Tuesday, June 24, 2014

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nina is now at the top of my “list”

Oh, Nina, you are crazy.

You’re not bordering the line of crazy. Honey, you’ve crossed it.

You’re not justifiably angry and hurt and lashing out – because that would be understandable, and the powers that be at General Hospital don’t do understandable.

No, Nina, you’ve jumped on the train and are speeding towards Crazy Town – where you will be named queen and reign forever with no other able to usurp your power.

I think most viewers knew that – when Michelle Stafford was hired – Nina wasn’t going to be some consummate victim. No, she was going to be a mean heroine with a certain strength to buoy her. I don’t think anyone realized that strength was going to be diagnosable mental illness, though.

Head writer Ron Carlivati has wasted no time in making sure that viewers realize that Nina is crazy.

A more subtle writer would have dragged things out; let us wonder about Nina, feel for her. Not RC, though.
He had to keep his title as Plot Driven King intact so he outed her two weeks into her tenure and gave her absolutely no rooting value whatsoever.

 I would like to think this means that Stafford is only on for the short term – but since RC insisted on giving Franco a tumor and trying to make him a hero, I have my doubts.

On Tuesday’s episode, Nina and her “nurse” sat down to make a hit list. Okay, maybe they won’t all die, but she wants to exert some pain on these people. So Silas, Ava, Sam, Madeline and Kiki better watch out (although, how she blames Kiki for any of this is beyond me).

It gave me an idea, though. If Nina can make a “list” then I’m going to make my own GH hit list.

These are the characters that have done me wrong – and Nina really is at the top of the list after the past two weeks for all the reasons mentioned above -- and I want some bloody retribution.

10. Sabrina Santiago: She made me watch her whine and moon after a man that was clearly out of her league for months. She had every character on the canvas – some created just for this sole purpose – propping her to the point where I wanted to deafen myself with Q-tips every time she was on the screen. I half expected the first words Robert spoke when he woke up from his coma to be: "Forget the fact that I saw Robin and she is alive, how is that nice Sabrina girl that keeps trying to steal Robin's life doing?" I hate passive aggressive characters, and Sabrina fits on that list – right between Lily and Courtney. Let’s hope that Sabrina decides to stay in Puerto Rico for good.

9. Carly Jacks: You are living with the man that facilitated the rape of your son. The man that kidnapped
your daughter. The man that faked the rape of your best friend’s wife. You make excuses for his “brain tumor” – but the only one buying that is you. Your children certainly aren’t. And, while you’re off trying to run Sonny’s life, you’ve left your brat of a daughter with the guy that once kidnapped her. On the flip side, you know that your ex-husband brutally killed the father of your child and you're protecting him -- even though you've said he's a danger to your children time and again. Buy a clue, Carly.

8. Ava Jerome: Enough is enough. You shot Olivia, killed Connie, framed AJ, slept with your son-in-law, set up AJ’s death by mobster, had sleazy crypt sex with your boyfriend’s father, threatened everyone in town and betrayed your brother. It’s time to die. Since you’re on Nina’s list, I’m guessing a fall down the stairs is in your future – and then a baby theft (anyone else wondering why Lulu is pushing for a kid so hard? Ava’s going to need a baby to steal). I don’t want another baby theft and I’m tired of Ava being on every day. I love Maura West, but I want to see Lucy, Kevin and Scotty – not Ava.

7. Sonny Corinthos: You’re a despicable human being. You like to fancy yourself as a mobster with a heart of gold, but you’re not. You’ve betrayed everyone in your life. Everyone. You’ve declared your children off limits while terrorizing the children of your enemies. You killed an innocent unarmed man – after stealing his child from him. You never take any responsibility for your own mistakes but blame anyone and everyone else you can. You’ve thrown more barware than a drunken hooker -- and fathered more children than a jacked up NBA star. I’m just tired of you. It’s time for Sonny to ride off into the sunset with Brenda. It’s General Hospital – not General Mobspital.

6. Olivia Falconeri: There’s no rooting value in her relationship with Sonny because it all happened off screen. Her visions are embarrassing. Her intrusion in her grown son’s life is annoying. And, quite frankly, I think she’s worn out her welcome in Port Charles. If ever there was a character that could just be lifted right out (to help ease the over-population in Port Charles) it is Olivia. Maybe it’s time she returned to Bensonhurst.

5. Lulu Spencer: While I’ve never warmed to Emme Rylan’s Lulu, I have decided to look at the character as someone else completely – which at least makes the character tolerable to me. Kind of. The sudden insistence on carrying her own baby – right on the heels of getting Rocco back – makes me want to smack the character, though. You live in a shoe box and you can barely take care of the kid you have now. I know RC is just forcing this so Ava has a baby to steal when Nina deprives her of the one she’s carrying but, come on, does Lulu’s entire life have to be around procreation? Because it has been for the past two years and it’s getting old.

4. Morgan Corinthos: If he screeches “Mikey!” one more time … I swear, I'm going to pop him one. I think Morgan has potential as a character and I think the actor who portrays him is going to go on and find success in prime time and movies (probably sooner, rather than later). If we get the full three years with Bryan Craig in the role, we should consider ourselves lucky -- because the kid is going to run away to do something else at that point. That being said, Morgan is a whiny brat. The fact that he would even consider raising a baby with Ava after what she did makes my stomach turn. Morgan should be a dynamic character – let’s not saddle him with the never ending task of propping Ava. It wears on me. Bring on Scotty, Kevin and Lucy's kids for an age-appropriate love interest.

3. Tracy Quartermaine: Tracy has been many things over the years – including a woman that was willing to let her father die for power. She is not an idiot, though. So Tracy refusing to see the light where Fluke is concerned irritates me. She keeps accusing Kiki of hitting on Luke. But she never asks herself: Why? Kiki is with a rich young man who adores her. Luke is a pasty old white dude that doesn’t have two nickels to ruin together. So why would Kiki be after him? Then there’s that whole forgetting Dante’s name and acting weird every time she turns around. You’re a mean woman, Tracey, you’re not an idiot.

2. Levi Dunkleman: You have no redeeming qualities. Your voice is like nails on a chalkboard. You’re alienating Maxie from her family (including keeping her from good food) and keeping her from her child. You're self-righteous and a know-it-all. You’re also clearly up to something. I know you’re just being used as a temporary stumbling block for Nathan and Maxie – with another ulterior motive thrown in for good measure, perhaps -- but that weird shadow on your top lip makes me want attack you with a really painful laser electrolysis system – or a burning hot Epilady.

1. Ron Carlivati: Okay, he’s not a character. He has managed to ruin GH, though. Previous head writer Bob Guza decimated GH. He did. He lost millions of viewers while trying to prop his agenda, all the while flogging viewers with Jason, Carly and Sonny every single day. He’s the reason GH is in big trouble right now. That being said, RC is the one dousing the corpse with gasoline and lighting it on fire. RC is a plot driven writer – not a character driven writer – and the things that are going on at GH – like Nina and her stupid list – are not acceptable right now. For the love of all that’s holy, please try to get Claire Labine back. She’s the only one that can right this sinking ship. GH got left off the best writing list for the Emmys -- even though there were two open spots. The show couldn't even get a pity nomination. That's a direct message to Carlivati.

What do you think? Who would make your list?


Blogger Fan1972 said...

UGH, I am so frustrated with GH right now. My desire to watch is hanging by a thread and I've been a fan since the very early 80's. If this horrible writing continues, GH will die quicker than we originally thought.
Here's my "hit" list:
1st and foremost - Nina - Nina is a waste of a character and a semi-decent actress. I was sick of her the first day she came on the scene. The passive-aggressive act while with Silas and then the psycho bi-polar action when he leaves is a slap in the face to the veteran fans. I would rather have my whole body waxed with the hottest wax possible than watch this mess.
2. Ava -This character also rubbed me the wrong way from day one. Is Maura West pregnant in real life? Is that why they are writing the baby in the storyline? I mean, I get that she was between the cross-hairs of Sonny and needed a way to save her life but come on! If there is another baby theft story, I may just slit a wrist or two....
3. Levi-OMG! You hit it right on the head with the voice and his "holier than thou" self. He gives no value to the canvas and makes me want to punch a baby doll or unicorn. I can't figure out his game and what he is end game is but I highly doubt it's Maxie. I mean, what an a$$ that he dimed out Nathan to the judge. I had hoped that Mac would've went a little more aggressive at him when he spoke his mind.
4. Molly-If I have to hear that brat treat her mother like crap one more time..... It made me want to slap the taste out of her mouth as she verbally attacked her mother and then "moved out" - uh princess, you're a minor and have no job or money and your little soap box isn't very sturdy.
5. Jordan -I don't really want her gone, per se.. I think I'm more frustrated that someone of Anna's background has not really followed up and confirmed Jordan is an actual U/C DEA agent. Anna continues to give information to her - information that should be on a 'need-to-know' basis in normal law enforcement circles ... but then again, I'm thinking in common sense-land not in soap land. Shame on me.... I secretly want her to be back to her prostitution/drug past then she goes down with Fluke et. al.
6.Fluke-Speaking of Fluke -- I am so disgusted with what is going on. We just had the Duke/Faison identity issue last year and now we have this crap with Fluke?! Come on! I'm insulted as a long time viewer and a Tony Geary fan. Can't we just have the real Luke back... he plays the father figure again to FLuLu and goes off on another adventure. I can't stand the idea that Fluke is some huge drug king pin and I think it's ridiculous for RC to try to force us viewers to buy into the idea that Fluke - whoever he may be - is higher in the organization than Julian Jerome? I thought a Jerome family member was the "Don" in that family. This storyline makes no sense.
7. Sabrina-We sort of got our wish - she's gone, for the time being but I wholeheartedly agree with you, I hope she stays in PR ..forever.
8. Elizabeth-I can't stand this character any longer - she is irritating and adds nothing to the GH canvass... I don't want to see her with Nikolas. I was glad she got fired (even though it was by Obrecht). She could take poor Cameron and go live in Lannview (LOL!).
9. Spencer Cassadine-This kid would be great if the corny storyline of his fight for Emma's affections fly away - far away. I continue to hope he is the one that dimes out Fluke to everyone... I mean, who threatens a little kid?! Karma Fluke!

June 25, 2014 at 3:41 PM 
Blogger Jeannette Noceda said...

You are a goddess... and I bow to you and your ability to cut to the chase!!

June 25, 2014 at 4:12 PM 
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