Wednesday, March 5, 2014

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Robin’s (really long) goodbye

As a Robin fan, I’m not exactly thrilled with her departure from Port Charles.

Big shocker there, I know.

Still, there were a number of different ways for Robin to exit the canvas that weren’t also tantamount to character assassination.

Robin was held captive for two years. Maybe she was having trouble with her HIV meds and had to go to a clinic in Europe for treatment? Then, even though she was off screen, Patrick and Emma could mention visiting her there.

Or, Robin’s parents are spies. Maybe she had to go somewhere to help Robert or her godfather, Frisco. Maybe Sean Donnelly needed help with his polonium treatments? He was her godfather, too, don’t forget.

Or, if he wanted to go for maximum drama, maybe Robin should have told Patrick to “stick it” when
he said he had to think about his decision about whether or not he wanted to be with her or Sabrina.

Personally, if I were Robin, I would have told him to go to Sabrina and taken Emma and ran at that moment. It was so out of character for Patrick, a man that had been pining for his dead wife for two years, that it was insulting to viewers to sit there and actually watch him struggle with a decision between his soulmate and the babysitter.

The man was looking for his dead wife an hour before he was going to marry another woman, for crying out loud.

As you can tell, as a longtime viewer, I’m still insulted by the whole thing.

Robin and Patrick could have easily split up without making Robin a bad mother. As it stands now, though, she joins a long list of deadbeat parents that include her own parents, Lucky Spencer, Frisco Jones, Felicia Jones, etc.

Why couldn’t Ron Carlivati just have Robin and Emma visiting off canvas? Is that so hard to do?
Instead, we were treated to Robin leaving her family – mere months after reuniting with them – to save Saint Jason of the Docks, the patron killer of mob foes everywhere. Really? Will Robin propping Jason ever end?

On a side note, though, anyone else want to die laughing when Robin approached the frozen receptacle that supposedly housed Saint Jason’s earthly remains? That was inadvertent soap comedy at its finest.

Personally, I know people online are buzzing about a possible recast for Jason, but I don’t see that
happening any time soon. This is just a tease. Robin is going to be working on resurrecting Helena and Stavros first – off screen. I don’t think we’re looking at a Jason recast in the near future. To be fair, though, he’s not really needed right now.

Back to Robin’s goodbye parade, though. I can’t help but feel Robin’s departure feels rushed (despite her saying goodbye to everyone multiple times) because so much of her early return was spent lounging around Spoon Island with super villains and acting like an idiot. Boy did Carlivati screw that one up.

So, as it stands, Robin is gone again and Patrick is left an emotional wreck. Again.

I see some Sabrina fans clamoring for her to reunite with Patrick and I’m all for that. I have not hated a character as much as I hate Sabrina since Courtney (and Lily before her). I think Sabrina deserves a man that will never pick her as first choice and made out with another woman at his wedding to her. She’s the perfect character to end up second choice, because she’s always been fine acting as a walking doormat for Patrick as it is.

The simple truth is, Robin will return to GH. Whether it’s to usher Patrick off the canvas when Jason Thompson is finally ready to leave or whether it’s when General Hospital is finally cancelled, it is going to happen. So all the complaints about a “revolving door” kind of fall on deaf ears where I’m concerned.  Kimberly McCullough’s return boosted GH’s ratings to the highest level in years. I’m always going to welcome Robin back.

It’s her current departure that has me fuming.

What do you think? Are you a fan of how they wrote out Robin this time?


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