Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The top five things I want to see on this season of The Walking Dead

One of the only television shows I’m truly passionate about these days – The Walking Dead – returns Sunday, and I honestly can’t wait.

I’ve given up a lot of shows over the past year – some were long overdue, some just lost my interest, and others (cough*Once Upon a Time*cough) are barely hanging on. The Walking Dead is one of the only shows that I’m actually excited about.

When we last saw our heroes, the bulk of them had been reunited in Terminus. It wasn’t exactly a happy reunion, since they were locked in a box car together and, when Rick and his group were herded through the sanctuary, it certainly looked like the Terminus folks were cannibals.

I’m not particularly worried about Rick and the rest of our survivors being eaten (although, it would be a gutsy move and I nominate Sasha or Bob for the task if it happens), but I am worried about everyone being reunited.
Everything I’ve read about this season says the folks at Terminus are not going to be the big bad – and it does sound like people are splitting up again. Eugene needs to get to Washington D.C. to save the world – and some of our heroes are probably going to go with him.

I can’t see Rick being one of them, and there are still a few other things to deal with this season.

So, what are the top five most important things I want to see happen this season:

5. Rick needs to pick a persona – and stick with it: We’ve seen Rick run the gamut of human emotion, from confusion, to happiness, to sadness, to rage, to downright fury. I didn’t quite understand his turn as farmer early in season four. Yes, I know the writers wanted us to see that going back to a normal life was out of the question for these people, but after running the Governor out of town it didn’t make a lot of sense to me for Rick to just give in the way he did. His return to warrior was welcome – and Carl finally showing him that he was a man, too, was needed. In the end, it was Rick who rallied his troops. I want to see that continue this season.

4. Daryl needs some action: I was all for Carol and Daryl to get it on a few years ago – and I’m still
not opposed to it. I’m not sure if it’s in the cards, though. I think we’re going to get Carol and Tyrese instead – which makes me worried they’re going to try and force the Daryl and Beth issue. When we were introduced to Beth, she was still a minor living in her father’s home. Now, she may have turned eighteen, but Norman Reedus is 45, and Daryl is just too old for Beth. It’s creepy. And dirty. And I don’t want to see them go there. I do think poor Daryl needs some loving, though – I’m just not quite sure who is going to give it to him.

3. Trimming the cast: This is inevitable on a show like this. People are going to die. And, while the bulk of the Woodbury folks introduced at the end of season three died by the middle of season four – either by flu or the Governor’s attack – we still had a fairly big cast at the end of the year. I think that Sasha, Bob, Tara, and Rosita are the obvious choices for first victim – and I’m fine with any of them going. At least one big character we’ve grown to love bites it each season, though, and this season I’m worried about Glen. There was a lot of foreshadowing to Hershel’s death before it happened, and I feel Glen was getting that treatment at the end of season four. I love the character, and I’ll be sad to see him go, but when you look at the other options, I’m not sure there’s another choice. Maggie and Glen are the romantic core of this show – which could change things drastically. I’m hoping Glen survives – but I’m not sure, especially given how small the core group is now, who else they could kill off. While I do think Rick will eventually die – I think he’s safe until the final season. And, if Daryl dies, people will riot. Who else does that leave?

2. Beth needs to be rescued: This may come as a surprise to folks, but I want Beth rescued and not
killed. Yeah, I said it. The singing blonde has been at the top of my hit list for two seasons, but I actually started to like her in season four. Sure, it took Daryl to humanize her – but it took her to give Daryl more layers, too. And, while I could still take or leave Beth as a solitary character, I think her return to the fold is what Maggie and Daryl need. I still don’t want her and Daryl paired together. He’s too old for her and it’s creepy – but I do want her to come home to them. After Hershel’s death, I want Maggie and Beth to get their reunion.

1. Carol’s return to the fold: Carol got the strongest arc last season (well, her and Daryl). She went from a battered woman in season one, to a grieving mother in season two, to a woman who started thinking for herself but still needed to be saved in season three, to a total badass who killed two sick people in cold blood to protect the rest of the group in season four. Not only did she admit her culpability in his girlfriend’s death to Tyrese (fully expecting to be killed), but she also put down a “messed up” Lizzy by shooting her in the back. Each season of this show seems to have two episodes that simply take your breath away. Carol was the star of the second this past season. I’m hoping the reunion between Rick, Carol, and Judith (and Tyrese and Sasha as a secondary) happens early. Both Rick and Carol deserve a little forgiveness – and for something good to happen.

What do you think? What are you most excited about this season?


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