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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Why is Johnny being sacrificed?

I hate to rag on the current writing regime at ‘General Hospital,’ mostly because they’ve made some marked improvements in the show but, the truth is, I’m concerned.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with the possibility of a Sam and John romance. I’m enjoying Luke and Anna tremendously. I’m even enjoying Heather’s antics – even if she has spent the better part of the week acting opposite of a corpse.

What I’m not thrilled with (aside from the horrendous DID storyline) is what the writers are doing to Johnny.

Johnny has always been a conflicted character. In the capable hands of Brandon Barash, Johnny hasn’t always been portrayed as a white knight – but he usually has something akin to a moral compass.

All that changed over the last two weeks.

I could actually accept him killing Anthony and trying to frame Luke and Tracy for the crime. Given his emotional duress upon finding out Claudia was his mother and not his sister, for Johnny to snap and kill Anthony was understandable.

Let’s be honest, Anthony was likeable but not redeemable.

The problem is, Johnny isn’t redeemable anymore either.

It’s not just the murder of Anthony – and it was a murder folks. Sitting there and watching him die a slow death WAS murder. I can actually live with that (what’s that say about my moral compass?).

What I can’t live with is the fact that we found out he’s responsible for the accident that killed Cole and Hope.

First of all, did anyone else think that the revelation felt “tacked on”? Like it was added after the fact and was hurriedly written? Because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

At least when we thought it was Kate it was a forgivable action because she is mentally ill.

This is not a forgivable action. Not only did Johnny do it, but he covered it up and blamed it on a woman he knows to be mentally ill.

Speaking of that woman, Johnny sleeping with her when she was Connie essentially constitutes rape because Johnny was aware of Kate’s fragile mental condition. She didn’t have the ability to consent – and Johnny knew that.

So, when we take a long, hard look at it, the truth is, in the last three weeks Johnny has been turned into a rapist and a triple-murderer. How, exactly, can the character come back from that?

Since Johnny can’t be redeemed, the only options are making him a total bad guy or killing him off. Either way, that gives the character a limited shelf life.

As a fan of Johnny and Barash, I’m a little disheartened by what I’m seeing.

Sure, Barash has been turning in a great performance – but I would have rather seen him stay the course than lose him.

If Barash is cut loose, which I see no way around at this point, and the writers bring in more ‘One Life to Live’ characters there’s bound to be a mutiny amongst the fan base. ‘General Hospital’ fans love Johnny. Losing him will be too much for some to take. If they think it’s in favor of new ‘One Life to Live’ imports – things are going to get ugly.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m hopeful that we’ll somehow find out that Johnny is just pretending to have killed Cole and Hope as a delayed reaction to his sexual encounter with Connie.

If that’s not the case, though, I think Johnny fans are going to be in for a rude awakening.

In recent weeks, there had been rumors that Barash had been let go. Amid the fan fervor, show runners took to Twitter to assure fans that wasn’t the case.

The problem is, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. These rumors about character ousters usually stem from somewhere. Sure, a handful of them are made up by people on message boards who claim they have spoilers but are really just writing fan fiction – but the majority of them have some grain of truth.

And that’s what really concerns me.

What do you think? Is Johnny on his way out of Port Charles?


Blogger kerinah said...

Frankly speaking let me put it this way.......... i'd just save Brandon Barash's time by killing off his character. (No Pun intended)Do you know how many people saw the heinous sleep with a mentally ill woman knowing that she's ill coming? And shortly before that they had Johnny not even daring to go there because of the Claudia pimping. The thought alone disgusted him and i doubt that Brandon was proud of having his character's conscience trashed like that. But then again that's RC.I guess we can paint him as a the new Ford but with a worse conscience than ever!
Let's see.........
Cause an accident that kills a 3 year old and her dad and NOT react all that time let alone hand himself over?!?!?!?!?Johnny would not live with that on his conscience EVER! Goes to show that (no offense here) RC knows nothing about the Johnny we've known for years!
Now whathurt me the most was that Brandon said in SOD that he was told Johnny would be the one who caused the accident before he got his script!
HUH?????!!!!???? So yeah i think i can agree that it felt "tacked on" hurriedly! I always had a feeling somethign was off. WHo comes back from that unless they somehow met Irene Manning and her face change game or Mitch Lawrence and his i've seen the lord routine??? Yeah no one! I canonly say Sonny,Jason and even Todd look more cleaner than Johnny. Hey never mind that Sonny was always Johnny's victim (Rolls Eyes) See the effect again??? Johnny Frames Sonny! UGH UGH UGH! What else is NEW?

Then Ron says he knew we'd buy the Connie being the one who did it, has us guessing through out entire episodes,then while we think Johnny is lying to AZ it turns out to be true? Why couldn't they be canning enough to make it Ronnie since he was already getting killed off?
Ronnie hates Sonny enough to frame him, unmarked gun, distracting Dante and all that.........BOOM! You have a WINNER!
Hasn;t Johnny sufffered enough?

Yes Care for your girlfriend but on top of that not feel guilty enough to hand yourself in knowing fully well she has a three year old daughter who you read a story book too???? really??? mmmmmm um okay! whatever!Oh and he's never use her knowing she has a kid the same age as Hope! WOW! I see the tables have turned!

Sleep with a mentally ill woman! KNOWING that it's wrong! Yeah We all told RC to spare Johnny from that crap but nope nope! it never sunk in!

Ask Kate's peronality Connie to take the rap for what he did as leverage to keep SKate apart or whatever deal it was. Seriously? Johnny can be reckless but he is NOT that careless with other people's feelings!! So once again Kate gets to play a game she never agreed to with Johny and Connie (smh)

Now i cannot complain on the AZ getting shot part,frankly as much as he was entertaining he was indeed unredeemable but then again when you look at what Johnny has done lately, Even AZ's conscience is squeaky clean! Poor Johnny! the onlypal left to join him should be a bullet.
I really feel bad for Brandon because he said he was upset that they had to make Johnny kill Anthony :( I felt his frustration.
I'd just make this an exit storyline for Brandon and bid adieu to him.
Yeah the rumor hit the social networking sites and poof it's recounted? mmmmmmmm!

June 8, 2012 at 9:42 AM 

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