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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Could Robin really be returning to Port Charles?

Rumors on soap boards are like immature whining on a Justin Bieber board. Yeah, it’s pretty much nonstop.

The one that hit this week was that Kimberly McCullough – Robin Scorpio, for the great unwashed – would be returning to her old stomping ground to resurrect her beloved character.

Before we get into this, I want to stress that’s it’s a rumor. As far as I can tell, there has been no official confirmation.

Why do I believe this rumor more than other ones? I’m not exactly sure that I do. Maybe it’s just that I hope this one is true.

I’m not going to lie, Robin Scorpio is one of my top five all-time GH characters. She was pretty much my age, so I grew up watching her grow up and, yeah, I love her.

My love for Robin aside, though, I think she’s important to the canvas right now. We know that Jerry Jacks has her and that Dr. Obrecht used to have her.

Dr. Obrecht’s daughter, Britt, is pretending to be pregnant with Patrick’s (Robin’s husband) child. In
reality, most fans suspect she’s pregnant with one of Lulu and Dante’s embryos – but that’s neither here nor there right now.

Speaking of Patrick, he’s dating a Disney princess that is so grating – I’ve actually considered deafening myself with Q-tips when she’s onscreen just to stop the screaming of the lambs. Robin is the only way to save Patrick right now. He went from one of my top five favorite characters on the show right now to the bottom 10 – thanks to his association with Sabrina.

Robin’s father, Robert, is languishing in a coma overseas somewhere and since he saw Robin alive, he can’t be resurrected until her survival is revealed.

Robin’s mother, Anna, is embroiled in another mob war and she may need Robin to influence one half of the mob in Port Charles.

Robin’s daughter, Emma, is terrorizing Britt and worshipping Sabrina – so she needs to be reintroduced to a worthy role model.

Robin’s cousin Maxie is pregnant with her own child, passing it off as Lulu and Dante’s and struggling with her decision constantly. She could really use some of that patented Robin wisdom.

Robin’s best friend Brenda needs to return to town – and I can’t think of a better reason than to reunite with Robin.

Robin’s good friend Liz is waffling between A.J. and Nik – and Robin could offer her perspective. In
addition, I wouldn’t mind seeing Patrick suffer for choosing his little Disney doll, so maybe Nik and Robin can commiserate together (complete with a roll in the hay). I’ve always wanted to explore that pairing.

There is hope right now. Luke is running around Europe looking for a cure for the poison that Helena tainted him with. He thinks his only cure is Jerry – and Jerry was the last character we saw with Robin.

Maybe Luke can catch sight of Robin working with Jerry. He can call Anna and tell her what he saw. Anna, being dubious of Luke’s claims, manages to rouse Robert from his coma and head off to rescue Robin without telling Patrick.

When Robert, Anna, Luke and Laura (we all know she’s going to show up) rescue Robin we can find out she was only helping Jerry as a ruse to get away. Upon her return to Port Charles, she can beat the crap out of Britt for terrorizing her daughter, tell Maxie to grow up and explain to Sabrina why her annoying services will no longer be needed.

Given the torture that Patrick and Sabrina have been to me, I would like to see Robin put Patrick through a decent amount of grief (re: the aforementioned Nikolas sex) before reuniting with him.

I have a feeling – note, this is just a feeling – that Robin really may be coming back to usher Patrick off the show. Jason Thompson’s contract is coming up and rumor has it (I know, it could just be fan fiction) that he doesn’t want to remain with the show.

The truth is, the cast on GH is so large right now, some cuts have to be made. I would rather see Robin and Patrick ride off into the sunset together than him ruined any further with the continual “romance” with Sabrina.

What do you think? Do you want Robin back?


Blogger Joe said...

How about getting rid of the biggest annoyance on GH: Sam?

Kelly Monaco is a horrible actress and a even worse pretend mom to Daniel.

She should be next to go into the harbor.

August 3, 2013 at 2:37 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of Robin myself; she had an annoying way about her and she didnt seem interesting/glamorous enough for a soap opera. The writing for her was always great, though, she was a very SMART character. (Maybe KM improvised a lot). I dont blame Jason for wanting to leave; the writing does not do his superb acting justice. He was phenomenal when he mourned Robin, but then the drug thing and the Britt thing stunk for him, and he wasnt on very much. He and Sabrina have had some really good scenes together; I think they are nice. But some of the scenes they have had written for them, I feel like even the actors are not behind them. These writers are all over the place.

August 3, 2013 at 7:27 PM 
Blogger Fan1972 said...

Robin is and has been one of my favorite characters since I started watching in 1983. I have been hoping Kimberly would reconsider and return on a more regular basis. I am disgusted with the Britt, Dr. Obrecht, Patrick and Sabrina storyline. It is irritating and not interesting. I have never been a big Patrick fan and would love to see Robin with someone other than him.

My wish is for Robert and Robin to be rescued (Robert come out of his coma) and return. Maybe I'm hoping for a resurrection of the family life from the 80's and 90's with the Scorpio family, I don't know..
One thing you didn't mention but I am intrigued about is Holly's return. It's great that she is helping Luke over in Europe. Not sure what her storyline will be, once Luke finds the information at the bank.
It would be interesting for Holly to return to PC about the same time Robert does (is Tristan Rogers still on that other soap?) while Duke and Anna are back together -- I think that would be a good and retro dynamic that the show may need.

Another thing you didn't mention (I realize you could go on and on every week so I understand picking 1 subject), is the Morgan, Kiki, Michael and that whole Quartermaine, Jerome and Franco scenario. I absolutely hate the character of Morgan right now -- he is irritating and I don't think the kid playing him is much of an actor. I may be still invested in the Michael/Starr couple and since the Kristen is now playing the Kiki character that it's hard not to see those two together.
I am not invested in Roger playing Franco and I despise Ava and Julian and can't wait for them to be unveiled for who they are and an all out mob war break out with Sonny and of course, Sonny will prevail.

I agree with you, if Robin comes back - hook her up with Nikolas or bring in a new guy for her. I'm sick of Liz's wavering between AJ and Nikolas. Maybe Liz could get more embroiled in the fight to expose Britt's secret, since she already has a grudge against her.

Please get rid of the Molly, TJ and Raif triangle -- while prior teen triangles have worked in the past -- this one doesn't.... Molly, while smart is way too whiney and TJ sleeping with Felix's sister turned me off (come on, they are still in HS!). The characters can stay but the storyline is stupid and doesn't add to the show.

I wish Steve Burton would come back - I got somewhat fond of him and Sam as a couple. The one thing I disagree with is making the baby (Danny) a sort of a scapegoat to help with stories - the kid is barely a year old and has been through more issues than Michael did in the first 5 years of his life!

There, that's my opinion - like it or not. One thing I do plead to the writers, get on some sort of medication to help with the focus of your writing -- as Ridiculousfan said above, the writers are all over the place!!!

August 4, 2013 at 7:07 AM 

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