Sunday, August 19, 2012

Five things True Blood needs to do in final two episodes

HBO’s ‘True Blood’ is starting to show its age.

With only two episodes left in the sixth season – things are starting to seem a little tired.

Still, the show has done more right in this season than it has done wrong.

Sure, the cast is far too big and the religious fervor story with the vampire Authority feels a little too heavy handed.

Still, ‘True Blood’ returned to its roots this year and limited the fairy storytelling and embraced what made it great to begin with – vampires.

In the grand scheme of things, the two main storylines of ‘True Blood’ have worked this season.

The bromance between Eric and Bill was both entertaining and timely. Sure, I’m a little squicked out by Bill’s ready acceptance of Lilith as some savior – but you have to build drama some way.

The second story, Sookie and Jason’s quest to find out what happened to their parents has been a little more heartfelt.

It’s been great to see Sookie and Jason spending quality time together. I know it stems as much from Anna Paquin’s real life pregnancy – she can’t exactly get naked like she usually does, the woman is carrying twins after all – but it’s not only welcome but realistic.

A lot of people have been complaining about ‘True Blood’ (I think most are Sookie and Eric fans, but I digress) saying that it’s lost its way.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but this season is a marked improvement over last season for me.

And, quite frankly, last week’s Hoyt goodbye was some of the best material the show has done since its first season. While I’m sad to see Hoyt go – the send-off they gave him was outstanding.

Not only was I riveted while watching Jessica glamour Hoyt so he wouldn’t remember her or his best friend Jason – or what they did to him – but I found myself getting a little misty as Jason stopped Hoyt as he was leaving town to say goodbye.

Ryan Kwanten doesn’t get enough credit for making the dimwitted Jason so lovable. Sure, he’s funny when he’s stupid – but he was also moving as he broke down in Sookie’s arms in the truck after saying goodbye to Hoyt. Those are the types of scenes we want to see more of on ‘True Blood.’

So, what will the final two episodes of the season offer?

It looks like Jason and Jessica will be spending some time together – and Russell Edgington (with his new boy toy Steve Newlin) will be tapping the young deputy to help him find the fairies.

It also looks like Tara – who has been separated from her friends and family for the bulk of the season – is going to be reintroduced to the fold before it’s all said and done.

Here’s what I want to see happen in the final two episodes:

* Terry and Arlene need to be pushed to the background: I know they’re not the most important couple on the show, but I’m sick of them. If they were occasional guest characters I could probably tolerate it. Instead, they had the worst story of the season foisted on them when the Balrog started hunting down Army vets. Here’s a tip, we don’t care. I know the showrunners like the actors so they want to give them something to do, but the ‘True Blood’ cast is too big. Start your cutting here.

* Tara needs to make up with Lafayette and Sookie: I know Tara has always been a whiner, but becoming a vampire was the best thing that could have happened to her. Not only does she look better than she ever has, she’s actually found a place where she fits in. Tara’s whole story history has been about her feeling like an outcast. Not only has Pam accepted her and tried to help her – but Tara has become comfortable in her new lifestyle. I know she’s still mad about Lafayette and Sookie making the decision to turn her into a vampire instead of letting her die – but it’s time to get over it. They did the only thing they knew to do in the situation. Tara should probably be grateful.

* Jason and Jessica need to get it on – again: I was against this relationship in the beginning – mostly because I was a Hoyt and Jessica fan. Hoyt is gone now, though. And, loathe as I am to admit it, Jessica and Jason have a sweet chemistry that can’t be denied. They’re pretty dedicated to each other. I think it’s time to reward fans with a love story built around just the two of them.

* Sam and Alcide need to take over the pack: I’m over werewolves getting high on V (vampire blood). That storyline started in season three. It’s season six. Let it go. I’m interested in the pack – especially since I know how political things can get from the books. This season, though, Alcide went from panting after Sookie to deciding to take over the pack in record time. Sam is running around trying to find his girlfriend’s daughter (who is running his bar, by the way?) and – as the two main shifters on the show – they haven’t had nearly enough scenes together this year. The show (wisely) dropped that whole white trash werepanther story from last year – but they should flesh out the werewolf story. It’s got quite a few holes in it as it stands now – but it can be salvaged.

* Sookie needs to make a choice between Eric and Bill: Personally, if I were in Sookie’s shoes, I’d be all over Alcide. That doesn’t seem to be in the cards, though. Even though she’s been without a love interest all season (also due to her real life pregnancy, I’m sure) I think it’s time for her to make a choice between the two. Eric and Bill have only seen Sookie once all season – but she’s still foremost on both of their minds. While book Sookie is with Eric, I have a feeling (mostly because of Paquin’s real life relationship with Stephen Moyer) that Sookie and Bill will be end game on the show. Let’s let them have a little happiness shall we?

Finally, even though I’ve enjoyed this season of ‘True Blood,’ I think next season should be its last.

Give it a grand finale. Let everyone wrap up their storylines. Then, move on.

If ‘True Blood’ lingers much longer it’s going to become laughable.

What do you think? What do you want to see in the final two episodes of the season of ‘True Blood’?


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