Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Look out! The 'Sharknado' is about to hit!

Sometimes a movie looks so bad – you just have to see it.

That’s what I think about ‘Sharknado’ – which is debuting Thursday night on SyFy.

What’s ‘Sharknado’?

Looking at the name, you’d probably think it somehow combined sharks with tornadoes. You’d be right.

Yup. ‘Sharknado’ takes the hilarious premise that a tornado out at sea somehow picks up a bunch of oceanic apex predators and dumps them on Los Angeles – where they wreak hilarious havoc (if the pictures are any indication).

The movie – which is about as low budget as they come – actually boast three recognizable names. Shocking, I know.

The first is former actress and current party girl Tara Reid – who had some success in things like ‘American Pie’ before she became America’s favorite falling down drunk.

The second is former ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ actor Ian Ziering. Yes, Steve Sanders is fighting Great White sharks – and maybe even some hammerheads, who knows?

Finally, and this is where some amount of pity comes to play, the final “name” in the cast is John Heard. The John Heard from ‘Beaches,’ ‘Home Alone,’ and ‘Big.’ Yeah, I can’t quite believe it either. He must be mortified.

Still, the surreal nature of ‘Sharknado’ – and the most hilarious trailer I’ve seen in I don’t know how
long – leads me to suspect I’m going to DVR this movie and watch it. Probably with a drink (or two) in my hand.

I’m a longtime fan of shark movies – with 'Jaws' being the obvious highlight. Still, I like 'Jaws 2', 'Jaws 3' and 'Deep Blue Sea' – and I even fell in love with the Australian indie ‘Bait’ last year – which saw tsunamis wash two Great White Sharks into an underground shopping mall.
I’m not going into ‘Sharknado’ with any expectations that this will be a good movie. I’m merely hoping it’s so bad that it’s funny.

Sometimes, those movies are even better than Academy Award winners. At least they're more entertaining. Yeah, I said it.

‘Sharknado’ debuts at 9 p.m. Thursday on SyFy.

What do you think? Does ‘Sharknado’ sound just dumb enough to be entertaining?


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