Thursday, March 20, 2014

GENERAL HOSPITAL: AJ Quartermaine -- the sacrificial lamb

AJ Quartermaine is on his way out. Again.

I am ticked off. Again.

No, ticked off is too light of a word. I am flat-out furious.

General Hospital writer Ron Carlivati promised viewers (about a year ago) that AJ’s return would be the start of the “revitalization” of the Quartermaines.

In that time we’ve seen AJ and Tracy grapple for control of ELQ by trying to concoct the perfect relish recipe and . . . nothing.

Well, I guess that’s not exactly true, we’ve also seen AJ hit the bottle. Again.

AJ Quartermaine is one of those characters that has no end of potential stories to tell. So how did RC run out of story? How did he go back to the same well?

Sean Kanan announced that his time on GH was coming to an end and that he would be returning to the Bold & The Beautiful (the worst written show on the air) because he wanted a love story and better writing.

Someone should check RC’s head for a concussion – because that was a massive slap in the face from the actor to the writer.

It’s also true.

RC had a potential goldmine in front of him when AJ returned. I mean, he was Michael’s father, he was
having some pretty righteous hate sex with Carly, he had a sweet relationship budding with Elizabeth, he had office hijinks with Tracy and he had his ongoing feud with Sonny. That was all built into the character. How much more do you want?

Instead, AJ kept dropping to the floor with panic attacks, he got one romp with Elizabeth before she started pining over Nikolas (her worst pairing ever) again, Carly moved out of his orbit to prop the serial killer with a brain tumor and AJ then went to jail (offscreen) for months for possibly killing Connie.

Wow, RC, you’re right. That really did revitalize the Quartermaines.

Now, AJ is in a coma after Sonny shot him, and Ava is trying to unplug him every chance she gets. So Sonny gets to ruin AJ’s life. Again.

I realize that RC is a plot-driven writer and he cares nothing about character but, come on. Fans are willing
to settle for scraps at this point and RC has tossed us out into the desert where we have to watch him prop his favorite characters while ours wither and die.

At some point, RC is going to have to learn that we don’t appreciate our favorite characters being decimated. I would have thought he learned his lesson when he sacrificed Marty on the altar of Natalie on One Life to Live. Unfortunately, he did almost the same thing when he sacrificed Robin on the altar of Sabrina.

Now, AJ is being sacrificed on the dual altars of Ava and Sonny (who are destined to hit the sheets soon to really gross me out).

So, RC, you failed again. Which beloved vet are you going to ruin next?

What do you think? Are you angry about Kanan’s departure?


Blogger tori said...

Hell yes I'm mad,RC has got to go! Great actors such as Tristan Rogers and Genie Francis are also gone because of lack of good writing. There's more newbies being brought to GH every day. So sad yet it is continuing to be allowed until their will be no vets etc. left! :(

March 23, 2014 at 5:02 PM 
Blogger LonelyAish said...

I was so F'N mad because I've been watching this show since I was 7 years old, and I will be 28 next month. He was one of the characters I grew up watching and I remember the episode when he ran the car into the tree that caused Jason's memory loss. To be honest I could write better stories on the crapper and I have actually. I could see so much potential for AJ like he could have revitalized the Q's since Michael is the only Q on air that is the youngest one there. The other Q's it seems like they don't exist anymore. I was hoping he and Liz would get together (tired of seeing her with Nik) she'd produce the next heir and it would be pretty much in the bag. I wanted him to be the changed man he claimed to be when he first came back and I wanted to see Michael get to know him better and hoped that would help him return to the Quartermaine fold. If the Sonny and Ava thing is going to happen I will be beyond grossed out, she can just die already I'm tired of her.

March 23, 2014 at 6:45 PM 
Blogger patsy trantham said...

Hate what has happened to AJ. SK is too good an actor to have been placed in goofy plots. Little rotten kids are given more air time. Something has to give with RC. Maybe he is too sure of himself, thinks his storylines are the greatest. I am beginning to lose interest.

March 24, 2014 at 6:03 AM 
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