Saturday, November 30, 2013

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Which characters are being written "wrong"?

I see a lot of complaints on message boards about the General Hospital writers not penning the characters to act “in character.”

At first, I kind of waved it off.

This is a soap, after all, and sometimes characters have to act out of character to propel the story along. I’m not one of those fans that doesn’t understand that – sometimes – there are some contrivances where soaps are concerned.

Still, though, when the end of Wednesday’s episode hit (and fans were faced with four long days to wait for Robin to reunite with her family) I finally understood something of what the complainers were saying.

I agree with fans that say that there’s no way Robin would “hide in the corner” and listen to her husband marry another woman. This is Robin. She’s been separated from her daughter for almost two years. Why would she possibly wait another second?

In general, Robin is a selfless character. We’ve seen her give up her own happiness for other
characters numerous times. That doesn’t mean Robin is a shrinking violet, though, and it certainly doesn’t mean that Robin would just sit there and give up her husband to the babysitter.

Granted, I understand that Robin doesn’t know that just before his new marriage, Patrick was looking for her. That Patrick had to be pushed into this marriage by everyone and their brother as a way to prop Sabrina. Robin does not know that.

Still, though, Robin is not a character that is going to just sit back and give her husband and daughter to someone else. It’s not in her nature.

I know that Robin’s sudden hiding act at the end of Wednesday’s episode was just a way to prolong the story and revelation – and I have no doubt that Robin and Patrick will reunite, but enough is enough with the Sabrina propping. I cannot take any more of it. It makes me sick.

If the characters are to be written in character, Robin would make a broad announcement to reclaim her family and Sabrina would bravely step aside to let Patrick reunite with the love of his life and Emma. I mean, that is the Sabrina we’ve been shown. The selfless angel that only gives of herself. Let her give Patrick his freedom and find a rock to hide under. Please!

The other character being assassinated by the writing right now now is Carly (although, Bobbie
seems to be getting short shrift, too – like she would really let Jerry just go after all he’s done). Carly is a character that holds a grudge like nobody’s business. Carly still blames Robin for telling AJ the truth about Michael – even though it was the right thing to do (and Robin almost died, several times, to save people she loves since).

So, if Carly is the bitter shrew we all know her to be, why would she forgive Franco again? I know a rewrite is in play here, but Carly would never fall into bed with the man that got her son raped in prison and terrorized her best friend. It’s not plausible or believable.

While we’re talking about contrived actions, if RC even tries to make Patrick “conflicted” over Sabrina and Robin, I will reach into that television and wring his neck.

Robin and Patrick were together for seven years. They overcame everything to be together. They had a child together, for crying out loud. Patrick is still mourning her death. While I have no doubt he’ll feel bad for hurting the babysitter, if the writers show Patrick even considering throwing Robin over for Sabrina – I will officially be done.

What do you think? Which characters are being written true to form and which ones aren’t?


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