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Season Finale Roundup: The good, the bad and Grey’s Anatomy.

A lot of shows ended their season runs this week.
Some ended with cliffhangers, like ‘Hawaii Five-0’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Others ended on quite, introspective notes like ‘Criminal Minds.’ Still others ended their runs on a wave of emotion, like ‘Desperate Housewives.’

Sure, Housewives is different because it was a series finale instead of a season finale, but it was still an ending of note this week.

So what were the top endings of the week? Let’s take a look.

Desperate Housewives – There was a lot going on this episode. Tom and Lynette reunited, almost broke up again, but then stuck together and decided to move to New York. Bree and Tripp made a go of it, also leaving the state. Gaby and Carlos admitted that maybe some of their spark comes from fighting, and fans got a glimpse of their fighting future – in California. The saddest moment, though, was when Susan took one more spin around Wisteria Lane and we saw all the ghosts that still live there – including Mike. Since this was ‘Desperate Housewives,’ though, I did like seeing that the woman living in Susan’s house had a mystery of her own. Sure, we’ll never know what it is, but Wisteria Lane won’t be the same without a little intrigue.

Hawaii Five-0 – This episode was weird. Not bad weird. Just weird. Masi Oka’s Max was gunned down early on and the central mystery was wrapped up about 45 minutes in. That’s what threw me, honestly. Then Joe and McGarrett take off to meet Shelburne – only to find out it’s McGarrett’s mother. Back in Hawaii, Danny makes a pledge to fight his ex for custody of Grace (does this strike anyone else as wildly out of character for Rachael – especially given the end of last season?). It was Chin’s world that came crashing down, though, when he was forced to choose between his wife and his cousin. He chose his wife, but she didn’t look so good on the floor there at the end as he was calling for an ambulance? And poor Kono? She was tossed off a boat with her hands and feet duct-taped. Something tells me she’ll survive. After all, Chin was warned not to call the cops. He could have called Adam, though, right? Right?

Gossip Girl – Finally! Serena shows her true colors when she sets up Blair and seduces Dan. Sure, Dan made it easy, but Serena has never been a good person – so pretending she would just be okay with Blair stealing Dan from her never did sit right with me. I did like Dan turning on Serena at the end – but he really has no one to blame for Blair choosing Chuck over him. What did he think was going to happen? He knew Blair loved Chuck and yet he thought he could somehow change that. Speaking of Blair and Chuck, I clapped at the end when Blair showed up to play cards with Chuck – pledging she was going to chase him for a change. I like these two so much better together than apart. I can’t wait for Blair and Chuck to take on Bart together. Of course, Dan will rush to Serena’s rescue next season (like he always does) – but for now she’s getting what she deserves. Anyone else think Lily is playing a dangerous game with Bart? I’m starting to think this is some elaborate plan – or maybe I just hope. Billy Baldwin was busy this season wasn’t he? He was in both the finales of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ and ‘Gossip Girl.’ Something tells me he’ll be back on both.

Once Upon a Time – The freshman season hit went out on a high note Sunday, with true love’s kiss being between a mother and son (on Mother’s Day no less – well done). All the fairy tale characters got their memories back, Snow and Charming were reunited, Belle found Rumplestiltskin and Regina fled in fear – all before Mr. Gold unleashed a new plague on the town. We don’t know what form that new plague will take (see my thoughts here) – but Regina looks a little too happy by what she sees at the end to make me comfortable. I can't wait for the uncomfortable family dinner that's sure to follow Snow and Charming realizing Emma really is their daughter, though.

Criminal Minds – The two-hour season finale revolved around JJ, Will and son Henry – as well as a side story regarding Prentiss. It was nice to see Will again. The domestic bliss between JJ, Will and Henry was too cute in the beginning not to result in some angst. My problem is that I can’t believe Prentiss as a super spy. Sydney Bristow she isn’t. I also had trouble believing JJ in that beat down with the terrorist. Sure, a mother will fight to save her child, but JJ got the crap beat out of her by a deluded Goth fan a couple seasons ago. Now she’s Xena? Umm, no. I’m intrigued by the possibility of Rossi and Strauss – guess we’ll find out more about that next season – and I was glad to see Prentiss go at the end. Yeah, I said it. I have never seen the need for Prentiss or Elle, for that matter. Let’s just hope they don’t get another vapid blonde to fill in for her next season.

Private Practice – This show is so incestuous sometimes it freaks me out (not ‘Game of Thrones’ incestuous, mind you, but troubling all the same). Addison is now kissing another doctor at the practice, while Sam is fuming. Poor Amelia. She gave birth to a baby without a brain. I did enjoy the scene of Addison barreling in the room even though Amelia didn’t want her there. That is Addison’s nature. Pete might be going to prison for pulling a Kevorkian. Sheldon feels guilty for not being there for Amelia. Cooper and Charlotte are trying to bond with Mason. It’s all emotionally charged. Then, in the waning seconds, Sam finally tells Addison what she wants to hear. Not only does he love her, but he wants to be a father to her baby. He drops to one knee and proposes. We don’t know Addison’s answer – but since ‘Private Practice’ is getting a half season wrap-up next year, I’m hoping it’s yes. An Addison and Sam wedding would be a perfect way to end the series.

Grey’s Anatomy – This might not have been the best season finale of the year, but it’s definitely the most talked about. Fans are fuming. Say what you want about Shonda Rhimes, but she knows how to get buzz going. This season’s catastrophe (hilariously commented on by Christina) is a plane crash. This plane crash claims the life of Lexie early (and man are fans ticked). We still don’t know what the fates of the other doctors will be – Arizona and Mark namely could still succumb to their injuries – but you can’t deny that Rhimes knows what she’s doing when it comes to cast upheavals. Sure, the hospital shooting two years ago was a much better episode – with a lot more angst (and better acting) – but this finale did have a few powerful moments. Unfortunately, those moments were largely wasted by the worst crier in prime time – Ellen Pompeo. Rest in Peace Little Grey.

Supernatural – Castiel is back – kind of. Bobby is gone. Who knows if that will stick, though? Although, I’m hopeful that he can get resurrected in human form. What? Dean and Sam have been resurrected back into their bodies multiple times. Bobby deserves a go-around (yes I know that happened in the season five finale already -- but I totally want it to happen again). Anyway. Did anyone else find the final showdown with Dick Roman anticlimactic? The problem is, ‘Supernatural’ really cannot ever top their season five finale, so everything seems like it’s bad compared to that. Sure, season six was legitimately bad, but season seven was a marked improvement. The finale still felt empty, though. Kudos to the great scene of the Impala cruising through the sign though, only to find it’s a distraction, Meg is behind the wheel. I don’t know about anyone else, but I just can’t get worked up about Dean being in Purgatory. Can’t the boys just go on some good, old-fashioned monster hunts? Let’s leave the Biblical storylines behind, shall we?

What do you think? What were the best season finales? The worst?


Blogger gman said...

Yes, I saw that “Grey’s Anatomy” finale, and it was quirky the way they had Christian looking for her shoe the whole time, jokes in the midst of tragedy, like Arizona finding humor in looking at his bone when he’s married to an orthopedic surgeon. Still, Rhimes didn’t disappoint me by leaving out any guts to make my breakfast go down any easier. It is easier to justify watching, now that I found time to watch in the morning, because I can skip 20 minutes of commercials with Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings. That way I watch while I’m getting ready for work at Dish, and still get there on time.

May 22, 2012 at 10:35 AM 

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