Wednesday, September 19, 2012

General Hospital needs to plan proper goodbye for Edward and Ingle

News of John Ingle’s passing Sunday was heartbreaking – but not unexpected.

The actor, 84, had been looking frail of late and he had battled multiple ailments over the past few years.

Still, the ‘General Hospital’ stalwart will be missed.

Ingle took the role of Edward Quartermaine over in 1993 when original Edward David Lewis retired (he passed away in 2000).

When Ingle first stepped into the role fans balked.

However, slowly but surely the veteran won fans over.

By the time of his death, he had been playing Edward for almost 20 years (I like to forget those horrible Jed Allan years).

While I’m too young to remember a lot of Lewis’ tenure, he is the quintessential Edward for a lot of people. Since Ingle is the one I’ve watched the longest, though, he is my Edward.

Also, and completely off-topic, I'd like to send a special shout out to his principle in one of my all-time favorite movies 'Heathers.'
I’m not sure if GH has anymore Edward scenes in the can. If they don’t, though, you couldn’t ask for a better exit for Ingle’s Edward. The aging Quartermaine patriarch actually donated a life-saving elixir to young Emma Quartermaine last week. It was especially touching because earlier this year Edward commented on how an old man like him continued to carry on when young people – including Emma’s mother Robin – died all around him.

I’m sure GH is planning a big memorial for the actor – and character – in the coming weeks. Here is my wishlist – and no, I don’t care how practical it is.
* Flashbacks galore. I want to see Edward scenes with Lila, Alan, Ned, Emily, Brenda, Mary Mae Ward, Justus, Laura and Luke.

* I want a Vanessa Marcil guest spot. If we can’t get her back for good, I would like a short arc where Brenda returns to town for Edward’s funeral. She was especially close to Edward. Missing his funeral would be a slap in the face. Of course, Brenda missed best friend Robin’s funeral a few months ago. Yes, I know, continuity shouldn’t always be expected on a soap.

* Ned and Dillon need to return to town. I know Scott Clifton is tied up on ‘Bold and The Beautiful’ – but I would hope they would cut him loose for a day. GH has decimated the Quartermaines in recent years. It’s only fair that they do something special to honor Ingle’s contribution and Edward’s importance.

* Ghostly visits from Alan and Emily should also be explored. I’m assuming that they would use Natalia Livingston for the scenes – but I would be happier with Amber Tamblyn. Quite frankly, I’ll also be ticked if young Emily and Edward scenes aren’t included in the flashback reel. I would like to suggest that they use the scenes of Edward freaking out about Foster knocking up Annabelle.

* I want to see Steve Burton actually emote. Even though he’s leaving, I hope that Burton gets to portray Jason’s reaction to Edward’s death. After all Jason has done to the Quartermaines, I would like him to actually reflect on what he’s taken from them and what they tried to offer to him.

What about you? What do you want to see as part of the memorial for John Ingle?


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Amanda Lee I think it's "young Emma Scorpio-Drake".

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