Friday, November 30, 2012

Top television moments of the week – Talking cats and enchanted sleep

About half the shows I watch aired their midseason finales this week and the other half are airing them next week. The most wonderful time of the year my . . . foot.

What does this mean for the casual viewer?

For the most part, you’re going to be stuck with reruns and bad Christmas movies for the foreseeable future.

Since it’s the last week of sweeps, though, the networks brought out all the stops.

This week’s top television moments were:

5. Leverage – Everyone’s favorite grifters, hitters, hackers and thieves returned this week (they still don’t have a pickup for next season – so get on that TNT) and this time they took on a big box store. I like any episode that has Eliot at the center of it, so I found myself happily ensconced in the madcap adventures. My favorites moments included Eliot explaining to the bully at the store why he wouldn’t prosper – when he really wanted to beat the crap out him and Parker spazzing out about technology when Hardison was trying to work. Leverage is the perfect compilation of heart and fun – it would be a crime for TNT to let it go.

4. Supernatural – The Winchester boys found the fun again this week when Castiel decided he wanted to be a hunter. There’s tons of hilarity in the cartoon situations (Dean hitting himself in the head to hear birds being an especially funny one)  – but my favorite scene was Castiel interrogating the cat (who surely did hate that mouse). Since Sam and Dean didn’t believe the cartoon hilarity yet, when Castiel walked away and the cat muttered “dumbass” – I about fell out of my chair. That’s one of the best laughs the show has delivered all season. On the serious side of things, we finally learn what happened to Sam’s girlfriend. Her husband came back from the dead. Since Sam and Dean have came back from the dead multiple times – I bet Sam is thinking it sucks to be on the wrong end of that "miracle" finally.

3. Parenthood – Kristina has had a rough time this season, but watching the sheer joy on her face at the end of the episode when she got to teach the ever troubled Max how to dance was surely one of the greatest moments of the season. Still, I loved the part of the episode where Crosby starts a war with his neighbor. It’s become apparent that Sarah and Mark are going to break up – and soon. Now, spoilers say there’s going to be an “unexpected” pregnancy this season. My guess is Drew and his girlfriend – because Parenthood always goes for the biggest pile of melodrama they can find. I think other possibilities are Sarah, Julia and Amber. My vote is for Julia – but I still think it’s going to be Drew’s girlfriend, who has made so much of an impression on me, I can’t even remember her name.

2. The Walking Dead – Glenn took the beating of his life and then killed a walker with his hands (literally) tied behind his back. Any doubts viewers had about Merle being even somewhat reformed are gone. Andrea is still a moron. Rick has regained his sanity. Carl is no longer annoying. Michonne is only telling Rick’s group as much information as she feels like. And, oh, I hope Maggie is the one that gets to kill the Governor after what he did to her. I’m wondering how Andrea is going to feel when she finds out? Anyone else counting the minutes until Merle and Daryl meet up again this week? Anyone else think it’s not quite going to be a happy reunion?

1. Once Upon a Time – Snow and Charming were reunited. Sure, it was in a dream world where they had to constantly worry about getting burned, but at least they got to see each other. Now Charming is in a sleeping curse until Emma and Snow can make it back to Storybrook, Snow is willing to kill Mulan to get what she wants and Emma is still as lost as she ever was when it comes to understanding the world her parents came from. I’m hopeful that Snow and Emma are on their way home. I’m guessing they’re going to bring a new big bad back with them – in the form of Cora and Hook.

Honorable mentions go to:

Hawaii Five-0: Vanessa Marcil flaunts her saucy stuff as a psychotherapist that gets under McGarrett’s skin. This was one of the better outings this season – and I’m not just saying that because I love Marcil.

Big Bang Theory: Howard and Sheldon face off for a parking spot – and it causes Amy and Bernadette to say some truly snarky (and yet honest) things to another. I’m not sure if I liked Amy showing Sheldon her new bikini wax or Howard rubbing his “naked butt” all over Sheldon’s spot on the couch more. This was one of the stronger entries for this show this season, too.

Duck Dynasty: Si meets Clint Boyer and says something I’ve been saying forever: A NASCAR driver is not an athlete. Still, it was odd watching Jase follow him around like a lost puppy dog.

Mike and Molly: Mike becomes obsessed with the fact that Molly isn’t pregnant yet and decided to switch over to boxers – and wear rhinoceros penis around his neck. Molly already has a kid – it’s him – why does she need another one?

American Horror Story: The show jumps the shark again when Lana escapes Dr. Thredson, gets picked up by a maniac who shoots himself in the head and finds herself back in Briarcliff in three minutes flat. And don’t get me started on the ridiculous Angel of Death.

Revolution: Charlie was finally reunited with Danny – and she even got her supposedly dead mom in the process. Anyone else already excited to see the sparks between Rachel and Miles when the show returns in 2013?

Gossip Girl: Dan proves to be the biggest snake of them all when it's revealed -- in the waning seconds -- that he's only reuniting with Serena so he can get dirt on her for a "Serena" chapter to his book. Lily breaks Chucks heart -- and he in turn breaks Blair's. Only a few episodes left. I still have no doubt that Chuck and Blair will end up together.
What do you think? What were the best moments of the week?


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