Friday, May 4, 2012

What to expect from your favorite show in their season finale

It’s finally here – the end of the regular television season.

So when is your favorite show going off the air – and what can you expect from the finale?

* The Big Bang Theory (May 10) – Will Howard go into space or marry love Bernadette? When NASA changes the date of his space launch, Howard is faced with a tough decision. Something tells me, though, the writers will find a way to do both. This show was always funny – it got even better when Bernadette and Amy helped even out the testosterone factor, though.

* Blue Bloods (May 11) – The city of New York is facing (another) terrorist attack, and only Magnum, I mean Frank, can save the day. Youngest son Jamie (Will Estes) will also be facing some tough choices stemming from his season-long undercover assignment.

* Bones (May 14) – Cyber killer Christopher Pelant is back and he’s taking a shot at a member of the team – a very important member.

* Castle (May 7) – Castle’s investigation into Beckett’s mother’s murder may come back to bite him.

* Criminal Minds (May 16) – The finale has a wedding and a departure. No one is sure who the wedding belongs to (my guess is JJ and Will) but Paget Brewster’s Prentiss is the character departing the show in the finale. Pretiss won’t be killed off this time, though. Her departure is being left open-ended. Guess the CBS show runners learned something from last season’s mistakes.

* CSI (May 9) – The CSI team will be fighting a familiar opponent – Undersheriff McKeen.

* CSI: NY (May 11) – Mac gets shot. Any guesses on whether he survives? My guess is, if one of the CSI franchises is going to get yanked, this will be the one to go.

* Desperate Housewives (May 13) – Will Gaby and Carlos be forced to move from Wisteria Lane? Will Bree be convicted of murder? Will Lynette and Tom get their happily ever after? We know the finale is chock full of  familiar faces – we just don’t know how they will appear.

* Fringe (May 11) – One of the two universes will “end.” This show is too confusing to even posit any conjecture on the finale.

* Glee (May 22) – Which teens will stay? Which ones will leave? I hope you care, because I don’t.

* Gossip Girl (May 14) – The finale revolves around Serena and her quest to remain Gossip Girl (dumb story). I’d much rather have my Chuck and Blair reconciliation, but I guess that will have to wait until next season.

* Grey’s Anatomy (May 17) – This is another big catastrophe episode – and we are promised at least one death. Let’s just hope it is April.

* Hawaii Five-0 (May 14) – McGarrett is back and he’s got Wo-Fat in tow. This can’t end well for one of them.

* House (May 21) – Someone is dying in the series finale (and a lot of actors are coming back). We can only hope it is House that bites it and not Wilson.

* How I Met Your Mother (May 14) – There’s a baby and a gander at Barney’s future wife. Something tells me we still won’t know who the mother is, though.

* Law & Order: SVU (May 23) – A war between escort agencies? Yup, this show jumped the shark awhile ago.

* The Mentalist (May 17) – The poor man’s ‘Psych’ is still dealing with Red John – and I still can’t muster the effort to care.

* NCIS (May 15) – The team is trying to prevent another terrorist attack.

* NCIS: LA (May 15) – An old friend and a criminal mastermind in the same episode.

* The Office (May 10) – Robert exits and the office is shaken up – again.

* Once Upon a Time (May 13) – Regina and Emma’s situation will come to a head, but the real question is whether or not Emma will finally become a believer.

* Person of Interest (May 17) – Amy Acker guest stars (I really miss her as Illyria on ‘Angel’) and Reese must protect her from several clients.

* Private Practice (May 15) – Amelia gives birth to her brainless baby and Addison is still torn between two lovers (when isn’t she?).

* Revenge (May 23) – There’s a scary accident and one character leaves town.

* The Secret Circle (May 10) – John Blackwell’s history is revealed and show runners have promised “real and shocking” deaths.

* Supernatural (May 18) – Sam and Dean take on Dick Roman and ready themselves for an eighth season. Please let them rediscover the fun next season.

* Two and a Half Men (May 14) – Jake graduates from high school and this show should graduate to rerun heaven. Something tells me we’re going to have another horrid season of it, though.

* The Vampire Diaries (May 10) – Two main characters are in danger and Klaus continues to be a problem.

What do you think? Which finale are  you looking forward to the most?


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