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Five questions ‘Once Upon a Time’ fans need answered

This Sunday, last season’s best new show returns to the airwaves.

ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ proved to be one of the rare network shows that not only captured the imagination of the viewer – but also delivered solid performances and storylines.

So, where did we leave off?

After Emma woke biological son Henry with true love’s kiss (that’s still a nice twist, by the way), the denizens of Storybrooke were freed from their curse. In short order, Snow White and Prince Charming were reunited, the evil queen had to flee and Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold dropped a potion into the town well that brought magic (in the form of a wall of smoke) to our world.

Whew. It was definitely a busy finale.

As the sophomore season kicks off – fans are starting to be pretty vocal about what they want and – more importantly – what they want answered.

So, here we go.

5.  How will magic affect Storybrooke? A lot of fans thought that the curse being broken meant that everyone would return to their world. Not exactly. Instead, we’re left with magical creatures being reintroduced to our world. I’ll be curious to see how this goes. When the curse was working, bad things happened to those that left Storybrooke. With the curse broken, I’m wondering how they’ll keep people in Storybrooke. I’m guessing that if word got out about a magical town in Maine the press would descend on it like a Kardashian wedding. I’m thinking there’s going to be some other contrivance that keeps people in Storybrooke separate from the general population – especially now that Red will probably be transforming into the Big Bad Wolf again.

4. What is Regina’s next move? Poor Regina. She lost her adopted son in the waning moments of season one and the entire town is now out looking to exact some retribution on her for the curse. She deserves whatever unhappiness they throw her way, don't get me wrong. Still, I do feel for Regina. She is a product of her upbringing. She let bitterness over the actions of a child mold her life. I don’t want Regina to find happiness. I don’t want her to always get the short end of the stick, though, either.

3. Will Belle’s “resurrection” change Rumplestiltskin’s plans? Robert Carlyle’s villain is the best new character of the entire 2011/2012 television season. Even though you never trusted him, you couldn’t help but root for him when he was trying to protect Baelfire and going toe-to-toe with Regina. Sure, he’s always got ulterior motives. Still, Rumplestiltskin is pure magic to watch (pun intended). With Belle’s return, though, and her admission of love for the almost universally reviled character – Rumplestiltskin is probably going to have to adjust his plan of action. Bringing magic back may benefit him – but he’s going to have a fine line to walk if he wants to keep Belle placated.

2. What’s Emma’s new family dynamic going to be like? Not only did she embrace (finally) being Henry’s mother, but she also gained a father and mother that are roughly her age. I can’t wait for the reunion between Snow, Charming, Emma and Henry. Snow and Charming have to be the youngest grandparents on record. And Emma, who has long carried a grudge against the people she thought abandoned her on the side of the road, is probably not going to have the easiest transition. Sure, she now understands that her parents tried to give her “the best shot” they could. Still, though, there’s a lot to be discussed in this new little family. Not only were Snow and Charming robbed of raising their child, but Emma’s dysfunction led to her giving up Henry in the first place. Still, it should be emotionally rich -- and hilarious.
1. Who is Henry’s father? Supposedly we’re supposed to find out who Emma’s rarely mentioned ex is. I think most fans believe it has to be someone important to Storybrooke. My guess? Baelfire, Rumplestiltskin’s lost son. When Baelfire disappeared into a realm without magic – leaving his father lost and full of regret – fans didn’t think this was the last we would see of the moralistic boy. For a second, it appeared as though August was Baelfire. Since we now know he’s Pinocchio, though, it seems more likely that we’ll meet Baelfire this season. Let’s just hope they cast a good actor.

What do you think? Will ‘Once Upon a Time’ live up to the hype in season two?


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Freshman season? Don't you mean sophomore? This will be season 2.

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