sept. 30

Scandal – Another boring Shonda Rhimes show. Sept. 27

Sons of Anarchy – One of the best cable shows that never gets any love. Sept. 11

Suburgatory – One of the funnier sitcoms in recent years. Oct. 17

Supernatural – This is the CW’s best show – and yet it’s way past its prime. Oct. 3

The Vampire Diaries – It’s vapid – but it’s still better than Twilight. Oct. 11

The Walking Dead – My favorite show on television returns for what looks to be an intriguing season three that features the prison arc and the return of Merle. Oct. 14

What do you think? What show are you looking forward to the most?


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