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This week’s top entertainment moments (April 29, 2012)

Sweeps kicked into high gear this week and just about every show had new episodes.

This is the big push for shows that are trying to cement their positions for renewal.

On CBS, you had the big crossover between ‘Hawaii Five-0’ and ‘NCIS: LA’ on back-to-back nights.

While I enjoyed the event, even though I’m not a NCIS fan, I think that it would have been even better if McGarret had been present. Thankfully, Alex O’Loughlin returns for the final run this week – because the strength of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ honestly stems from the Danny and Steve bromance.

On ABC you had the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ residents taking their boards – with only April not passing. Personally, I think that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ almost always falters when they leave the hospital – but that’s just me.

This week’s top entertainment moments are:

5. Girls – After only three episodes, HBO’s ‘Girls’ has reserved a place on my favorite shows list. Not only is Lena Dunham hilarious (and spot on) as Hannah, but she’s also heartbreakingly real. We all laughed last week when Hannah’s obsession with getting an STD made her horn in on her friend’s abortion. It wasn’t so funny this week when it was revealed that she has HPV. The fact that her loser boyfriend lied and said he’d been tested for HPV and didn’t have it (apparently there is no test for men – you learn something new every day) wasn’t even the worst thing to happen to Hannah all episode, though. That distinction goes to her uncomfortable showdown with her ex-boyfriend – who she finds out is gay. Not only does the ex tell Hannah her current boyfriend is a liar, he refuses to let her have the last word and walks out on her in a restaurant. Oh, Hannah, you have tragic taste in men.

4. Once Upon a Time – Emma is a great heroine. She’s strong. She’s loyal. She’s also apparently oblivious. I thought it was a great reveal that – since she wasn’t a believer – she couldn’t see August’s wooden leg (great back story on him by the way). I don’t know if she is just desperate or stupid, though, when she takes Henry and tries to flee. Something tells me that won’t go well. I also don’t understand how David can be so stupid that he doesn’t see that Regina is trying to manipulate him. There’s been a lot of talk among fans. Some seem to think the curse will be lifted by the end of this season. I just don’t think that’s going to happen. I hope, when it doesn’t, that fans don’t pull a mass exodus like they did with AMC’s ‘The Killing.’

3. Game of Thrones – Poor Renly, I was really starting to like him. I wasn’t looking forward to the worst threesome in history, but I was fairly enamored with him. Well, at least one of the claimants for the throne is no more – and he was dispatched by that black smoke monster (no, the other one, the one that came out of the red witch – although that would be all kinds of cool).  Dany finally hit civilization and got another marriage proposal – although I’m still fairly bored with her story this season. Jon Snow didn’t do a lot either. Tyrion was entertaining -- as always. I'm particularly enjoying his blackmail of his cousin -- even though it revolves around even more incest. It was young Arya, though, who really got my attention this week. Not only is she reciting the names of her enemies to herself before she goes to sleep, but she now has the power to order the killings of three men. Something tells me Ned Stark’s daughter is getting a little blood thirsty – and deranged –but I can’t wait to see what she does with this power.

2. Supernatural – Two weeks in a row this show has introduced fun new guest stars. This week’s Kevin Tran wasn’t as entertaining as last week’s Charlie Bradbury, but he did have his moments. This also marked the return of a benevolent Castiel (“Pull my finger”), a manipulative Meg, and the ever omnipresent angels. I’m still not a fan of the Leviathan storyline – especially that whole bibbing themselves thing – but Dean and Sam are starting to get their groove back (even if they haven’t gotten their car back yet). I think we should probably prepare ourselves for another epic battle between angels, demons and leviathans – but at least the ride is getting smoother. I wasn’t happy with Castiel’s exit this week (we know he’ll be back), but I am starting to wonder exactly what Crowley is up to.

1. Gossip Girl – The CW show pulled off the classic swerve this week. We had all been so focused on whether or not Diana was his mother and then (shudder) whether Jack Bass was his real father that we didn’t see the reveal that Bart Bass was still alive coming. The episode had a lot of fun scenes, including Chuck and Blair making their way through the brothel together. These two really are the heart of this show anymore. I can’t muster up the energy to care about Serena and her Gossip Girl plight, but the reveal that Bart Bass is alive turned the show on its head. Not only does this invalidate Rufus and Lily’s marriage, but it creates turmoil for Chuck. I would be remiss to mention the fact that Dan is turning into a paranoid (and clingy) moron. He turned down the chance of a lifetime because Blair wasn’t upset enough about the possibility of them spending the summer apart. This is obviously going to blow up in his face. I couldn’t help but laugh (and I think I was supposed to feel sympathy) when he told Blair he loved her and she didn’t return the feelings. When is this schmuck going to realize that they don’t belong in each others orbits?

Honorable mentions:
Two and a Half Men: The Kathy Bates cameo could have been fun – but it wasn’t. The truth is, Alan is nothing more than a leech anymore and his antics have grown tiresome. The constant bitterness about Charlie Sheen has gotten old, as well. He’s moved on. Maybe CBS should, too.

Desperate Housewives: This was the third to last episode – and a lot of it fell flat (Gabby and Carlos fighting grows tiresome). However, I did like Lynette getting off on Tom’s boss torturing him. I still hope Lynette and Tom reunite (and it looks like they will), but Tom deserves what he’s getting from Lynette given his conduct this season.

Grey’s Anatomy: April got over that virgin thing quickly. Mere hours after lamenting that she let down Jesus she was riding Avery like a prized stallion. Sure, he is ridiculously hot, but she threw her convictions out the window mighty easily.

Veep: I’ve never been a fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but her Selina Meyer is a self-absorbed narcissist after my own heart. Selina’s open glee at the thought of the president having a heart attack and her being left in charge was hilarious – as was her disappointment to find out it was just a stomach problem. The show is still a little slapstick, but it’s got real potential.

The Big Bang Theory: This wasn’t a great episode, but Amy’s “training” of Sheldon earns it a spot on the list. Between the Super Mario Brothers mood music, spaghetti with cut up hot dogs and the end shot of her in a Star Trek nurse’s uniform, Amy stole the show – and perhaps Sheldon’s heart?'

What do you think? What were the top entertainment moments of the week?


Blogger Publicola said...

I for one will not abandon Once Upon a Time after this season. Its had its ups and downs, but it has lived up to my expectations. It has well written characters with interesting things to say and do. And I have never expected, nor has the show led me to believe, the curse will be broken by the end of the season. On the contrary, that would be pretty much the end of the show. No, it must go on.

May 9, 2012 at 5:16 PM 

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