Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When are your favorite summer shows premiering?

This is the time of year when a lot of people start thinking about endings – especially of their favorite television shows.
It used to be that a standard television season ran from September until May – and was full of reruns and weeks off.

That’s not really the case anymore.

Thanks to cable television, viewers have fresh options year round.

The question is, when does your favorite show return?

Following is a list of premiere dates:

May 11
10 p.m., Common Law, USA Network

May 14
8 p.m., America’s Got Talent, NBC
May 22, Hollywood Treasure, SyFy

May 24
8 p.m., So You Think You Can Dance, FOX
10 p.m., 10:30 p.m., Mean at Work, TBS

May 29
8 p.m., Hell’s Kitchen, FOX
9 p.m., MasterChef, FOX

May 30
8 p.m., Melissa & Joey, ABC

June 4
8 p.m., Hotel Hell, FOX

June 5
8 p.m., Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family
9 p.m., Jane By Design, ABC Family
9 p.m., Rizzoli and Isles, TNT
10 p.m., Franklin and Bash, TNT

June 7
8 p.m., Love In The Wild, NBC
8 p.m., Take Me Out, FOX
10 p.m., Saving Hope, NBC

June 10
9 p.m., True Blood, HBO

June 11
8 p.m., Secret Life of the American Teenager, ABC Family
9 p.m., Bunheads, ABC Family

June 13
9 p.m., Dallas, TNT

June 17
9 p.m., Falling Skies, TNT

June 20
8:30 p.m., Baby Daddy, ABC Family

June 24
10 p.m., The Newsroom, HBO
10 p.m., The Great Escape, TNT

June 28
9 p.m., Anger Management, FX
10 p.m., Wilfred, FX
10:30 p.m., Louie, FX
11 p.m., Strangely Uplifting, FX

July 1
9 p.m., Episodes, Showtime
10 p.m., Weeds, Showtime

July 9
9 p.m., The Closer, TNT
10 p.m., Perception, TNT

July 11
9 p.m., Beverly Hills Nannies, ABC

July 15
8 p.m., Leverage, TNT

July 16
10 p.m., Suits, USA Network

July 19
9 p.m., Sullivan & Son, TBS

August 13
10 p.m., Major Crimes, TNT
9 p.m., Copper, BBC America


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