Saturday, April 28, 2012

Top moments in entertainment include a Chelsea Lately Detroit shout out

This is really the last week of relative quiet before the network shows gear up for their final run of the season.

There were still a handful of shows that aired new episodes – but all of that was trumped by President Barack Obama slow-jamming the news on ‘Late Night’ with Jimmy Fallon.

Love or hate his politics, his good nature is palpable and the fact that he has a sense of humor about himself makes him that much more likeable.

In other reality television news, E!’s Chelsea Handler gave a shout out to the city of Detroit – claiming it’s one of her favorite places in the world right now.


Because of Wayne County Judge Wayne McCree – who notoriously texted photos of himself shirtless to a female employee.

Handler’s humor is an acquired taste, but her hilarious take on McCree’s motivations (and amazement of what was beneath the robe) was must see television for any Southeastern Michigan resident who couldn’t help but laugh at the scandal when it first broke.

In scripted television, the pickings were slim. Without further ado, though, this week’s top television moments are:

5. Supernatural – It’s been a rough two seasons for this show, but things are slowly starting to get better. This week’s outing was actually rather fun, in fact, and this show has been struggling to find the fun for a long time. Charlie Bradbury was a winning character – I mean who didn’t love her getting advice from her Hermione bobblehead and she showed me a Princess Leia shirt I simply must get -- but Dean and Sam seemed a little lighter this week, too. Sure, they’re still dealing with ghost Bobbie and the possibility that he’ll go revenge crazy, but both Sam and Dean were charmed by Charlie and her antics. They’ve tried adding females to the show throughout the years – and it’s failed every time. I think Charlie might be a viable option if they ever want to consider that again – but that’s just me. Peace out, b------.

4. Once Upon a Time – Mr. Gold (aka Rumplestiltskin) is probably the most dynamic character on the show – and that’s saying something on a canvas that is littered with dynamic characters – so an episode devoted to his history was welcome. I know I was not only interested in what happened to his son, Bae, but who, exactly, August was in modern times. I thought it was a little heavy-handed at first – especially if August did indeed turn out to be Bae. Since he didn’t, I found the ending of the episode both exciting and intriguing. We still don’t know the truth about August, but we do feel a little more sympathy for Mr. Gold. We also know why he created the curse for Regina – and what end he’s working towards. This show continues to excel – and I can’t wait for the second season.

3. Game of Thrones – Most of the episode was a weak outing for a program that’s consistently one of the best out there right now. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sick of Dany in the desert and I’m ready for Joffrey to have something terrible befall him. Sunday’s episode didn’t advance either of those causes frankly. What it did do was give us some more nudity, some more uncomfortable incest, and the birth of something truly awful. What was it? I have no idea. It grew in this woman’s womb in a short period of time and when she expelled it – all I can say is that black smoke with claws is truly terrifying. This show continues to get bigger and better, but I am worried that the broad cast is going to hurt it eventually. Personally, I will never tire of Jon Snow, Arya and Tyrion – but most of the characters are richly drawn and highly entertaining. It’s hard to believe this season is already half over isn’t it?

2. Private Practice – This show consistently outdoes ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ anymore – so I don’t understand why it is the program in danger of being cancelled. This week’s outing had sweet moments with Addison and her new baby, tense moments of therapy with Pete and Violet, interesting personal dynamics between Charlotte and Cooper in regards to Mason and even funny moments between Sam and the new doctor when they both acknowledge that Addison has issues when it comes to men. It was the scenes between Amelia and Addison that carried the show, though, as we realize throughout the episode that despite Addison’s assurances that her baby would be fine – the opposite was true. Amelia’s baby actually is gestating without a brain. After a shrill showdown with Addison – where Amelia admits she’s jealous and hates her at the moment – Amelia ultimately decides to continue carrying her baby so its organs can be harvested at birth and save other children. People better get their hankies ready for that one.

1. House – Most of the characters on the long-running (and mercifully ending) FOX show aren’t even likeable anymore. Wilson, however, is. The revelation this week that he was suffering from cancer was not only shocking but scary. We know that a lot of characters are returning for the finale – including dead ones. I’m hoping Wilson won’t be getting visits from the other side. Given all the despicable things he’s done, I’m hoping it’s somehow House that dies and not Wilson – but I’m not holding my breath. The acting on this show is still topnotch, but I can’t remember the last time it was relevant. Here’s hoping the venerable show doesn’t limp to the finish line but sprint.

Honorable mentions go to:

Grey’s Anatomy – After last week’s engaging episode, this week was maudlin and tedious again. Alex and his intern fall flat – and I don’t care about their rubber baby. Plus, I’m hoping April is one of the characters that dies in the finale. She is not only useless, but annoying to boot. That being said, the scenes of Christina and Meredith – on either side of the hotel room door – as Christina finally admitted Owen cheated on her were riveting.

Gossip Girl – I’m still not sure I understand the Serena as Gossip Girl storyline, but this week’s episode showed signs of life. Not only do we find out that Elizabeth Hurley’s Diana isn’t Chuck’s mother (that was a lame reveal anyway) – but now we find out that Bart Bass is probably not Chuck’s father. Instead, it seems that the slimy Jack Bass – Chuck’s horrific uncle – may have supplied the DNA that made Chuck. This week’s outing looks fun, with Chuck and Blair joining forces (anything has to be better than the painful Dan and Blair scenes). I’m also hoping that Lily somehow regains her footing, especially given the fact that her ex just stole half her mother’s money and skipped town. I would hate to think that Rufus and Lily wouldn’t be together at the end. I’m actually a proponent of this show ending this year – but it looks like next year will be its last. I hope the show can find a way to sustain itself for another year – because I think Dan and Nate have run their course and Serena is almost completely unlikeable now. As much chemistry as they have, Blair and Chuck can’t carry an entire season again. They already did that in season two.

What do you think? What were the top entertainment moments of the week?


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