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GENERAL HOSPITAL: The Scorpios are coming! The Scorpios are coming!

It looks like the Scorpios are returning to Port Charles with a bang this week – and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve made no secret of my Scorpio family love – and the fact that Tristan Rogers and onscreen daughter Kimberly McCullough are both set to make their triumphant returns is the best news to hit Port Charles in recent memory.

I was worried for a little while that Robert Scorpio wasn’t going to return for the big Robin reveal. For those that don’t remember, Robert discovered his daughter was alive months (and months) ago and was then injected with a powerful drug that left him comatose before he could tell anyone.

If spoilers are to be believed (which is always a mixed bag) Robert is set to wake up Friday (although we’re supposedly going to see Robin on our screens before then). When Robert first wakes up – with both Mac and Anna at his side – reports are saying he doesn’t remember seeing Robin. It’s not long, though, before he announces to the rest of his family that he does indeed remember the minutes before he was incapacitated – and his beloved Robin was there with him.

That’s supposed to kick off an umbrella story that has Anna and Robert searching for their daughter.

For her part, Robin has been shuffled from one mad person to another. First Faison had her. Then Dr. Obrecht. Now Jerry Jacks. Apparently, our hero Robin is the one keeping Jerry alive and working on a cure for his poisoning.

That cure, not coincidentally, can also save Sean and Luke.

This past Friday, a hallucinating Luke though he saw Helena Cassadine. I believe he’s also going to get a gander at Robin this week – but, since he’s sick, not realize that she is actually alive. My guess is, when he trades notes with Robert, they’re going to combine their considerable resources to not only find Robert’s daughter – but a cure for Luke (and Sean) as well.

While all this is going on, Dr. Obrecht is set to kidnap her “grandchild” and bring it to Robin to taunt her. Apparently Jerry has been telling Robin little tidbits of the truth here and there – and when Ben is brought to Robin she is going to believe it’s Patrick’s baby.

Most fans actually believe that baby is Lulu and Dante’s – but that’s a whole other story.

The Ben kidnapping brings Britt and Nikolas into the story. With Nikolas joining the fray, I’m betting we get a few more Cassadine tidbits. One rumor has Stefan being resurrected, which I’m actually mixed on. I love the character of Stefan, but the GH canvas is so bloated right now it’s draining all the momentum out of the show. They need to be cutting some characters, not adding them.

Back to Nikolas, though. Nikolas and Robin have a long history together, so I would like him involved with her rescue.

While all this is going on, though, the one person that doesn’t look to be involved in Robin’s rescue is Patrick. Now, don’t get me wrong, I used to love Patrick – but I’m fairly irritated with him right now. Apparently Patrick is going to be playing high school relationship with Sabrina and Carrrrrrrrrlos (what’s with Sabrina’s sudden accent?) while the big Robin rescue is transpiring.

Then, I have no doubt, that Robin will be reintroduced to Patrick with as much drama as possible.
Personally, I can’t wait to see Robin kick Sabrina in the head – but I know that’s a long way off
Here’s my question: If Anna knows that Robin is alive and she goes off to find her daughter, why doesn’t she at least give Patrick a heads up at what’s going on? I know she doesn’t want to get his hopes up if it’s not true, but isn’t it worse to just spring Robin on Patrick and Emma? I’m not advocating telling Emma, she’s a small child, but shouldn’t Patrick get a chance to get his house in order before Robin is unveiled in what I’m sure will be a very public way?

I have no doubt that Patrick and Robin are the love story here (although, given the fact that Patrick has made me want to puke with Sabrina for months, I’d like to see him squirm). However, if Robin’s return is used as a further prop for Sabrina, I’m going to be a little ticked. They’ve obviously introduced Carrrrrrrlos (his accent is just as annoying) as a love interest for Sabrina when she quickly loses Patrick, but I would like to have Patrick involved in the rescue of his wife. Is that too much to ask?

Oh, and while I’m making requests of the soap gods, can we please get a slow motion reunion between Robin and Emma? I’m thinking a mirror of when Robin was a little girl and ran to Anna’s arms in slow motion would be best. Thanks in advance.

What do you think? Are you ready for Robin and Robert to be unleashed on Port Charles?


Blogger Fan1972 said...

I, too, am so excited that Robert and Robin are returning. I have several wishes what should transpire. 1 - Robin returns, with the baby that she believes is Patrick's, and somehow ends up with Nikolas - thus giving the big 'screw you' to Patrick and especially Britt(a). 2. Robert stays on the canvass for a while. 3. Sean appears more frequently (once he is cured). 4. Sean, Robert, Duke and Anna team up with Sonny and kick some Jerome butt. 5. and this I could give or take - Robert and Holly reunite again for love (since it doesn't appear she is so crazy anymore).

That being said, here are some other stories (and people) I'd like to change or GO AWAY!
1 - Morgan and Ava -- come on! Really? I wanted to puke when they slept together -twice! Besides the age difference, it just didn't work. The character that they have made Morgan out to be is irritating - constantly boo-hooing because he was sent to boarding school when he didn't want to go, etc. Come on kid - you grew up in privilege - shut up! I do not believe that Bryan Craig is a good actor or at least isn't good in this character. Yeah, he was kidnapped once (uh, isn't that why you went to boarding school, was to protect you?) but he cries about how Michael is the golden child -- Michael had way more done to him, in his short life - and he's got his head on straight, plus he isn't much of a cry-baby. -- Send Morgan packing.... along with Ava....... Oh Ava, I can't stand her character and I'm not invested in Maura West. Send her to another soap... I can't stand her pouty face...

2 - Baby Connie --Ok, I don't want the baby to go away but I would like the story to quickly run it's course... I love Maxie, I love Dante and I love LuLu (maybe not NuLuLu) and I can tolerate Spinelli sometimes but this storyline is getting old -- I feel for Maxie and I'm with you - I'm not into this Dante/LuLu (and now it appears Olivia) against Maxie. Jeez, let Maxie have her baby and have her be a surrogate again - since Kirsten is pregnant in real life and then they can have their baby (if Britt(a)'s baby isn't actually theirs).

And finally and most importantly... #3- Sabrina -- UGH!!! I'm with you... when did she pick up this "accent" --I can't stand this character. She adds no value to the show.... I couldn't agree with you more -- Robin needs to come into town and kick her in her head... Carrrrrlos and her should ride off into the sunset back to PR and take Patrick with them... I'm not invested in Patrick.. but then again, I've never been a fan of Patrick and Robin ... I wanted Robin with Jason or Nikolas or someone who has more bloodlines in the soap.

Finally, I like your idea of how the reunion of Robin and Emma should be.

September 29, 2013 at 7:28 AM 

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