Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Once Upon a . . . wait, what just happened here?

ABC’s freshman hit ‘Once Upon a Time’ ended its first season Sunday night with something of a cliffhanger.

I wasn’t surprised that the curse was lifted – there had been a lot of chit chat regarding just that over the run-up to the finale.

What I was surprised about was that weird cloud of purple/black smoke at the end of the episode.
What the heck was that?

TV Guide said it was the curse rebounding back – but I don’t actually think that’s right. I could be wrong, mind you, but I got another feeling from the finale.

First of all, Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin does not want a world without magic. We have learned his son fled to a world without magic, but Mr. Gold wants to reintroduce magic to this world. As a quick offshoot, I was a little disappointed with his reunion with Belle. I expected a little more emotion – but I digress.

I was glad to see Snow White and Prince Charming remember each other (because their near misses were getting old) – and I’m hopeful the cloud of smoke doesn’t affect that.
There are a couple of scenarios being bandied about by fans:

1. The smoke will bring the curse back, making all the characters forget again (including Emma this time). I don’t see why that is something Mr. Gold would want – mostly because he was trying to engineer the end of the curse for most of the season. So I’m ruling that one out.

2. The smoke will actually trap the denizens of the town so no one can leave and no one can come back. I think this is definitely possible. My only problem with that scenario is that – if that’s the way they go – how will Mr. Gold find his son? Are we to assume his son already resides in the town? If not, that makes it virtually impossible for him to find him.

3. The final scenario suggests that the black/purple cloud actually is bringing magic back. I actually like this one the best. How would the characters react to having the magic returned – but still being trapped in a non-magic world? Will some choose to jump dimensions? Will some want to stay? What about Emma?
Anyway you look at it, ‘Once Upon a Time’ managed to engage an increasingly bored network television fan group this season – quickly becoming one of the few breakout hit series to launch last year.

My biggest question is, at this point, what should we expect from the second season?

Personally, now that she’s a believer, I can’t wait for Emma, Snow White and Prince Charming to have a really uncomfortable conversation – especially since their baby is now their own age. Should make for some great angst.

I’m also excited to see how the townspeople treat Regina now that they remember. She better run long and hard (although I don’t really want her to leave the canvas). I have a feeling she’s going to have some people with pitchforks hot on her tail.

I’m hopeful that Belle will be more of a presence next year, and, even though I know it’s really not possible, I would like to see the Huntsman somehow resurrected. He’s hot, sue me.

Pinocchio/August fans need not worry, Eion Bailey is reportedly set to return next season, so my guess is that the curse ending made him human again (otherwise August and Emma love scenes could get downright dangerous next year).

I think, in the end, ‘Once Upon a Time’ hit a nerve because it was different. In ending the curse so quickly, I think that the show runners are making a promise to fans: Even though the curse has ended, happily ever after is still a long way away.

What do you think? Did you like the season finale of ‘Once Upon a Time’? What do you think the purple smoke really means?


Blogger Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Scenario 4: It's a *new* curse, the nature of which the audience does not yet know.

May 17, 2012 at 4:15 PM 
Blogger said...

Well, Mandy, the "smoke" is obviously something evil, did you see the SMILE on Regina's face?? SHE KNOWS! I do not believe she loves Henry, he is a "tool" to her, that kid's got something powerful in him, we just haven't seen it yet! (Regina knows what it is and wants it). And that darn clock, did it stop again at the same time? It certainly ended at the same time, but not sure if the clock stopped or not? Possible Gold does not even realize what he has "released". And yes, the Huntsman needs to come back, (he's hot, sue me too)with Huntsman/Gold, it’s the Scottish accent, gets me every time! The Huntsman, I'd like to squeeze (sorry)and it has to be Huntsman and Emma back together, sorry Pinocchio, you need to find someone else (Raggedy Ann maybe?) (But what would Andy say?) We need to see more of Red & Grandmother, more of that wolf storyline, she could sink her teeth into a thing or two. I like Red, she reminds me of that "wife of a real prince" (William that is, Red looks like Kate)and Doc needs to find that nun and just get married, then he'd smile more (I hope nuns can marry in Storybrooke?) We gotta find someone for Jimminy Cricket too. LOVE NEEDS TO PREVAIL! Not just for Snow & Charming, although that was sure a relief, when they figured THAT out! (HAPPY HAPPY FOR LOVE!) Now, the MadHatter, I think he might be Regina's arch enemy next, He's one crazy dude, but a "likeable" crazy, (again, love, he loves his daughter) drink the tea Regina! Drink the tea! Eat your own darn apples! Regina has driven MHatter to the brink, and she's gotta pay...........
I'm not a big fan of magic, but I love storybook characters, love how they go back/forth from past/present, gives them a human side we can relate to, I like that, I guess we gotta have the magic here, it makes the story!

ok, that's my asked for it......I'm just sayin'.....

May 17, 2012 at 9:36 PM 

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