Friday, November 22, 2013

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Anyone else ready to get off the roller-coaster?

General Hospital has been a nonstop series of peaks and valleys for the past two months.

Peak: Robin is alive.

Valley: Morgan is sleeping with his wife’s mom.

Peak: Robert wakes up from his coma.

Valley: Sonny is writing off one of his children (and throwing bar ware and innocent walls -- again).

Peak: Sam and Silas are doing some cute flirting.

Valley: Sabrina’s Disney princess schtick just gets worse and worse.

Peak: Britt and Nik have off-the-wall chemistry.

Valley: Lulu and Maxie are tearing each other apart in court.

What am I saying?

I’m not saying I’m not enjoying the ride – but parts of it are starting to make me queasy.

The ratings are up on GH, and we should all be celebrating it. That doesn’t mean everything is perfect, though.

What are my top five concerns:

Franco and Carly’s Blahmance: Am I seriously supposed to believe that Carly – a woman that has
held grudges for much less (much, much less) – is over Franco threatening Jason and Sam, stealing Aidan, having Michael raped in prison (I don’t care how you retcon it) and terrorizing her daughter? Because if you want me to believe that, I’m also going to have to believe that she’s had a brain transplant. The Carly we all know and love (or loathe, doesn’t matter) would never give Franco the time of day. The only time she would grace him with her presence is to douse him with gasoline and start him on fire. Sure, I love Roger Howarth. That doesn’t mean, no matter how you try to spin it, that I’m going to tolerate Franco. I’m never going to embrace the character. I don’t care what the writers do or say. He’s the devil – and not in a fun way like Jerry or Faison.

Shrewlu and her constant wail: Lulu used to be my favorite heroine. Then, when Julie Marie Berman left, so did my love of Lulu. I have nothing against Emme Rylan. She’s a fine actress and a fine person. She is not Lulu, though. She doesn’t have Lulu’s spark. That twinkle in the eye that she always had. That fiery passion with Dante. This Lulu is not Lulu – and a lot of the fault lies with the writing. Somewhere along the way, Ron Carlivati decided to sacrifice Lulu to try and make what Maxie was doing palatable. That doesn’t exactly seem fair to the character – but what’s done is done. I cannot stand what happened last week in that courtroom. Blaming Maxie for Robin’s death was unbelievable. On the flip side, Maxie outing Lulu on the Logan front was just as unforgiveable. I know we’re supposed to be drawn in by the drama – but I’m just turned off by it.

AJ and his rippers: The AJ story has been handled so poorly, I’m not sure it can be saved anymore.
AJ and Liz have a cute chemistry, but it’s all but fizzled out because AJ has been missing for months and he’s being served up as the main course on the Sonny altar. Again. I think that just about everyone suspected that Ava Jerome was the AJ Connie wrote in blood as she was dying since the day it happened. To just be addressing this now is lazy. I love to hate Ava – but her dalliance with Morgan creeps me out (he's imagining her daughter -- that's just gross) and I’m more than ready to bid the character adieu so we can see more of AJ.

Julian’s grand reveal and then  . . . nothing: Plotting on this show is so off that I could do an entire blog (and then some) on it but, come on. Julian’s revelation was set up as a big story. We got it and then . . . nothing. No more interaction with Alexis and Sam. No more plotting against Sonny. No big revelation about Lucas. Nothing. Can the writers please trim the cast – and by that, I mean cut the dead weight (not more vets) and plot this show a little better. Robin’s return has been lagging – this is on the heels of the AJ court case – and now we’re going to have Julian’s story start lagging. Buy a clue and get rid of the characters everyone hates. It’s not that hard.

Sabrina’s princess propping: It’s no surprise I hate this character. I do. I loathe her. The thing I’m
looking most forward to is Robin going all Dwayne Wayne on that wedding and Sabrina being left at the altar in tears while Robin reclaims her family. I just know it won’t end there. Sabrina is one of the biggest story hogs on this show, and I’m beyond being able to stomach it. Patrick has been poked and prodded by every character on the show to walk down the aisle with Sabrina – which makes me hate Sabrina. Between her constantly whining “Carrrrrrrrrrrrlos” and her constantly looking at Patrick with dreamy eyes and no self-awareness, I’m about ready to explode. If I do, I hope I take this grating character with me.

What do you think? What’s got you most worried on GH right now?


Blogger imfunnytoo said...

I loathe Franco and Sabrina, so it worries me that in 2014 they are really going to eat the show. I have also had more than enough of Heather. Someone needs to put polonium in a BLT and be done with her. Ava makes me tired too, although I know some folks love her.

November 25, 2013 at 7:52 AM 

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