Saturday, December 8, 2012

GENERAL HOSPITAL: The 80s are back -- and better than ever

Do you love adventure?

Do you love excitement?

Do you love dashing super spies?

Then Port Charles is definitely the place for you to be right now.

‘General Hospital’ is hitting on all cylinders right now thanks to the return of the super spies – Anna Devane, Robert Scorpio and Cesar Faison.

Sure, the tale of the rubber Duke mask is a little ridiculous – but the story rings true to longtime fans because Faison has ALWAYS been obsessed with Anna.

I think what I like best about the story is that Anna is at the center of it. I’ve always loved Finola Hughes – and I’ve always loved Anna. The fact that she has a bevy of men at her fingertips – in an age when actresses over the age of 40 are pretty much ignored on soaps – gives me a happy.

Do I have a dog in this fight?

If pressed, I would want her with Robert. However, I’m perfectly happy to see her kick Faison’s butt, reconnect with Luke and embark on a true triangle with Duke. In the back of my mind, though, I will always know she belongs with Robert.

‘General Hospital’ made a name for itself in the 1980s on adventure stories – so for Ron Carlivati to recapture the magic of that era is a true thrill for me. I’m even more excited by the rumors that Jack Wagner’s Frisco is coming back for a guest stint – but until that’s confirmed I’m not getting my hopes up too much.

My only complaint is this: It looks like Robin is back again next week. If the writers are still playing with us, and Robin isn’t reunited with her family, I’m going to be ticked. Enough is enough.

I understand Kimberly McCullough doesn’t want to be on the show full-time. Bring her back long enough to reunite with her daughter, start Dr. Britt on fire, reconnect with her mom and dad and crush whiny Sabrina’s spirits. Give her a happy Christmas with her family.

Then, send her and Patrick off into the sunset together. I like Jason Thompson as a performer, but I’m never going to get behind his Patrick being paired with another woman. I think Thompson could excel in primetime – maybe it’s time for him to walk away from his safety net.

Carlivati handled this storyline almost perfectly from the get-go. I especially like how he tied Lulu, Dante, John McBain and even A.J. to the Faison foibles. That’s how you handle an umbrella story. If Bob Guza were still writing it, Jason would have swooped in at the last minute to fight Faison one-handed while he rescued Robin with the other and delivered Christmas presents to all the boys and girls in the world when he was done.

Balance is key on a soap – and Carlivati realizes that.

My only true quibble with the show right now is Konnie (Kate/Connie). The character is a caricature. She’s not nuanced and she certainly doesn’t fit on the show.

Her new dastardly plan is to steal a 13-year-old’s romance novel? Really? No one in the writing room had the guts to raise their hand and say: “That’s a really bad idea”?

You can’t have everything you want. I understand that.

I have wanted the return of the Nurse’s Ball for a long time – and I’m getting that. On a quick side note, why don’t they just ask Sonny or Sam to bankroll it? Sonny funded the Stone Cates Memorial Wing at the hospital and Sam has tons of money – and Robin “died” to save Jason – so both would be willing.

I’ve also wanted Robert and Anna to return to their true roots for years – and I’ve gotten that.
I know I might be jinxing things, but I have one more Christmas wish: Kill off Konnie. Make it bloody. Make it violent. Make it quick.

What do you think? Are you glad the 80s are back on GH?


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