Friday, January 31, 2014

Batman vs. Superman casting continues to get worse (and worse)

If casting is any indication, 2016’s Batman vs. Superman movie is going to be a colossal mess.

We’re talking a bomb of epic proportions here.

We’re talking Gigli bad, the Lone Ranger bad, (shudder) Howard the Duck bad.

An argument can be made about the legitimacy of Henry Cavill as Superman – even though this will be his second time in the role. All I can say about Cavill is that he’s better than Brandon Routh – so he’s not the absolutely worst person they could have cast. I’m not a particular fan of last year’s Superman revamp – but Cavill was the least of my problems with that movie.

A few months ago, the world of geeks everywhere was shaken to the core when it was announced that Batman would now be played by Ben Affleck. Fans across the world revolted – and in really whiny and obnoxious ways.

Personally, I am not an Affleck hater. I think he’s actually a good actor and he’s a great director. I’ve enjoyed all his performances in Kevin Smith films, I still cry in guilty pleasure Armageddon when he’s saying goodbye to Bruce Willis and his turn as real life Superman portrayer George Reeves was stellar. He is not Batman, though.

Did the people in charge of casting this flick even see Daredevil?

I’ve always been a Batman fan more than a Superman fan – although, at my heart – I’m really an Incredible Hulk fan. That’s an entirely different franchise, though – one that was cast a whole lot better, in my opinion.

I remember seeing 1989's Batman in theaters and being blown away. Sure, I was 14, but I absolutely loved that movie. I was a fan of the follow-up, Batman Returns, as well – even though it was darker (and a whole lot weirder). When Val Kilmer stepped into the rubber suit I wasn’t exactly thrilled, but since I had a crush on Chris O’Donnell at the time, I still liked Batman Forever.

Even I can’t find anything redeemable about Batman and Robin so let’s just forget that film even exists. Although, that movie is an example of George Clooney being a great actor but being horribly miscast – much like Affleck.
When the series was rebooted several years ago, I thought Christian Bale was a solid choice for the role. I think he did a pretty good job, even though he was ridiculously moody (and Bale’s offscreen antics wear me out sometimes). I think the problems with the final Dark Knight movie had nothing to do with Bale and everything to do with plot contrivances and a weak villain.

So, in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think I’m unnecessarily harsh or rigid when it comes to Batman movies. I still think Affleck is the absolute worst choice out there for that role, though.
That’s a funny statement from me, since I would rather have 10 Afflecks in the film than one Gal Gadot.

I’m not going to lie, the only thing I have seen Gadot in is the Fast and Furious flicks – which are a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s been years since Wonder Woman was on any type of screen in the flesh, though, so why the casting director picked Gadot – a walking twig with the charisma of a Q-tip (one that’s already been used to remove wax from your ear) – is beyond me.

Seriously, Gadot made the muscle-bound meatheads of the Fast and Furious movies – we’re talking Vin Diesel and The Rock here – look like Oscar-winning thespians she was so bad.

I didn’t think the movie could get any worse. Then came word they were pushing back the release
date by a year. To me, that’s pretty much admitting the movie might be in trouble.

Then, today, another casting jewel dropped. They’ve cast Lex Luthor. It’s Jesse Eisenberg. Who? Yeah, the guy from The Social Network and Zombieland. A talented actor, for sure, but one that is far too young – and without the gravitas – to play Lex Luthor.

It’s like the casting director for Batman vs. Superman is just sitting around at his desk wondering who he can cast in a role to really tick people off. How about Justin Bieber as Robin? Miley Cyrus as Catwoman? Lindsay Lohan as Harley Quinn? Gary Busey as Two-Face? Tara Reid as Vicki Vale? That sounds about as good as what’s already been done here.

I honestly don’t know what the filmmakers have in mind for this movie – but I’m starting to think I’ll be waiting for it to come out on Blu-Ray to find out. Frankly, this doesn’t sound like “must see” casting to me.

What do you think? Exactly how bad is this movie going to be?


Blogger Sarah said...

Um, won't know until the movie comes out? I recall back before Dark Knight when EVERYONE and their mama was saying "Oh, Heath Ledger?! Brokeback Mtn guy?! Casanova?!?!?! That's who's "replacing" Jack Nicholson?! The outrage!" And look how that turned out. Don't judge a comic book movie by casting alone. Also, Ben Affleck wasn't the problem with Daredevil, the problem with Daredevil was multiple cartoonish villains, a sort of lazy plot, and the fact that Daredevil isn't a very exciting superhero. Blind guy that can hear really well is more along the lines of a heartwarming drama then an exciting action movie.

January 31, 2014 at 5:03 PM 
Blogger Voyager1270 said...

I actually think that this is going to be a GREAT movie!!!! Everybody needs to get off Dick Donners classic Superman movie!!! There is no comparison back then Supes movie was G-rated spectacle and it worked for our generation (Im 43) but it would not work give Mr. Snyder a break, he is a shooter and has great vison and from what I have read, he is a collaborator and having Oscar caliber actors and director sure helps all this nonsense that is going on......

Man of Steel 2: Justice Arises

January 31, 2014 at 5:29 PM 
Blogger Ronald Briones said...

Im on with cavil and have super faith in affleck. Gadot well, im not that bummed. Im amped for jeremy irons playing alfred tho. Alfred is one of my fav characters. But that zombieland guy? Idk thats just odd as fuck. As for your reasons for not likinb everyone else is plain not fair

January 31, 2014 at 7:32 PM 
Blogger J Crook said...

Eisenberg and Ca ill are the same age. So the argument that Eisenberg is too young makes no sense. I think Gadot will make an excellent WW and I am personally an extreme Superman hater. He's a punk, who (with or without his powers) can't fight and for all his strength is constantly getting beat up and knocked threw buildings. And with that said MOS was the first Superman production that I truly enjoyed and I can't wait for BvsS

January 31, 2014 at 8:31 PM 
Blogger Mr.Robles said...

This movie is chalk full of academy award winners, and nominees. The script is. Being polished my Argo writer Chris terrio, after goyer. I have faith in Snyder, you do understand that lex has many different variations, like Wonder Woman. I personally would've love a Gina carono type of body, but hey, we will see, gadot is bulking

February 1, 2014 at 10:50 AM 

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