Friday, September 28, 2012

Hits and misses from an up and down week on General Hospital

I love the denizens of Port Charles – but this was a rough week.

While I think the writing for ‘General Hospital’ has gotten markedly better – there are still a few stories dragging the show down.

 The biggest is the multiple personality storyline with Kate. There is nothing new and fresh about DID. Connie isn’t entertaining – she’s annoying. That being said, if Sonny ends up embarrassed on his wedding day I will enjoy that aspect of the story.

The next story that causes me to fast-forward through the show is Olivia and her LSD infused hallucinations. I can’t find one redeeming thing about that storyline.

Finally, the two new battling doctors at GH – Britt and Sabrina respectively – are not only yawn-worthy but cringe-inducing. Neither actress can actually act – and the writing for both is abysmal.

Instead of focusing on one thing to complain about this week – I decided to give a quick shout out to what is working for me (and more importantly, what isn’t).

So, here we go:

HIT: Anna’s interrogation of Todd – complete with another listening session of his “crazy calling” ringtone -- highlighted two of the best actors on the show.

MISS: Heather’s constant talking to baby Victor/Danny is grating. It’s a common soap plot – but it’s still ridiculous and annoying. The last three months of poor Brody’s tenure on ‘One Life to Live’ were spent talking to a baby. Look how well that turned out for him.

HIT: Lulu and Maxie’s reconnection at the bachelorette party was both entertaining – and needed. I have nothing against Jen Lilley – but her Maxie had no chemistry with Lulu. Kirsten Storms’ Maxie has a realistic – and much needed – female friendship with Julie Berman’s Lulu.

MISS: More contrived drama to fuel the Sam and Liz war. This time Liz – who has had her kids die and get kidnapped – lies about a paternity test to hold on to a man. It’s a desperate attempt to make Sam look like a victim – which just makes me dislike Sam. Do we really have to watch these women war over a monotone moper?

HIT: Carly and Shawn reconnect. Sure, their romance never got off the ground. Still, they had a solid friendship that has been completely ignored since Carly and Johnny’s “relationship” started getting shoved down our throats.

MISS: Speaking of Carly and Johnny, since when does the uber-suspicious Carly believe a bad liar like Johnny? It’s actually detrimental to the Carly character. Loyalty is one thing. Stupidity is another.

HIT: Magic Milo spices up Connie’s bachelorette party.

MISS: Michael starts talking marriage – even though he’s been dating Starr for five minutes and her boyfriend and daughter have been dead for less than a year.

HIT: Sonny worries about Spinelli counting cards.

MISS: Anything having to do with Trey and Kristina.

HIT: Little Emma – who is still dealing with her mother’s death – pitches a fit about being left with a babysitter. The scenes run true to life, as Emma shows she’s desperately trying to hold on to some sort of normalcy.

MISS: Patrick starts dating. Not only is Britt vapid, territorial and manipulative – but she’s overt about it. Patrick has a small child and was stalked by Lisa Niles – why would he open Emma up to that at this point? And Sabrina? She’s worse than Britt. Now Patrick has two stalkers. I don’t care if the rumors are true and Sabrina is tied to Duke – she’s still annoying.

HIT: Carly has an adult conversation with Liz.

  Jax leaves town. He doesn’t have to be paired with Carly. Why not try him with Liz? That would make Carly’s head implode and that’s always entertaining.

What do you think? What were GH’s top moments this week? What were the worst moments?


Blogger Joe said...

What about Spinelli moving on from Maxie?

That's been needed for years!

September 30, 2012 at 7:37 AM 

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