Friday, December 7, 2012

Top TV Moments: It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye

This was a genuinely great week of television – featuring stellar mid-season finales for ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘The Walking Dead.’

It’s going to be a rough two months until my current favorite television shows return – but I’ve got Blu-Rays to entertain me until they come back.

On a sad note, it looks like TNT’s ‘Leverage’ won’t be long for this world. The show runner released a letter saying that the season finale is what the writers had planned for the series finale.

Since the show hasn’t gotten a pickup – I take that as ominous news.

TNT is really disappointing me. If USA follows suit and cancels ‘Psych,’ I’m not going to be a happy camper.

This week’s top entertainment moments are:

5. Sons of Anarchy – Jax has proven to be just as ruthless as the predecessors he claims to hate. In this week’s installment, he does get the club out of selling drugs and big guns (little guns are still okay, though, which I don't entirely understand). He doesn’t get the all-clear to kill Clay, though. So, Jax meets with Damon Pope – who wants Jax to hand over Tig so he can kill him. Instead, Jax kills Pope’s minion and hands a gun to Tig to kill Pope. Oh, and just one thing, the gun belongs to Clay. Merry Christmas.

 4. Private Practice – The show does an entire episode from Cooper’s point-of-view, focusing on Charlotte’s pregnancy. I found Charlotte’s attitude about the triplets pretty funny. I’m sure some people were offended that she was rooting for one of the babies to be “absorbed” by the other two – but that’s true to Charlotte’s character. What’s also true to her character is that, when she goes into early labor, she risks her own life to save two of the babies so they can stay inside of her until they’re more developed. She also falls apart in relief when Cooper informs her that the daughter she had to deliver prematurely is still alive. This show has made a lot of missteps – but Charlotte and Cooper are not one of them.

3. The Colbert Show – I’m giving them props for an entire week of coverage for ‘The Hobbit.’ Stephen Colbert’s Tolkien knowledge truly is impressive – and you can’t help but love his fan boy giddiness at getting to meet everyone. I loved the change to his set – and the knowledge that he won the Tolkien trivia game when he visited the set of ‘The Hobbit’ a year ago. I loved the random cameo from Ian McKellen not letting him pass, the hairy feet, and the smoking of the pipe. Colbert is as excited for the movies as I am. Also, random shout out, I was laughing out loud at his wax museum piece. When he kept trying to lick the mannequins I about died. Also, the Tiger Woods joke never did get old.

2. Once Upon a Time – Regina came through – rather reluctantly – in the end. Thanks to incessant pleas from Henry, Regina breaks Rumplestiltskin’s magical barrier – which allows Emma and Snow to come home. The episode had a happy ending – Snow woke Charming with true love’s kiss – and an ominous flash when we realize that Cora and Hook are heading to Storybrooke – via boat. ‘Once Upon a Time’ wisely ended the separation of their characters – and now everyone is going to have to band together against a common enemy. Bring on Henry’s dad!

1. The Walking Dead – Well, Merle and Daryl have been reunited – I just don’t think it’s exactly how they expected. ‘The Walking Dead’ aired their mid-season finale this week, and it was an action-packed extravaganza. First off, Rick and Daryl managed to save a battered Glen and Maggie. While Daryl is covering his friends, he somehow gets captured. The Governor and Michonne have a throw down that ends with Penny’s death – and the Governor losing an eye (I hope Maggie helps him lose another appendage). Andrea is still completely clueless – but I think she’s about to find out exactly what kind of man the Governor is thanks to him throwing Daryl and Merle into the ring together at the end. Back at the prison, a comic book favorite character is introduced – and it becomes apparent there might be a little something creepy about the one remaining prisoner. I can’t wait until February.

Honorable mentions go to:

The Big Bang Theory – Amy’s antics to get Sheldon to take care of her when she’s sick are hilarious. From the Vick’s Vapor Rub making her weirdly energetic to the spanking she enjoys a little too much – the entire episode was hilarious. I also loved Penny teaching the boys to fish.

Supernatural – Benny is really growing on me. I was actually rooting for him to take out Uncle Rico. Sam’s melancholy is staring to wear thin, though. His pining over Amelia is ridiculous – as is Dean’s manipulation of him.

American Horror Story – A demented Santa takes a cane to Sister Jude, there’s an absolutely disgusting story about earrings in the Holocaust, and Lana and Kit join forces to take down Thredson. Oh, and everyone can see the signs that Lana is pregnant right?

Criminal Minds – This week’s episode was really weird. Grima Wormtongue is making human marionettes. The big news is that Reid’s girlfriend is revealed and it’s Parker from ‘Leverage.’ Here’s hoping she’s crazy.

What do you think? What were the most entertaining moments of the week?


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