Friday, August 31, 2012

9021-Oh, just let it go

Apparently two former teen sensations are reuniting for a sitcom pilot.

Sadly, the former teen sensations haven’t been popular since the early 1990s.

Yes, it seems Jennie Garth and Luke Perry – Kelly and Dylan from ‘Beverly Hills 90210,’ respectively – have decided they’re going to put their considerable clout (that’s called sarcasm) together in a sitcom.

Yeah, that sound you just heard was the collective sigh of everyone in their 30s.

It’s a little sad when former teen heartthrobs struggle to regain the popularity they lost decades ago – but this rings particularly pathetic to me.

First of all, I was never a Kelly and Dylan fan. Sue me. I was a Brenda and Dylan and Kelly and Brandon fan. I found both of those pairings infinitely more interesting.

And, yes, I was very into ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ back in the day. The kids were meant to be exactly my age. I even graduated from high school (and college) at the same time they did.

Still, it’s not like any of the actors involved with ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ were exactly gifted – Hillary Swank notwithstanding.

In the years since ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ went off the air none of the cast has really had an easy time getting roles.

Ironically, this isn’t the first time Garth has reunited with her former co-stars. She had Perry and Jason Priestley guest star on her dismal ‘What I Like About You’ – and recently the trio reunited for an Old Navy ad that was uncomfortably cheesy.

It just seems a little desperate to me.
Garth is going through a divorce right now – and she probably feels she needs to strike while she is still relatively young. Still, you don’t distance yourself from an iconic role by constantly reuniting – in gimmick form no less – with your former co-stars.

This move seems likely to fail – and it reminds me of the brothers Corey (Feldman and Haim) constantly doing B-movies together to try and reclaim the fame they had when they were teenagers. At least Garth isn’t going around trying to sell her teeth for money – like Haim was towards the end of his life.

I understand that Garth wants to keep acting – but unless she breaks from the ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ brand (and stars) she’s never going to climb out of this career hole.

Does anyone honestly think this is going to be a hit?


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