Saturday, July 14, 2012

Highlights from this year’s Comic-Con (so far)

Let’s face it, anyone endowed with the geek gene has only one place they want to be this weekend: Comic-Con.

Before you ask, yes, I was born with the geek gene. It has since influenced my other genes. It gets embarrassing sometimes – but somehow I muddle through.

What is Comic-Con you ask? Actually, no you don’t. Anyone who clicked on this thread knows what Comic-Con is.

Since we can’t be there, though, I put together a nice little photo gallery of what we’re missing.

I also compiled a list of some of the news coming out of the annual event.

It’s not as good as being there – I know – but it’s better than nothing.

So, here we go:
* Captain Hook comes to Storybrooke: That’s right. We’ve already seen Pinocchio, Belle and Maleficient – now comes word that Disney’s favorite pirate is coming to town in ABC’s hit ‘Once Upon a Time.’ It was already announced that Sleeping Beauty and Mulan would also be making visits – so it’s no surprise that Captain Hook would show his face. Just a tip to ‘Once Upon a Time’ showrunners, you might want to pace yourselves. You’re going to run out of Disney characters to pimp.

* Tarantino continues to break ground: He may never reach the heights he did with ‘Pulp Fiction,’ but Quentin Tarantino continues to prove that he’s not content to just sit on his laurels and grow stale like *cough*Tim Burton*cough. Tarantino unveiled ‘Django Unchained,’ his western set in pre-Civil War times and focusing on race relations. O.K., race relations is a little vague. Essentially, ‘Django Unchained’ focuses on a black man that is hunting down white men. It stars Jamie Foxx, Don Johnson, Kerry Washington and Christoph Waltz. This is bound to ruffle some feathers – that is Tarantino’s claim to fame, after all. This is the man that saddled us with that gimp scene -- and that's something I'll never be able to banish from my mind.

* Resident Evil raises dead – again: You wouldn’t think resurrecting the dead would be a big thing in a franchise that is based on zombies. Guess again. The ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ panel unveiled a trailer from the upcoming movie that shows heroine Alice at home with a husband and child when the zombie shenanigans begin. Apparently, she wasn't always all about kicking ass and taking names. Former star Michelle Rodriguez was also part of the panel – even though her character was killed off in the first movie. Something tells me they’re trying to go high tech with this one – and that’s something fans really don’t care about. We just want creative zombie kills. Really.

* The Queen of Thorns is unveiled: It wouldn’t be a party unless more people were being added to the already expansive ‘Game of Thrones’ cast. Former ‘Avengers’ star Diana Rigg was unveiled Friday as Olenna Tyrell, aka the Queen of Thorns. Other additions include Mackenzie Crook as wildling raider Orell, Clive Russell as Bryndon "Blackfish" Tully, Nathalie Emannuel as slave translator Missandei, Paul Kaye as Thoros of Myr, Kerry Ingram as Shireen Baratheon and Tara Fitzgerald as her mother, Selyse. No other tidbits about the upcoming third season were revealed. Yeah, I’m a little disappointed, too.

* Colin Farrell says he’s not trying to supplant Arnie: He’s better looking. He’s a better actor. Yet something tells me that Colin Farrell’s take on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hit ‘Total Recall’ is going to be a big fat bust. Farrell says that they’re different movies and he’s really not trying to recreate Arnold’s performance. That’s good. The cheese factor in the original really can’t be duplicated. Anyone else think this was a big mistake? Oh, and Kate Beckinsale is all kinds of awesome – but she’s no Michael Ironside. I’m just saying. I wish she'd focus on the next 'Underworld.' I need my Michael and Selene fix.

* Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn’t look anything like Bruce Willis: The time travel paradox film ‘Looper’ has an outstanding cast – Gordon-Levitt, Willis, Emily Blunt – but will fans embrace its kooky humor? The film is about a 31-year-old hitman (Gordon-Levitt) that is supposed to kill his future self (Willis). Gordon-Levitt reportedly spent hours in the makeup chair for the transformation – and yet somehow, believing Gordon-Levitt and Willis as the same person is something of a stretch to me. I’m willing to give it a chance, though.

* The Walking Dead goes behind prison bars: The trailer for the much-anticipated third season of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ revealed footage of the survivors clearing walkers out of the prison. It also showed newcomer Michonne (Danai Gurira) slicing and dicing zombies with Andrea (Laurie Holden) and an introduction to the ominous Governor (David Morrisey). Oh, and Merle’s back – with a knife for an arm. Anyone else think T-Dog’s days are numbered?

* Elysium promises perfection – in space: In a little over a century, the earth is so polluted and overpopulated that the planet’s wealthiest citizens have built a utopic environment in space where there’s no poverty, illness or war. That’s the basic premise of ‘Elysium,’ starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. It’s directed by ‘District 9’ director Neill Blomkam – and also features ‘District 9’ star Sharlto Copley as a bad guy.  Anyone else think that utopia is code for about to fall to crap?

* Kick-Ass 2 coming to a theater near you? Christopher Mintz-Plasse, one of the stars of the original, says that’s a distinct possibility. Let’s just say I’ll believe it when I see it.

* Bones and Booth no more? ‘Bones’ Executive-Producer Stephen Nathan told fans that Booth isn’t going to be forgiving Brennan for packing up their infant daughter and going on the lam at the end of last season any time soon. Anyone else sick of this “relationship”? I miss when the show was about an actual case and no soap opera level drama.

* Firefly celebrates 10-year anniversary: Obviously, there was no news out of this panel. It was just great seeing everyone back together again. I’ve been a fan of Nathan Fillion’s since he was Joey on ‘One Life to Live.’ It didn’t take ‘Firefly’ to make me love him. It just took ‘Firefly’ to make me love him more.

* Is Henry really dead on Psych? Guess what? We still don’t know the answer to that. The stars and show runners were keeping the mystery alive when they visited Comic-Con to promote the USA show’s 100th episode – a nod to the Hollywood classic ‘Clue.’ It was also revealed that there would be a musical – which is bound to be funny (even if I hate musicals). As for Corbin Bernsen? He was present and wearing a shirt with a question mark on it. He said he didn’t know if he still had a job. Something tells me they’re not going to kill Henry off. Shawn and his dad are comedy gold – ‘Psych’ isn’t the type of who to start offing people.

What do you think? What news coming out of Comic-Con has you most excited?


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