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Soaps and baby switches: What’s the deal with that?

Okay, who didn’t see a baby switch story on the horizon the minute Tea and Sam were in a room commenting on how pregnant the other one was on ‘General Hospital’?

One thing you can say for Ron Carlivati (GH head writer) is he’s consistent. Carlivati is the former head writer of 'One Life to Live', a soap that's biggest claim to fame in recent years were Jessica’s DID storyline (now being revisited – and poorly so – by GH’s Kate) and the Hope and Chloe baby switch.

The problem is, baby switch storylines really are tired and done.

‘General Hospital’ made a name for itself in the past by being innovative. Anyone remember Stone's AIDs story? Or Maxie getting B.J.'s heart?

Retreading overdone soap clichés is not going to bring in new viewers – and it could very well alienate current ones.

This week, Todd delivered Tea’s baby in the middle of a storm. By his reaction, it was obvious there was something wrong with the infant.

Not far away, Sam went into premature labor and had to be aided by cop John McBain. Despite being born prematurely, her baby seems relatively healthy.

Just some quick history on these two ladies, Tea’s husband Victor was shot down by his brother Todd in cold blood and “killed.” This baby was Tea’s last piece of Victor. As for Sam, several years ago she had another baby that died shortly after birth.

Both of these women have undergone severe trauma.

It just happens to be poor Sam’s bad luck that her husband – mobster Borg Jason Morgan – sent goons to attack McBain to send him a message to get out of town right after she had her baby. While she thinks he’s going to get a car and take her to a hospital, he’s actually been dumped out in the rain.

Meanwhile, back with bickering exes Todd and Tea, Todd agrees to get the baby to the hospital – but knows it’s already too late. He happens to run into resident whack job Heather Webber who is busy dumping the body of local mobster Anthony in the same area.

Anyone who has ever watched soaps knows what’s going to happen next.

Sam is going to go looking for John and in her weakened condition pass out with the baby. Todd and Heather are going to find her. Todd is going to feel guilty about depriving Tea of her baby’s father and switch the baby out with Heather – with both sides agreeing to keep quiet about Anthony’s body.

When Sam wakes up, not only is she going to have another dead baby – but she’s going to find out the reason she wasn’t taken to the hospital right away is because her husband is a disgusting loser who orders guys to beat up a cop.

She’ll turn on Jason – even though he was going to tell her he was willing to be a father to the baby even though it was his serial killer brother’s (yes, I know there’s every possibility that Heather changed the paternity test – although, if I’m being honest, I can’t see her changing the babies out if she really changed the paternity because that would ruin her plans – but that’s a whole other rant isn’t it?).

So, where will that leave us?

Tea will be raising a baby that isn’t her own. That baby will inevitably be ripped from her arms and Todd will be despised even more than he is now. My guess is, the baby will have that weird Cassidine condition -- no, not insanity, the other one.

Sam will pull even further away from Jason and closer to John. I’m guessing that John will get in another fight with Natalie (please over the phone – no one needs to see her in Port Charles) and the two will end up in a drunken tryst a few weeks from now.

Jason, in his despair, will turn to Liz and they’ll have sex (again) and Liz will get pregnant (again – seriously, the woman gets pregnant every time she has sex).

Later, when the truth comes out about the baby switch, the quadrangle of Liz/Jason/Sam/John will be so convoluted it could take years (if GH has that long) to sort out.


Just typing all that out maybe me laugh at how ludicrous soaps are – and yet I love them anyway.

Anyway, back to the main point.

I think Carlivati has done wonders with GH since taking over. His biggest misstep so far, though, has been Kate’s DID story and the ruination of Johnny.

Let’s hope that this baby switch storyline isn’t handled as heavy-handedly as those two stories were.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to another baby switch storyline?


Blogger SHERI said...

No i am not looking to another baby switch storyline. I am truly sick of babies and kids dying on GH really.What is it with GH do they have a thing for killing off children? All the points in the article are very true and very valid and another reason i dont like THIS particular baby switch storyline is that Todd Manning is involved. Todd Manning is one of the greatest characters ever written for soaps. Over the years he as done his share of misdeeds but i THOUGHT they were trying to redeem him a little. He was involved in giving his own infant son away storyline years ago (who he didnt think was his thought it was max holdens) and I THOUGHT that was horrible enough now GH has him in another baby switch story. It does not endear GH viewers who NEVER watched OLTL to get to know and like or love to hate the todd manning character. All they see is this SOB working with HEATHER WEBER of all people to take away their beloved sams baby to give it to some OLTL character named TEA who they dont know or care about. What should have been done is GH should have gotten its regular viewers USED to the oltl characters slowely not mixing them in a STUPID POORLY WRITTEN baby switch storyline.

June 7, 2012 at 3:53 AM 
Blogger Jessica said...

I don't think either one of these characters deserves to suffer through a baby switch. I don't think anyone with a pulse thinks that missing the first few months of your child's life is anything less than criminal. Let's just say that both babies, as rumors are suggesting, are alive and well and will ultimately wind up with the proper mothers. I don't see how that makes knowing someone else got to witness the first critical months of your child's life okay. Especially these two ladies...I happen to loathe Sam, but the girl has had enough to worry about. Tea, well, we all know "Victor" is alive, but that doesn't make up for her agony in watching him "die". I am enjoying a slightly more enlightened, sensitive Todd, and it really breaks my heart to see him ruined once again. He has been through enough, has seemingly grown as a result of his trauma and it is disgusting that he would be ruined once again.

June 7, 2012 at 11:25 AM 

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