Tuesday, April 1, 2014

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Happy Anniversary! We just gutted the Quartermaines . . . Again!

General Hospital celebrated its 51st birthday Tuesday by slapping all of its fans in the face. With a baseball bat.

Head writer Ron Carlivati kept touting the greatness of the anniversary episode – while forgetting to mention it was a big middle finger salute to longtime fans.

He kept talking about flashbacks. Not from the rich history of GH, though, but from the toxic relationship that toppled GH’s ratings: Carly and Sonny.

So, in the episode where Monica is dealing with the death of her fourth (and last) child (yes, I know, Jason is actually a thugsicle somewhere and not really dead) we spent the bulk of the episode watching Maurice Benard’s Sonny act with three different actresses – all playing the same character. The flashbacks were all of Sonny and Carly – the couple that (literally) dragged GH’s ratings to the basement.

GH welcomed back Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun to share Carly duties (for the day) with Laura Wright
so they could show a bevy of Carly and Sonny clips. This was all part of the grand story, where Carly informs Sonny she knows he shot (and killed) A.J.

The flashbacks were meant to be a way for Sonny to convince Carly not to tell anyone what he’s done. He reminded viewers that AJ “killed” his unborn child with Carly. That’s not true, by the way, Carly fell from the stairs. It’s not like AJ pushed her. Then we had to watch Carly find out that Michael was “dead” – when AJ had really kidnapped him – and that’s what convinced her it was totally fine that Sonny shot AJ in cold blood.

Where were all the flashbacks of what Carly and Sonny did to AJ? Why not show the scene of SB’s Carly as she dumped liquor on AJ in an alley to convince him he’d fallen off the wagon? Why not show scenes of Carly lying about who Michael’s father was (time and time again)? Why not show Sonny hanging AJ up on a meat hook to make him sign away his parental rights on Michael?

Instead, we got treated to another round of kick A.J.

Sure, it was a nice touch that GH brought Natalia Livingston back to usher AJ to Heaven – and we got body
doubles that looked like Lila, Edward and Alan watching, too. Couldn’t they get Stuart  Damon back? I know the actor has been having health issues, but if the issue was money – they could have taken everything they gave the two visiting Carlys and given it to him – which would have made fans so much happier.

In the final story of the day, RC dusted off Felicia, Mac, Scotty, Bobby, Lucy and Kevin for their monthly appearance – even though they had very little to do.

RC claims he loves GH history – and yet he keeps trashing it. That doesn’t sound like love to me.

So, thank you RC, you gutted the Quartermaines (again) – and yet you still wonder why fans are ticked.

What do you think? Was this an unhappy GH anniversary?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so true so true
i thought ron (the savior of gh according to soap magazine - not) was going to revitize the quartermaines when he first joined the show that what he said

if that revitalization i would not want to see what butchering looks like

the only left is monica and even monica wanted to go today and was saying why are they all dead

and i kept saying 1 word ron

and aj and emily convinced her to stay by saying tracey would take over her house who cares about the house only one living their is who tracey pevert luke alice is she still alive after thinking what ron could write for me if i were monica i would said wait for me maybe their better writer in heaven monica will never be seen and the fact that tracey has a son and monica has none will be shoved down monica face who wants a story like that what is anniversary 52 going to be like thugicle blows up the quatermaine house and kills the remaining quartermaines as they gather in the house for a party

April 1, 2014 at 8:00 PM 
Blogger Thomas Conway said...

So besides the ump on AJ, what was up with Noah dating Annie Logan reference by Bobbi. Does that mean we will see her back in Port Charles permanently again?

April 2, 2014 at 9:07 AM 
Blogger Tams said...

I said it on YT & I'll say it here: the writing regime has been consistent in 2 things & that is making AJ & Lucky GH's whipping boys. I don't like it nor do I understand it.

April 4, 2014 at 10:37 PM 

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