Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daytime Emmys are becoming a sad affair

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Daytime Emmys.

I love soaps as a genre – but daytime talk shows and game shows are migraine inducing bores.

So, watching the Daytime Emmys was usually a two-hour long drag – mostly because I only cared about a handful of categories.

In recent years, the show has struggled to find a home.

It used to be broadcast on primetime. Sure, it was never as popular as the primetime Emmys, the Oscars or the Golden Globes – but it wasn’t something that was openly ridiculed either.

That changed a few years ago – when all of a sudden no one wanted to host the Daytime Emmys because they were no longer profitable.

This year, HLN stepped in to host the show. I didn’t expect a lot from the network that lets Nancy Grace spout her bile on a regular basis, but I was just glad someone picked up the show.

Was it worth it?

I’m still not sure.

The production values weren’t awful. They weren’t great, but they were far from awful, too.

However, I do not understand what was up with the order of the awards.

Everyone that watches awards shows knows that the bigger awards are saved for later in the show. So when this year’s show opened up with best actor there was a collective “huh” heard from daytime fans around the world.

What’s sad is that there were only six soaps in contention this year – which means that wins just don’t mean as much as they used to. And next year there will only be four shows in contention.

Fans should probably ready themselves for the day when soaps won’t be part of the Daytime Emmys – because it’s coming.

What are we going to do when CBS is the only one standing with two soaps? Are we going to start giving some of the ridiculous actors on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ awards just because there’s no one else?

As for this year’s award winners – I was pretty happy with most of them.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Best Actor: Anthony Geary won his record seventh lead actor trophy. Some people feel that Geary has won enough and should take himself out of contention. I’m not one of those people. The performance Geary gave last year when his alter ego ran over grandson Jake – whether he was drunk or not – and the follow up intervention were riveting. Geary is one of the best performers in daytime. He should keep claiming trophies as long as he can.

Best Actress: Heather Tom became the first actress to win in three different categories. Through the years, she has won the younger actress, supporting actress and now lead actress trophies. Pretending I’m a ‘Bold and Beautiful’ fan would be a lie. Tom, however, is one of the few performers on the show that actually has talent – so I’m glad she took home the trophy.

Best Supporting Actor: Jonathan Jackson took home his fifth Emmy for his portrayal of a father dealing with the death of his son – at the hand of his father. Jackson has always been a revelation as a performer and his steady presence is much missed on the ‘General Hospital’ canvas.

Best Supporting Actress: Nancy Lee Grahn won the trophy in a year when I didn’t think she had a lot to offer. I though for sure Rebecca Herbst would get the win, along with co-stars Jackson and Geary. It’s not that Grahn isn’t talented, because she is. She’s pretty much the most talented actress on GH. I just didn’t think this was her year. Perhaps voters were rewarding Grahn while they still could.

Best Younger Actor: Chandler Massey took home the award for ‘Days of Our Lives.’ Massey is currently part of one of the better storylines on DOOL right now – but his performances in this story won’t be submitted until next year – when we can assume he’ll take home the trophy yet again. The only other actor that could have even been considered was GH’s Chad Duell – but he’s not quite the actor Massey is so I think voters made the right choice.

Best Younger Actress: I think Christel Khalil putting her name in the younger actress category was kind of a copout. She’s been a lead on the show for what feels like 10 years. She should be putting herself in the lead actress category – or at least the supporting actress category. As it was, this was definitely the weakest group of the night.

Best Writing: The fact that ‘Days of Our Lives’ won this award made me laugh out loud. I love the campy fun factor of DOOL, I really do, but it’s not even close to being the best written soap. This was a case of GH being robbed of their trophy. The scenes from the intervention alone should have carried GH.

Best Show: ‘General Hospital’ may not have gotten the writing award but they did get the coveted best show award. The funny thing is, I think GH deserved the writing award and, in its last year, ‘One Life to Live’ deserved the best show award. Sadly, OLTL wasn't even nominated -- even though the wretched AMC was.

Of course, I’m not on the voting panel, so my opinion really doesn’t matter.

What do you think? Did the right people win last night?


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