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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Too many characters, too little time

Port Charles is becoming a haven for useless characters.

It’s no secret that the ‘General Hospital’ cast is far too bloated – but things are really starting to get out of hand.

One of the biggest problems associated with the big cast is that all forward momentum is lost every two weeks or so.


Because then the writers shift to covering another set of characters.

Quite frankly, there are just too many characters to give everyone the time that they deserve. When was the last time we saw anything more than fleeting glimpses of Lucy, Kevin, Scotty and Laura?

When it comes to trimming the cast – I know fans have personal favorites that they don’t want to go. 

When it came time to compile my list, I tried to be as scientific as possible.

Essentially, I looked at each character, the actress or actor that plays them and what they can realistically offer fans and then I went from there.

The truth is, some hard choices are going to have to be made.

So, who needs to go?

Connie: Ron Carlivati has a thing for DID characters. The problem is, he overuses them. In the case of Connie, the storyline was never entertaining. From my point of view, Connie isn’t necessary to the canvas. You can lift her right out and no one would miss her. That’s a sure sign she needs to go.

Olivia: Other than Dante, who would miss Olivia? She has never been a front-burner character. And, quite frankly, the last few years of her tenure have bounced from tedious to ridiculous. I was never invested in her relationship with Steve and her “visions” are so absurd they’re comical.

Britt: This character never had a chance. She was painted as an evil devil from the minute she hit the canvas in an attempt to prop Sabrina. It’s too late for the character. I don’t believe the baby she is carrying is Patrick’s. I’m sure a DNA test will show that it is (for awhile), but I’m guessing it’s Lulu and Dante’s baby. This way, when Maxie blows them out of the water and keeps her baby – eventually, they’ll still get their baby.

Sabrina: If you can explain the appeal of this character to me, I’d greatly appreciate it. Sabrina is
whiny, obnoxious and naïve. She spent months mooning over Patrick – daydreaming like she was a teenage girl – and then she had a Disney Princess moment and suddenly the writers are trying to pretend that she is now mature. Guess what? I don’t buy it and it’s far too late. I don’t care. I am never going to get behind her and Patrick. He looks like a pedophile with her. And I am beyond sick of the Sabrina propping. Carlivati has proven he has his favorites – and he’s willing to prop them at the detriment of other characters. Essentially, Sabrina is the new Natalie.

Patrick: If you told me a year ago I would be clamoring for Patrick to leave town I would have called you a liar. That’s how badly Sabrina has hurt the character for me. I can barely stand to look at him. I think Carlivati should try to get Kimberly McCullough back for a few weeks, bring Robin home, and send Patrick and Robin off into the sunset. I don’t want to see Jason Thompson lose his job – but I cannot stomach him with Sabrina. It’s too awful and contrived.

Spinelli: I know Bradford Anderson has moved to recurring – but can we please just oust Spinelli from Port Charles for good? His schtick got old two weeks after he got to Port Charles and it’s still massively irritating. I’m not going to root for him and Ellie and I’m not going to root for him and Maxie. The only thing I’m going to root for where he’s concerned is a quick exit.
Ellie: I don’t get the point of the character. I had respect for her – for about five minutes – and then
the writing just got too convoluted for the character. Cut her loose. The actress is talented, let her get picked up by another show.

Felix’s sister: That’s how much I don’t care about this character. I can’t even remember her name.
Shawn: I like the actor. I think he’s hot. I think the character has great chemistry with Alexis. I can’t root for him now, though. They’ve made him a hitman for the mob. That doesn’t make him unique anymore. It just makes him lost. Drop his body in the harbor next to Jason's.

NuMorgan: He reminds me of another Carlivati air hog – the Ford brothers from OLTL. I didn’t like them either.

What do you think? Who should go to clear up space on the GH roster?


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Sam needs to go. She can't act or dance!

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