Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Walking Dead returns for fourth season Sunday

It’s hard to believe that people were worried about the long-term creativity of The Walking Dead after the second season.

I was one of the few fans that didn’t mind the slower pace on the farm – but I understand, I was in the minority.

So, when the third season premiered last year, everyone was curious what would happen.

The last think you can call the third season of The Walking Dead is slow.

In short order, our favorite zombie apocalypse survivors cleared out an overrun prison, killed a few of the not-so-dead residents that still remained, lost Lori and T-Dog to biters, started a war with a local zealot that called himself the Governor, found themselves with a baby to deal with, and fought several excursions with the denizens of Woodbury.

By the time the season ended, Andrea and Merle had joined the ranks of the dead and the survivors of Woodbury had pulled up stakes and were moving into the prison.

When we rejoin our heroes for the fourth season Sunday night, there’s a lot at stake.
First off? Rick is no longer leader. He’s just one of the men trying to make a difference in a co-op
living environment. He’s learning how to farm from Hershel and trying to make sure his son doesn’t become a sociopath in a world that is no longer civilized.

And, since this is an uncivilized world, the survivors have a few things to grapple with besides the hordes of zombies that still roam the streets. This includes a natural shortage of food – and a pandemic fever that is ravaging the survivors being housed at the prison.

The Walking Dead is more than a survival story. At its core, it’s a story about people.

The smartest thing that showrunners have done is break from cannon. They treat the show as a different entity from the source comics. This infuriates comic readers – but also keeps the show unpredictable.

For example, show favorite Daryl doesn’t even exist in the comics – while last season’s final casualty Andrea is still alive (and some of the living on the show are now dead, etc.) and knocking boots with Rick on occasion.

The Walking Dead is one of my current favorite television shows – and it’s not just because I love the horror genre as a whole. The Walking Dead is one of those rare television shows that has everything: A great cast, a great story, a great mythology and a lot of guts.

The only thing on The Walking Dead you can be sure about is that no one is safe. I’m sure this season is going to see a lot more deaths (Beth has had fodder written on her since she was introduced) and a lot more mayhem.

Even though David Morrissey (the Governor) has another AMC show, it’s rumored he’ll be doing
double duty. After he murdered Andrea last season, I have no doubt Michonne will be out for blood – and Maggie and Glenn probably still want to help her.

As it stands now, The Walking Dead is the one show I’m looking forward to above all others this season.

In other words: Don’t bug me Sunday night – and that includes for the hour after the show because I’ll be watching the Talking Dead afterwards.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the return of The Walking Dead?


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