Saturday, July 13, 2013

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Summer isn't exactly exciting in Port Charles

Summer in Port Charles is an annoying mix of fun and phlegm right now.

Yeah, I said phlegm.

I am genuinely perplexed with the current state of ‘General Hospital’.

On one hand, I’m absolutely loving the vets – especially Anna and Duke – and I’m enjoying Danny’s illness and the bonding of Silas and Sam. Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco have so much chemistry they practically leap off the screen.

To a lesser degree, I’m also enjoying the Liz and AJ interaction – although I have to wonder why we can’t get a hot love scene between them? If Liz and AJ are merely being used to prop Liz and Nikolas – a couple that makes me genuinely uncomfortable to watch on the screen – then I redact that statement. I want a real triangle – not Nikolas propping.

While I enjoy watching the battling Qs, and am happy to see the mansion filled with familial faces, I
would be happier if those faces belonged to Emily, Alan, Ned and Jimmy Lee, quite frankly. Kiki, Ava and Franco shouldn’t be in that house.

Speaking of Kiki, the kissing cousins dilemma of Kiki and Michael is a little less gross than Nikolas and Liz – but it’s still really uncomfortable. It appears we’re going to find out that Kiki is actually Silas’ kid – instead of Franco’s – but I have a few problems with that: 

  1.  I like the chemistry between Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson as father and daughter. I would rather see Franco (who rumors say has a brain tumor which caused him to be evil – just like Jonathan on AMC) de-Quartermained than Kiki de-Howarthed. 
  2.  Silas has his hands full with Sam and Rafe – let’s not saddle him with Kiki, too. This isn’t the ‘Brady Bunch.’

While it was nice to see Georgie this weekend, I’m not invested in Maxie and Spinelli as a couple – so I don’t care about their spawn. I’m also not invested in Dante and nuLulu – even though Dante and Lulu used to be my favorite couple. I just cannot engage with nuLulu.

Then there’s Sonny and Olivia – a couple with zero chemistry and no rooting value. Poor Maurice Benard. He went from King of the Docks to “that guy” the writers need to shove with whatever single lady above a certain age that is on the canvas.

GH’s canvas is still far too cluttered – and booting Kelly Sullivan’s Connie is a good start, but it’s not nearly enough.

A good seven people need to be eradicated from Port Charles – especially with news that William
DeVry is joining the cast and persistent rumors that Stephen Nichols is returning and Peter Reckell is being considered to be added, as well.

One of the big problems with GH right now is that there’s no pacing – because there are too many characters to give any one story the time it deserves.

Hard decisions have to be made. Quite frankly, I would write Sonny off into the sunset with Brenda, kill Olivia (and her visions) off, oust TJ and Shawn (I cannot root for a hitman), kill Britt off after she gives Lulu and Dante their baby, send Spinelli and Ellie off to another city together, send nuMorgan back to boarding school and write Patrick and Robin off into the sunset.

Kimberly McCullough reportedly tweeted that she’s in discussions for a return – and I’m hopeful that it’s to usher Patrick off the canvas. His dalliances with Britt and Sabrina have completely ruined the character.

I hope that Robin returns, Patrick dumps Sabrina at the ball like the Disney princess she pretends to be and then Franco runs her over with his car (or something like that). Bitter? Yeah, I truly hate Sabrina. I can admit it.

The truth is, though, GH is better than it was under Guza – but it’s far from perfect. I honestly cannot understand why new characters keep being added to the cast while important vets are languishing on the backburner.

Enough is enough.

What do you think? What’s the current status of GH, in your opinion?


Blogger Joe said...

I really don't get your love of Kelly Monaco. She's the most annoying female on GH. More annoying than all the other female characters you dislike combined! Sending her into the harbor debts wouldn't hurt my feelings, one iota!

July 13, 2013 at 9:00 PM 
Blogger Allura said...

^^Exactly. I agree with nearly everything you said, but I gotta agree with Joe - lightning did NOT strike thrice for KeMo and ME - there is absolutely no chemistry and "Sil-ass" is a disgusting excuse for a character. Linking them with the disgusting non-Q's Kiki, Ava and F. is certainly not going to help matters to go anywhere. All of these characters are disgusting and ridiculous, and should really just be shoved out from a train. It's like these aforementioned people live on their own show on an island somewhere. But it certainly isn't GH.

July 29, 2013 at 12:30 PM 

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