Thursday, February 27, 2014

GENERAL HOSPITAL: The Port Charles conundrum

If you’ve been watching General Hospital as long as I have, it’s fair to say that threats to out and out quit watching the show are often empty.

As angry as I am about certain things on the soap right now – and I am angry – I’m not going to
entirely give up on the show.

That being said, I have already cut down on what I’m watching – and Robin hasn’t even left yet.

I would never stop watching just because Robin is leaving. I’m not going to lie, I am irritated at the way Robin is being written out and I am infuriated that the writers have found a way to prop Jason from the great beyond.

I have made no secret of the fact that I think the best thing Ron Carlivati did when he took over writing GH was to kill off Jason. Many fans had fled Port Charles over mob fatigue – and Jason was a big reason for that.

I am sure that somewhere, down the line, we’re going to get a Jason recast. I don’t think that’s happening any time soon – but if GH lasts for a few more years, it will definitely happen at some point.

What angers me most about Robin’s exit, though, is that it makes her look like a bad mother. I have no problem with Robin walking out on Patrick. I was over Patrick the minute he had to “think about” who he belonged with – even though we had been shown just the opposite on screen. Robin would never voluntarily leave Emma – not even for Saint Jason of the Docks.

Robin’s exit is far from my only problem, though.

I mean, what has happened to Carly? I don’t care how you’ve retconned Franco’s past. He’s still the man that arranged Michael’s rape and kidnapped Josslyn – that’s on top of the fact that he tried to blow up Lulu and he terrorized Jason. Carly would never get within 100 feet of this guy’s bed, and yet she’s sitting there mooning over him anyway.

It’s insulting.

I’m used to Carly being a hypocrite. Today, for example, she said she didn’t like Robin because she
didn’t stay out of other people’s business and then invaded Robin and Patrick’s business two minutes later. Carly never stayed out of anyone’s business – let alone Robin’s – so listening to her lambast Robin was hilarious.

All that being said, Carly would never betray Jason or her son by hooking up with Franco. She just wouldn’t do it.

What else is bugging me? Well, how about the fact that Julian is supposed to be a big, bad mob boss and he’s spending all his time tattling to the cops? Is that supposed to give him legitimacy?

How about how Ava is supposed to be a murderous adult and she’s moony over a teenager?

How about Michael and Kiki are all over the place with no sustaining story?

How about how Liz’s whole story seems to be about stalking Nikolas and looking desperate when it comes to Britt? I mean, I’m sorry, I’m never going to root for Liz and Nikolas because it’s a betrayal to both Emily and Lucky. That’s just how I am on this coupling. How about we give Liz and Patrick a chance for a real, adult romance? I’m totally behind that.

I’m also already hating Ric’s return. I love Rick Hearst, but I can already see he’s going to be sacrificed on the altar of Sonny and I can’t stand it. How about a realistic love triangle with Ric, Alexis and Julian? How about that?
Finally, I’m sorry, but Molly is so immature that believing she’s ready for sex is almost laughable.
I’m not a prude. I know teens have sex and I have no problem with it. Molly acts 12, though, not 15 and she’s nowhere near ready to have sex with TJ (who looks like he’s in his twenties). It’s just uncomfortable. And, if the writers go where I fear they’re going, they’re going to somehow make Ric balk because TJ is black – and that’s just insulting on so many levels it’s not even funny.

GH has a lot going for it – and most of that is wrapped around the vets.

It has a lot of problems, too.

I’m not going to quit watching the show. I would never threaten that. I am DVRing all the episodes during the week, though, and watching most episodes on fast-forward. I can currently get an entire episode crammed into fifteen minutes without missing anything I care about.

And that, my friends, is a sad commentary on the current state of the soap.

What do you think? Are you struggling with GH right now?


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