Saturday, July 13, 2013

INDIE BOOK REVIEW: 'The Survivors: Book One' offers two fun characters and nuclear war

Most apocalypse fiction revolves around zombies these days.

I guess that’s why ‘The Survivors: Book One,’ by Angela White, is a nice change of pace.

In ‘The Survivors,’ a group of individuals are struggling with different trials and tribulations after a nuclear war. One woman is being used as a sex slave by two demented brothers. One man – who may or may not have nefarious motives – is trying to create a safe haven for survivors.

The heart of the story, though, is Angie White – a woman trying to find her son. While I think it’s odd that the author titled the main character after herself – it is an interesting conceit. I’m not going to lie, it’s weird, though.

Angie’s son, Charlie, is on the run with his Marine stepfather – an abusive idiot who has tried to beat any sense of individuality out of Angie for years. The stepfather has no intention of reuniting mother and son.

In a fit of despair, Angie uses her dormant magic – yeah, there’s magic – to contact Charlie’s biological father, Marc. Marc is also a Marine – and he and the stepfather don’t exactly have a great past (although they seem to be unaware of the other's ties to Angie).

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t really interested in the Mexican drug and sex cartels. I wasn’t interested in most of the secondary stories. In fact, I was really only interested in the love story between Angie and Marc.

That’s it.


The post-apocalypse world is fairly interesting – but certain portions of the book devolve into stereotypes that aren’t exactly enlightening or endearing. It just grates on you as a reader at some point.

While I enjoyed some of the characters and the book did end on something of a cliffhanger, I’ve decided I probably won’t be continuing with the series. Everything I’ve read in the reviews for the other books leads me to believe the author pretty much torpedos the only thing I liked about this book – so why bother?

The book is well written and the typos are fairly sparse.

If you like this type of stuff, though, check it out. Maybe you'll find something in it I just couldn't.

‘The Survivors: Book One’ is available for free on Kindle and $22.80 in paperback.


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