Saturday, July 13, 2013

INDIE BOOK REVIEW: 'Savor' is young adult fiction -- that I'm probably too old for

There really is nothing new in vampire fiction.

Even if you tweak a story – there’s still elements of previous stories in it.

This pretty much holds true for ‘Savor,’ by Megan Duncan.

The story is simple, teenager Claire Miller lives in a dystopian world where cities are run by vampire royalty. When a teenager turns 18, they’re taken to the local clinic and their blood is tested. Then they have to donate their blood to the vampires on a regular schedule.

Yeah, that’s the basic premise of ‘Savor.’

In quick order, Claire finds out that her blood is “special.” She is then whisked away from her best friend and mother (with the former being more heart broken than the latter) and informed she’s going to be turned into a vampire princess by the local monarchy.

Yes, it's just that contrived.

Claire is introduced to the resident vampires – some of which hate her and some of which love her – pretty quickly.

The story is fairly interesting – but it is really, really rushed. You never get a chance, as a reader, to get a feel for the palace and its inner workings before you’re slammed over the head with another plot contrivance.

As a central character, Claire does show a certain charm – but she’s forced into a love triangle way too early in the series. She also seems to get over being ripped from her world in about five seconds flat – which is pretty unrealistic.

Duncan’s narrative isn’t bad, but it’s also not great. The bad guys are so bad they should both be sporting mustaches and twirling them around every corner. There is no suspense in that department.

There is a revelation near the end of the book that is supposed to shock readers – but if you were paying attention throughout the narrative, you pretty much realize what is going on from the get-go. If they didn’t have that twist at the end – nothing in the book would make any sense.

This is written at a young adult level -- and adults might have some problems with the inherent whining associated with that. It is an indie and there are some typos and grammar errors – just be forewarned.

In the end, unlike some of Duncan’s other work, I probably won’t be revisiting her ‘Vampire Princess Diaries’ world again. The truth is, I think I’m just a little too old for it. I can’t relate to any of the characters.

‘Savor’ is free on Kindle and $8.09 in paperback. (Note: These prices may change)


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