Thursday, May 23, 2013

SEASON FINALE GRADES: Who passed, who failed?

The traditional season of television just wrapped up – and I have to say, as a whole, it was pretty much a disappointment.

May is supposed to be when all the shows bring out the big guns to wow viewers. Not only is it a sweeps month, but it’s the last chance for show runners to give fans something memorable to hold on to for the next four months.

As a whole, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the majority of the finales. I have been pleasantly surprised by a few, too.

So, which shows delivered and which ones fell flat?

Note: I didn’t include every season finale for obvious reasons. I just included the ones that stood out to me in a good or bad way.

Bones: I’m pretty much sick of Pelant. He’s been given super human status and I just don’t care. I C-
have never been moved by the Bones and Booth relationship, so the fact that Pelant blackmailed Booth into breaking off the engagement means absolutely nothing to me.

The Following: The show had a lot of promise but completely fell apart at the end. This should have been a limited-run series. C

Once Upon a Time: The second season was a big letdown after the stellar first season – but the season finale was pretty entertaining. Belle got her memory back, Neal got transported home and Emma, Mr. Gold, Regina, Snow and David are all traveling on a ship – with the untrustworthy Hook – to go to Neverland to rescue Henry. A-

Hawaii Five-0: I’ve lost most of my interest in this show. I don’t care about Catherine and I find her relationship with Steve to be forced and contrived. The bickering between Steve and Danny is gone – and so is the fun. Now CBS is moving the show to Fridays. I think it’s bye bye for this crew. B-

Law & Order: SVU: I don’t find anything shocking about this show anymore because pretty much everything has been done. The season finale – with a creepy rapist waiting for Olivia when she got home – didn’t really make me feel for the character. I’m really not worried about Olivia being raped. They went there a few years ago – I don’t think they’re going to visit that well again. C+

Criminal Minds: What a letdown. The season-long unsub – The Replicator – was boring and his motivation was hazy. It made no sense. Strauss died – but it meant nothing to viewers because we never felt any connection to her. This has been the worst season of Criminal Minds – and the finale did it no favors. D-

Nashville: I don’t think this show gets the attention it deserves. While Scarlet and Gunner are boring to me, I am completely invested in Rayna and Deacon’s tortured love affair and Juliette’s quiet sadness. The finale had several great scenes, but the simple one of Rayna comforting Juliette at her mother’s funeral said it all. This show can be really compelling when it wants to be. B+

The Big Bang Theory: Penny and Leonard have come a long way, but Sheldon’s journey is still the funniest and most poignant. A-

Supernatural: This wasn’t a perfect season of the long-running show – but it was the best once since the fifth season. Sam and Dean find strength in their bond. Sure, there are some things about this season that make no sense – including Sam’s wishy washy girlfriend – but the final shot of the angels falling from Heaven was breathtaking. A

Grey’s Anatomy: I am down to caring about a handful of characters: Owen, Christina, Alex, Bailey. That’s it. I don’t care about Meredith and Derek (and I never thought for a second her life was in real jeopardy when she gave birth). I don’t care about any of the insipid interns. I don’t care about the ultra-annoying April. Finally, I’m sick of everyone complaining about Arizona cheating on Callie. Hey, kids, gay people cheat, too. Just because they’re lesbians, that doesn’t mean they deserve some perfect life. This is a soap. Get used to it. B

What do you think? What season finales made an impression on you?


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