Friday, May 18, 2012

Are you happy with the Grey’s Anatomy upheaval?

Another season ended on Grey’s Anatomy Thursday night – and, per usual, there was a body count.

This year, we said goodbye to Chyler Leigh’s Lexie Grey – when the young surgeon was pinned under some debris and died early in Thursday’s season finale.

Fans of the show knew there was going to be a death. Due to what looked like some very heavy-handed foreshadowing, most fans had pegged Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) as the one who would die. That was either brilliant sleight of hand by show creator Shonda Rimes or some last-minute story changes. We’ll probably never know on that front.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has become known as an “event” show. Meaning, at least once a season they have a big event that puts a lot of doctors in danger. They’ve had bombs in bodies, a shooter in the hospital and a ferry boat accident – just to name a few.

This year’s event was a plane crash that saw Meredith, Derek, Christina, Mark, Lexie and Arizona going to Boise for a conjoined twin operation. Fan favorite Alex was originally supposed to be on the flight – but Arizona took his place at the last second – which was another reason most people believed that Arizona would be the one to buy it.

What Grey’s did this week was both good and bad.

First, the good. They didn’t have Lexie linger. The young doctor died before her sister, Meredith, could even say goodbye, but holding the hand of the man she loved. In some of the best acting he’s done in years, Eric Dane’s Mark refused to believe that Lexie was dying (despite the fact that half of her body had been crushed) and instead imagined a future where the duo would have children and grow old together.

Lexie’s death was easily the focal point of the episode, but the doctors still had to struggle for survival, with Arizona having a bad break in her leg, Derek’s surgical career being in jeopardy and Mark struggling to breathe in the waning moments of the episode.

Back at the hospital, none of the other characters were aware of what was going on with their co-workers. That actually led to a little implausibility (which I’ll get to in a minute). However, the scenes between Owen and Teddy were well acted and powerful – leading to the second exit of the season when Kim Raver’s Teddy got fired and decided to go back to the U.S. Army.

I didn’t like Raver when she first came on the show but I grew to really like her. I think she will be missed.

As the final “good” part of the episode, Bailey and her love agreed to get married and have a long distance relationship. While I doubt that will end well, I thought the moments between the couple were touching and cute.

Now, to the bad.

I’ve never considered Ellen Pompeo a good actress. In fact, she’s one of the worst criers in primetime. Her acting during the plane crash scenes was stiff at best. Sure, she was supposed to be in shock, but Pompeo had a certain disconnect with the audience. I don’t think it was her best moment.

Sandra Oh, who is always reliable, was also solid in the episode but I expected more. That’s probably not fair, though. It’s just that she’s always so good I expected her to be outstanding in this and she was just so-so.

It wasn’t just the acting that disappointed in the finale, though. There were also some lapses in judgment by the writers.

First, are we supposed to believe that the FAA didn’t notice the plane going down?

Second, why didn’t the Boise people make more of an effort to track down the plane?

Third, these people were in a forest and they couldn’t keep a fire going? These are doctors for crying out loud.

I’m not sure if this will pick up right where this episode ended in September or if they’ll do a time jump, but I’m honestly torn which way I want it to go.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d like Owen to be the one to find Christina – but I’m already sick of the doctors in the woods.

A lot of the stars recently signed two-year deals, signaling there would be two more seasons of the show. Frankly, if this is what we have to look forward to, they should end it sooner rather than later.

Now, as a sidebar, does anyone else wish that April would have died instead of Lexie? That’s a whole other diatribe though, isn’t it?

What do you think? Did ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ officially crash and burn Thursday night?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The cliffhanger was so lame and the whole episode was. Eric Dane is always just eh until he acts with Chyler Leigh. She's amazing and always brought out the best in Dane and Mark. Lexie's death was not needed. It was like it was a cheap rating gimmick and like she was replaced by shonda's shiny new fav April. I guess Lexie's death means April can repeat her senior year in Lexie's place and I'm sure PP characters will be coming. Hated the finale. With Lexie gone, I'm not interested to tune in.

May 19, 2012 at 7:17 PM 

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