Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whiskey on my mind . . . the book find of the summer

I’m fairly attached to my Kindle.

I take it with me everywhere.

An avid reader (I usually read 3-5 books a week), I’m not too picky when it comes to what I read.

The truth is, I’ll try just about everything.

That essentially means I’m a frequent shopper on Kindle’s free book list. I download anything that sounds interesting – and I eventually get to it.

Not everything I download for free I read. I would be lying if I said otherwise.

I do give every book a chance, though.

Usually, I find stuff that I’m kind of interested in on the free book list.

Occasionally, though, I find something I fall in love with – which propels me to go and buy everything I can find by the author.

The first time this happened was Australian author Keri Arthur a couple of years ago. She offered her first book – Full Moon Rising -- in the Riley Jensen guardian series for free. After finishing the book, I immediately downloaded everything else in the series and tore through it until I reached the end of the series – Moon Sworn.

The second time this happened was Amanda Hocking. She offered ‘My Blood Approves’ for free a couple years ago. I didn’t get to the book right away. When I finally did, though, I not only devoured it but all the rest of the books in her vampire series within three days time.

I loved them so much, I also downloaded her Trylle books sight unseen.

Let’s just say, when I find an author I like it takes a lot for me to turn on them.

This week, I have another author to add to the list.

I’m not sure when I downloaded ‘Whiskey Rebellion’ by Liliana Hart. I know it came out May 30, 2011. If I had to guess, I’m assuming Hart (or her publisher) offered the book for free in early June to coincide with the release of ‘Whiskey Sour’ – the sequel on June 17.

When I started reading ‘Whiskey Rebellion,’ I honestly wasn’t expecting much. There are a lot of books in this vein these days.
In other words, just about everyone thinks they can write a solid heroine that can stand on her own two feet.

The problem is, most of the time, the heroines fall flat.

That’s not the case with Addison Holmes.

Without giving away too many spoilers, Holmes is a high school history teacher that needs some extra money. In an effort to gain that money, she works as a stripper – for one night – before she realizes she doesn’t have what it takes to be a stripper.

Of course, it’s too late for Addison. She stumbles on a dead body in the parking lot – and things kind of snowball from there.

In a weird way, Addison Holmes has a lot in common with Janet Evanovich’s Stefanie Plum – that is before Stefanie Plum lost all rooting value and became ridiculous.

Addison Holmes has a circle of eccentric friends – and she gets caught in some ridiculous situations – but you never feel the friends or the situations are forced. In other words, they’re not unbelievable. They’re not out of place.

I’m a fast reader. I plowed through ‘Whiskey Rebellion’ in about three hours. I immediately went to the Kindle store and bought the follow up ‘Whiskey Sour’. I then proceeded to spend another three hours reading that book before I could go to bed at 3 a.m.

Basically, this is what I’m saying, anyone that’s interested in a great new series that is still in its infancy should jump on the Addison Holmes train. As long as they’re not prudes, I don’t think they’ll be disappointed.

And, let me just say this, the sex scenes in both ‘Whiskey’ books are 10 times hotter than anything in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ Not only are they hotter, but they’re not written on a third grade level either.

Hart’s prose isn’t forced or even quaint. It’s straight-forward and engaging.

I’m so impressed with Hart’s ‘Whiskey’ books I’ll be checking out her other series in short order.

If they’re anything like the Addison Holmes series, I think Hart has found herself another lifelong fan.

All I can say is, bring on more Addison Holmes.

What do you think? Are you looking for a new summer book series?


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